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Hello Teaser Fans!   Pretty darn good Teaser yesterday wasn’t it??????   I know you’re anxious to get the scoop – so lets get to it!!

Mr. Mystery Dude, please bring in the silver briefcase with the treasured photo inside and SHARE it with our Teaser Buddies purrrrrlease????

Certainly......here it is!

Certainly……here it is!

Thank you!


This is a photo of San Juan Bautista (St. John the Baptist) church in Arucas, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands – what a gorgeous neo-gothic church in a somewhat mystifying setting……the old structure of the church in the mostly modern background makes for an interesting photo yes?   Who was my Guest Teaser who sent me this FAB photo?   Why it was my good friend Flynn from Two Devon Cats and his world-travelling Mum that’s who!     Thank you guys – this is for you to have:

Thanks Miss Jackie and Flynn!!

Thanks Miss Jackie and Flynn!!

Who was the FIRST COMMENTER yesterday when the post went live???????????????    Why it was Frequent First Commenters, my buddies Oliver and Calvin who have a Facebook page HERE and you boys have earned this (again!):


Now, who was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER – the first to tell me WHERE this photo was taken and figure out the mystery???    It was my good friend and fellow Cat Scout from Canada, Shoko, from Canadian Cats !   Concatulations Shoko – you win this little beauty!


Did anyone else guess right?  I don’t think so but a lot of you knew it was Spain and some of you were VERY close so if you WERE right and I just didn’t see that you were (hey I’m not perfect!), you win this!


Those of you who were left standing in the dust……….or guessed and didn’t have it right…….will be pleased to know you have another bit of GREEN to add to your collection (or maybe start a collection????) with this:


YAY!   That was a very good Teaser – thank you Miss Jackie and Flynn for making it a particularly GREAT Tuesday this week!    Next week I’ll try to confound you – it’s my job you know – give you something fun to do on Tuesday every week!

Love, Sammy the Teaser Man

See you NEXT Tuesday!

See you NEXT Tuesday!



Now for something ELSE!   It’s Bacon’s SHOPPING AROUND THE WORLD day!



This month’s food item was something for the Thanksgiving meal – an item (dessert, appetizer, side dish, WHATEVER) with five items!

Well, I’m doing something with THREE items!!!  THREE!!!   It’s something my Mom makes every Thanksgiving and it’s a very familiar item to many of you!  It’s not a NEW recipe, but it’s tried and true (at least at my house!)




1 orange (unpeeled, seeded, and cut into eight pieces)  (price: 79 cents an orange)

1 – 12-oz. package of fresh cranberries (price: $2.99)

3/4 to 1 cup of sugar (price:  2 lb. bag $1.99)


Put cut up  orange slices AND cranberries in food processor


Whack it up into size pieces you like – add 3-4 to one cup of sugar and refrigerate!


HUGS, The Thanksgiving Turkey Guy, Sammy

Meowwww.....OOPS.....I mean GOBBLE GOBBLE!

Meowwww…..OOPS…..I mean GOBBLE GOBBLE!


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  1. Concats Oliver and Calvin! and a special and giant CONCATSY to my BFF Shoks! You rock, girl!!! I like your recipe, that sounds absolutely tasty and it even has not much of that calories :o) do you think I can replace the cranberries with pomegranate? I have some doubts if we have fresh cranberries in our store… and we still have that pomegranates (they were on offer so my mom bought a truckload) and we have no clue what we shall do with all that fruits :o)


  2. ConCats to Oliver and Calvin and especially to Shoko! Pawsome job on the teaser! We’re laffin’ at YOU as a turkey! Too funny.

    Mom says that cranberry relish sounds super delish…maybe she’ll do that instead of the one she usually makes!

    The Florida Furkids


  3. Great Teaser, Sammy. We apologize that we didn’t even get to comment yesterday – things are a little busy at my house. But I’m enjoying all the extra attention! Last night there was even a game of pool, and I snoopervised!
    Love, Sundae


      • Well we would love it if she stayed around but she really doesn’t want to hang with us. She is skittish. We had a gray cat that visited a couple of years ago, he came to eat and then he spent the evening with us on the porch napping on the chair. I worry about her. We have a road that peeps scream up and down at 70 mph and I know she is crossing it. I am not crazy about her stalking our birds and we will start feeding the birds the first of December. I will keep you posted on little Sailor… 😀


        • Well, I totally understand – she’s probably used to doing/going what and where she wants to. We have TWO of those cats now who visit us then are on their way……I worry about them too especially when we see foxes so frequently. It’s nice to have a little visitor though isn’t it? We love that too……..even Sam is used to a couple of them and he’s not the bravest soul on earth! I also worry about our birds – but so far, the “roaming cats” seem to be way more interested in field mice and chipmunks in the yard and woods than they have been with the birds. I have seen one of them sit and WATCH the birds visiting the feeder but never seen her aggressively go after any of them….I fool myself into thinking she’s a bird-watcher like me! HAHAHA We send hugs from afar for Sailor though! 😉

          Pam (and Sam)

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  4. You can also substitute blueberries for some of the sugar. I usually use frozen since they’re rarely available fresh at the same time as fresh cranberries


  5. Sammy, you make a much cuter turkey than Mau does. We like your pose as well. Mom was positive she got the teaser this week. Pffft! Another Greenie. Mau says that he’ll see you this evening at Scouts. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


    • We sure had a lot of peeps fooled with the Teaser this week – YAY FLYNN and FLYNN’s MUM! I think there are some great turkey “suits” on Scouts this year…..yours is super and so is Charles…..we may see some more tonight at the Wildcats PAR-TAY!

      Love, Sam


  6. Sammy you must wear that to tonight’s gathering at scouts! You are adorable for sure. The only clue I saw in the photo was that palm tree and that was about as much as I figured out. Love to all at your place.


  7. Concats to Oliver and Calvin, and to Shoko! My mum and dad were walking around a 360 degree viewpoint while the taxi driver who took them around was exchanging details with the lady whose car he reversed into when he was parking!
    That recipe looks yummy.


  8. conga ratz two ewe kali & shoko & oliver & calvin….N dood….shame a plentte on yur mom, we iz thinkin itz pay bax time…..of all de thingz her couldna put on ya……her choozed a turkee burd……faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……hay, let uz noe if ya want sum pay bax tipz !! heerz two a pie filled, BURD FREE, happee blessed day ♥♥♥


  9. Well, I’ll be bald headed…we won!! It’s like a dream but if you say we won Sammy….we’ll grab the badge before you change your mind. We shall be celebrating later today. hehe The recipe you have is awesome…last time mom substituted the water with orange juice…we didn’t have an orange. The whole orange would have been better, more flavourful.

    Hugs (((Shoko)))


          • I wish I could have been present for the whole party but long distance had to come first. Mom was on the phone for an hour with Bacon’s mom. June has a free calling method or she’d be broke. My mom was thinking of yours on Thanksgiving. hugs Shoko


          • WOW….that’s way cool that your Mom got to talk to Miss June for a whole hour! Of course that would be first……and I know they had a ball talking to each other! As I said, I was just glad you were there. Now we move on to the NEXT biggie – Purrrmotions Ceremony tonight! See you there?

            Love, Sammy


          • Hi Shoko! It was posted on the sidebar………..has been for a while…..but it didn’t say WHERE – Denmaster posted that there and I guess she just thought we’d all know it was at Campfire because that’s where we always have it. I hope you were there to hear her thank you for your service as a Patrol Leader? I was happy she did that!

            Love, Sammy


          • no I didn’t hear that! I missed parts of the ceremony…they just weren’t there. I will go back and look for it. I was not miffed or anything. I thought the awardees were awesome and enjoyed seeing the recognition given to such hard working scouts.


  10. OMC You know what Sammy? All we can think ’bout is awe y’all eatin’ orange peel? Me finks mommy musta read da recipe 5 times and after every time she sed, “unpeeled, duz dat mean wiff da skin still on?” MOL Anyways, gawjus, hope y’all have a pawsumly blest Thanksgivin’. And enjoy dat orange, wiff or wiffout da peel.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi and mommy Audra


  11. Mom always puts some cranberry sauce on the table for Thanksgiving, and no one ever eats it. Maybe she needs to try this recipe instead.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning


  12. It really is an interesting place…that tall church in the middle of all those modern buildings, yet with the fields in the background.
    Congrats to those smart guessers and early risers!


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