Pre-Tease Monday


Almost time to be teased everybody – are you gonna be ready?   A Turkey Week Teaser…….HAHAHA……..At least I’m not looking through albums of photos by myself this week, I have my pal Bashful to help.   We’ll come up with a winner for tomorrow, I’m SURE!    He really worked hard going through the photos too – trust me.   Oh – and in case you’re wondering, yesterday we went outside briefly on the front porch and Mom noticed him shivering so she whipped up a little cap and scarf for him – he loved them so much he’s been wearing them even in the house!

Bashful3 Bashful4

Meanwhile, it was a very chilly and blustery day and while we MIGHT have gone outside to enjoy my big yard, we decided to stay inside and take it easy.   All of us – Mom and Dad included.   Bashful and I will be watching movies this evening together as Mom and Dad are going next door to the neighbors for dinner so I thought we’d watch “Charlotte’s Web” (since there’s a piggy in it) and “Viva Rock Vegas” (a Flintstones movie)………….sound like a good dynamic duo of movies for a cat and his visiting rock friend?  I thought so too.

Since there’s a holiday on Thursday, Mom and I will still be posting the Teaser Tell All on Thursday but she won’t be answering comments of course until Friday…………..I’m thinking a lot of you will be celebrating Thanksgiving with your families anyway – but a week without a Teaser wouldn’t be a week at all – right?   So ONWARD!

Remember the Teaser post pops up at random times – every week a different time – Mom just throws a dart at a board and that’s how we figure out what time to have it go live.   Can be any time.  Keeps you on your toes doesn’t it (assuming you have toes….or claws….or webbed feet…..or something!).

SO, see you tomorrow?   Don’t miss it – you know you wanna win a badge right?   All you have to do is figure out where the photo I post was taken – easy peasy!   (giggle)

Hugs, Sammy the Tease

Ya better be here next week......OR ELSE!

Ya better be here tomorrow……OR ELSE!

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  1. Oh Sammy your Mum is a fabulous host and courtier to Bashful..such a nice thing to keep him warm 🙂 and great movie choices..i always cry at Charlottes Web ..oh my…but the Yabba Dabba Doo gang is a good chuckle 🙂 have a super Monday my friend..loves Fozziemum xxx


  2. Your Mom is so clever to make the hat and scarf, they came out great. I thought you were going to watch Nic Cage’s The Rock, but that might be too scary. Have a great time. XO


  3. Squeals! How adorable my little guy looks in his hat and scarf. Your mom is so creative cousin. I hope ya’ll have a blast watching movies tonight. Heads up though – Bashful will eat all of the popcorn. XOXO – Bacon

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  4. Hey Sammy!
    Wow, it’s cool and windy here in my territory too! Guess winter is coming. Can’t wait for your teaser and I think that hat and scarf are very cute. BOL/MOL
    BTW: Do you get popcorn during movies? That’s the bestest part.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

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  5. Meow Sammy, sounds like yous got a busy week planned. Least da humans do. Luv da scarf and hat yous mommy whhipped up. She’s an amazin’ lady fur sure. Y’all stay warm and cozy.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi


  6. Bashful looks very cute in his little hat and scarf. It was very cold here last night also and I got icy toes on my garden patrol in the morning. I was soon back in front of the fire!


    • Mom thinks it’s really funny because during the day when I ask to go out on the front porch I stay out there about thirty seconds then want right back inside the warm house! This is the first year she says I’m FEELING the cold – I think she’s right – maybe because I’m so darn skinny!!!

      Love, Sam


  7. That is a very fine cap and scarf for Bashful. He would have enjoyed it here today – we had 63 degrees and lots of warm sunshine:)

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning


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