Tuesday Teaser



YAHOOO!!!!!   It’s that time again…………………..and this week’s Teaser is NOT a Guest Teaser……..it is one of OURS for a change.   So, Mr. Silver Suitcase Mystery Man, would you PULEEEEZE “COME ON DOWN” and show us the photo???

Here's today's photo Teaser fans!!

Here’s today’s photo Teaser fans!!

MysteryPhoto0304Not much in the way of hints here huh?  That’s why it’s a GOOD Teaser!   I need you to tell me where this photo was taken – what state/country and where specifically it was taken (in what location……whether that be a town/village/campground/park/city/zoo – WHATEVA!

Now you know the drill – FIRST COMMENTER today on this blog (even if you aren’t guessing) gets this:


FIRST RIGHT GUESSER of today’s Teaser photo gets this:


OTHER RIGHT GUESSERS (not first – but right!) of the location of this photo get this:


GREENIE FANS (those of you who guess incorrectly or don’t know!), get this:



Sammy the Tease


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  1. Good morning, mom has a my-grain, we told her she had to pay attention but we’ll cut her some slack today only. We’re going to guess the Mojave Dessert. Have a good day Sam and Miss Pam.


      • Sammy it is indeed like our outback 🙂 i did not even look at the other comments i was on such a rush on my phone here haha..then i saw all the Arizona answers..dang! But yes i must hit the hay..busy busy for market Sunday and hot snd icky…i may even get a blog done before xmas baaaaa Loves Fozziemum xxxx


    • Gosh Cupcake……maybe that IS where it is!!!! We’ll find out tomorrow together won’t we!! The workers would have left a LONG TIME AGO from here for it to look like this though right???

      Hugs, Sammy


  2. Hey Sammy, you came out too early for us today. It definitely looks like the southwest U.S. desert. Makes mom think of the area around Las Vegas, NV…you know where the scorpions hangout. She doesn’t have time to investigate right now. Just get our Greenie ready. Love to you and your peeps. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth snd Calista Jo


    • Oh scorpions – YUCK on those and we will always remember them because of your poor Mom!!!! Hated them before but hate them even more now! Anyway, we’ll find out if you all are on target for the Teaser when we TELL ALL tomorrow! Meanwhile – enjoy your day dear buddies!

      Love, Sammy


  3. Iss 11:20 A.EM. an wee made it Unccle Sammy!! Woo Hoo!
    And LadyMum has a guess!! Dubble Woo Hoo rite!!?!?!?
    Shee says iss a State pPark area in either Arizona or New Mexic. Shee soundss so sure, mew mew mew…. 😉
    ***paw patsss*** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxxxx


    • HAHAHAHAHA…..there could be – but then I’d have to do some of the other awards others have asked for like “oops wrong day but I’m here first” award………and “I was last to comment today” award! HAHAHA

      Love, Sam


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