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Shop Until You Drop



It’s TWO posts for me today!  Why?  Well my regular daily post of course AND this one which is tons of fun – it’s Bacon and Fozziemum’s SHOPPING AROUND THE WORLD day.   Fun because we all post prices for ingredients of something every month so we can see how much stuff costs all around the world and at the same time we get ideas on some yummy recipes to try out.

This month’s challenge was suggested by – GUESS WHO – that’s right – ME!   I thought maybe it would be fun to do ingredients for a holiday cookie or treat that we have this time of the year in our houses to help celebrate the festive season.

My Mom found this recipe online the other day and gave it a whirl and it’s DELISH so we’re sharing it along with the prices of the ingredients!

CHOCOLATE KISS POWDER PUFF COOKIES (totally easy peasy recipe!)

1 bag Hersheys Chocolate Kisses (Mom likes the DARK chocolate but any one will do and even peanut butter cups work!)

POWDERPUFFCHOC1 12 oz. bag $4.49

1 pre-made pie crust (or you can make your own of course!)

POWDERPUFFCHOC3Pillsbury (2) pie crusts, 14 oz. $3.69

Confectioner’s Sugar


Cut out squares in your pie crust dough (or circles work too) and place one Hershey’s chocolate kiss in the center of the dough.  Seal edges to make a “mound”.    Place cookies on a greased baking sheet and pop in a 350 degree oven for 15-17 minutes.    Allow to cool then dredge in powdered sugar.    My Mom is a chocoholic so these are something she LOVES and best of all they are EASY PEASY.

The holidays are a good time to try out new recipes for something tasty – this treat is worth a try – I can’t have chocolate of course but my Mom can and she says these are YUMMY.

Happy Eating! 

Hugs, Chef Sammy


The Eve Of Sixteen



Hello Friends and Pals and Fans and even those of you who accidentally found your way here – HELLO TO YOU TOO!    Happy New Year’s Eve!    But it’s not just that – it’s also the “eve of 16” for me.   Wanna know something?   I didn’t think I’d make it.   Not that I was particularly SICK this year or anything……………true when I lost a ton of weight and was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism Mom had a FIT but we’ve got that pretty much worked out between us.   I “mostly” take my pill when I need to…………………………mostly.



I think it’s just that this past year we’ve seen SO many of our dear friends go to the Bridge………..many of them have been around my age or even younger………a few older but not many.  Sixteen seems to be a “ripe old age”…………well, guess what………..I don’t intend to go anywhere!    Now I know that these things can happen quickly when they do (and actually when my time comes I hope it is quick!)………but I’m having too much fun to go anywhere!

I love Tuesday Teasers

I love blogging every single day

I love having friends around the world

I love sharing the fun I have in my life

I love my Mom and Dad

I Love My Life!

So please remember to help me celebrate the occasion of sticking another candle on my birthday cake tomorrow morning………….I’ll have a celebration breakfast for everyone.   If you have been partying on NY Eve you’ll have some coffee and a little breakfast at my place.   I’ll make sure there’s no loud music…….I even remember LAST birthday when I had a similar celebration and I provided lots of nice comfy beds for those of you who needed some sleep………..I’ll do that again this year.   Come recover at my house……….and celebrate me turning SWEET SIXTEEN!


See You In 2016?

Love, Sammy



Teaser Tell All


Holy Mackerel!   I knew it was a TOUGHIE but somehow I thought someone would guess it……………because they’d been there on a tour or SOMETHING…………..but as of yesterday evening when I took a break from the computer after Mom and Dad had deserted me ALL DAY (sniff), nobody had guessed the Teaser.

Well, first things first anyway…………..I had a TIE for FIRST COMMENTER!   That’s right – good old FAST DRAW EASY and Miss Jan from Wag-N-Woof Pets TIED by commenting the first minute the Teaser went live!   Each of you get one of these little beauties!   Concatulations!

TEASERBADGE-NEWYEAR1Now, Mr. Silver Briefcase Dude will you please post those two photos from yesterday’s Teaser for everybody?    Let’s take one more look before I tell you where and who……………………..




No welcome mat here!

No welcome mat here!

If I tell you first who my GUEST TEASER was, you might have a rough idea about which COUNTRY this location is…………………………my GUEST TEASER is the fabulous Leo, from WALKTORIO2016 blog!   This is for you Leo!

Thanks Leo for being my last Guest Teaser for 2015!

Thanks Leo for being my last Guest Teaser for 2015!


Where did he take these photos?   They are the entrance to the house of, and the bedroom of, Mr. Victor Hugo.    WOW………one of the most famous writers EVER……..if you would like more info on him, try this link HERE.    This house is located in Pasages de San Juan, Spain.    I told you it was a toughie……unless you’d read about Mr. Hugo and the article showed his house in Spain OR you’d actually visited it on a tour, you never would have guessed it right?   WELL YOU DIDN’T !!!!!    That means I fooled everyone………….well, I hope you all don’t mind getting one of my specially designed final GREENIES of 2015????    Here you are!


Thank you Leo for this true WHOPPER of a Teaser to round out 2015, and thank you all my friends who have stuck with the Tuesday Teaser PAIN AND AGONY this past year.  We had some good Teasers didn’t we?  I promise we’ll have MORE in 2016!    Also new badges for the year………………….YAY!

Now, before I let you go, may I say that you’re all invited to stop by my blog this Friday – YES I know it’s the morning AFTER New Year’s Eve and you’ll all have a hangover/headache but please do stop by.   I’ll have some breakfast, coffee, mimosas for you – you see it’s going to be my SIXTEENTH birthday Friday too………….so why not keep your hangover hanging for one more day and stop by to have fun with me?

Sammy Hugs for EVERYONE! 

Love, Sam


Teaser Tuesday



YAY!!!!!   (applause, applause)




RA RA RA! Sis Boom Bah!

Alrighty then!   It’s time for the FINAL Tuesday Teaser of 2015 – I hope you liked the badges I made for this week’s Teaser winners (assuming we have some….hahaha).   I happen to think this is a particularly tough GUEST TEASER but maybe I’m wrong……..heaven knows I’ve been wrong before!

So you know that we have a special badge for whoever is my FIRST COMMENTER on this post today right?   So what are you waiting for????


Let’s get to the MAIN EVENT shall we?     Mr. Silver Briefcase Dude………….will you please come up to the stage and show the Teaser Fans today’s CHALLENGE?????

YES SIR ! I have the photo right here!

YES SIR ! I have the photos right here!

No welcome mat here!


That’s right!   Two photos of this location…………… WHERE did my Guest Teaser snap these photos?   Any ideas?    See why I said this would be a MAJOR challenge?   Well, you did want the final Teaser of 2015 to be tough right?   Get to guessing!    Here’s what’s at stake!







Teaser Operators are standing by for your guesses…………!!!!!


See you tomorrow for the TELL ALL – – – and GOOD LUCK (I think you might need it for this one!)

HUGS, Sammy the Tease

IMPORTANT P.S. !!   Me and Mom won’t be around today until LATER this afternoon so you children will have to play among yourselves without supervision (translation: I won’t be here to comment on your comments and posts until late this afternoon SOOOO you’re on your own until then.)   You will know who the FIRST COMMENTER is before I do………when I’m back this afternoon I’ll pop on and catch up with you………..GOOD LUCK FRIENDS!

Pre-Tease-Pre-New Year Monday!



WOW – now that’s a mouthful isn’t it?!?!   Well, it is the last Teaser of 2015 so I’m making it a GOOD ONE.   It’s a Guest Teaser and it’s a whopper – yes, I know I could make it nice and easy but I don’t want to.  I want it to be a toughie so you’d best be prepared!

Be will be tough tomorrow!

Be brave……it will be tough tomorrow!

Remember I promised you some NEW award badges for 2016?  Well I’m working on them but in the meantime, for this Tuesday, I’ll have some SPECIAL badges for the last Teaser of 2015.   You know you want one, so you’d better be on your toes and ALERT for tomorrow when the Teaser arrives at its’ mystery time!     You could be the proud winner of one of these FINAL badges for 2015!!!

If you’re my FIRST COMMENTER tomorrow, you’ll get this!


If you’re the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER tomorrow, you’ll get this!


If you’re RIGHT but not FIRST, you’ll get this:


And of course for you GREENIE collectors who are wrong – you get the LAST Greenie of 2015!


So – it’s a date right?   Mr. Silver Briefcase Dude and our Teaser Cheerleader will make their final appearance of 2015 tomorrow so we’ll see you then……………WHENEVER THAT IS!

Hugs, Sammy the Tease

Hee's ME in here!

Hee Hee……it’s ME in here!