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Can It Be Thursday Already?


YES IT CAN………..not only “CAN” it, but it truly IS.   Well, time is whipping by at an incredible pace and before you know it, we’ll be WELL into Fall and Halloween will be over and we’ll be talking TURKEY (Thanksgiving of course for those of us who celebrate it in November).

Meanwhile, the leaves in my yard are doing their thing………..just gorgeous if I say so myself!

Backyard tree in fall

Talk about ORANGE!

Maples are almost TOO pretty!

Maples are almost TOO pretty!

I am just loving the weather though – I’ve been outside as much as I can get OLD MOM to take me………….sometimes I just sit on the front porch and look out over my kingdom (haha) and think how lucky I am to live here………other times I cruise around a bit (with Mom watching me closely) and waddle (yes I waddle now when I walk) down to the front stone garden to do my business (yes you know what I mean), or walk down the sidewalk sniffing as I go for signs of introoders.   The skunks, raccoons, possums, and rabbits visit during the night time and I can SMELL them the next morning.   They even have the NERVE to come up on my front porch to drink the water from the water bowl that’s out there!

Excuse me Mr. Possum - did someone invite you here?

Excuse me Mr. Possum – did someone invite you here?

Anyway, I do love Fall and Mom and Dad are starting to have fires in the fireplace now which I REALLY like…………….talk about cozy.

I’ve had a lot of email lately from some of you asking about how I’m feeling these days.   Well, I have been very good about taking my thyroid medicine – Mom is still having good luck (mostly) with crushing the pill up and mixing it with either turkey baby food or beef baby food.  I love that stuff.  GOBBLE GOBBLE………I’m on board with baby food!    I don’t hork very often – I’ve always been a horker since I was tiny……but maybe once a week is my average.   All is well on the “potty box” situation too.    So that’s about it for my report other than I DO have mobility issues – if I’m lying down for any length of time it’s tough standing back up again – I will limp my first few steps and go slow then I loosen up.   Mom says it’s just like her and Dad……get stiff in the old joints and it takes a minute to get “steady” on the feet (or paws).

So – there’s the THURSDAY REPORT………Fall is falling, animals are visiting my porch, I’m in good shape for an old guy, and getting excited about SAM-O-WEEN!   I hope you are too??

Hugs, Sammy

Sam enjoying the front porch on a pretty fall day

Door guard on duty….


Teaser Tell All



YES – it’s that time again – I know you’re anxious to hear the scoop on yesterday’s Teaser photo!

First of all, Mr. Mystery Man, would you please bring in the silver briefcase and post the photo again for us?????

Here's the photo!

Here’s the photo!



What’s the deal on this photo?   Well, first of all it was taken by my Mom when she and Dad were on an October trip through New England – THIS photo is of “The House of the Seven Gables” which is in Salem, Massachusetts!    A most interesting place……AND one which I featured on a Teaser back in March of 2012!!!  Nobody guessed it then and since I didn’t have many followers then I thought I’d dust it off and post it again……… huh?    Mom LOVED this house – it was a little spooky but beautiful and the gardens were spectacular even in October.  The town of Salem was a real “hoot” and since they were all decked out for Halloween it was even MORE fun to be there then.   Here’s some information on not just the house but the book “The House of the Seven Gables” – definitely a spot to visit if you’re ever near it for any reason!   CLICK HERE

Now, who was the FIRST COMMENTER yesterday morning when we went LIVE?   It was by Cousin Bacon of PigLove that’s who!  BRAVO  BACON MY MAN!  You get this!


Who was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER?   Well, it may come as no surprise but it was the unofficial KING OF TEASERS, Easy from EasyWeimaraner that’s who!  Easy my friend, this is for you!


There were a bunch of peeps who ALSO guessed The House of the Seven Gables in Salem……………………….and all of you who did, get this!


Were you left out in the cold?   No idea where these photos were taken?   Not a clue?  Not even a HINT of a clue?  Well, have no fear – you still get a GREENIE!


Now wasn’t that FUN??  Of course it was…………….you know you love Tuesdays with Sammy the Teaser Dude………….just about as much as I love doing them and having fun with you.    Remember if you’d like to be my GUEST TEASER one week, email me a photo you think has the RIGHT STUFF to fool everyone and I’ll feature it!   Now wouldn’t THAT be fun?

That’s about it for this week friends…………..tune in next week when we’ll do this all over again…………….WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


See You Next Week!!

See You Next Week!!

Love, Sammy the Teaser

Tuesday Teaser



Can You Believe It? 

It’s THAT time again!

Are you ready to amaze yourself with your powers of deduction?  Are you ready to impress your friends and neighbors with your ability to examine a photo and figure out WHERE the photo was taken???   GOOD – then you are TEASER material!  YOU just might have a chance to win.    As always you must look at the photo and tell me what town/city and what state/country the photo was taken in………….easy right?   Well yes it is and you can do it – I know you can.   Ready?


Two photos – same place – neither one of them very good quality (Mom!!!!!) but WHERE were they taken???

If you are the FIRST PERSON to leave a comment on this blog today, you get this:


If you are the FIRST PERSON to guess the Teaser photo location correctly today, you get this:


If you guess correctly but aren’t FIRST, you still get this:


And if you are woefully, and sadly, deficient in the geography department, and don’t know, you get this:


GOOD DEAL YES???  Why YES it is!   You don’t leave empty-handed and these days that’s pretty danged wonderful!

Tomorrow I’ll tell you who wins what!   Now get to it…………

Also, don’t forget the clock is ticking on the Sam-O-Ween Costume Contest…… have until the 28th my friends to send me your Sam-O-Ween Costume Contest entry for BEST COSTUME.   There will be a surprise package for the winner – no matter where you live or what kind of creature you are – if you are the one with the most votes (voting on 29th and 30th) then YOU WIN!

Entries to me at junekimm(at)aol(dot)com


Hugs, Your Pal Sammy



Almost Tease Time!



I’m the #1 Fan in Fact!


The day before the Teaser………..things are quiet everywhere while everyone studies up on their geography hoping they will recognize SOMETHING in the Teaser photo tomorrow.   Well, here’s hoping somebody does!!   Mom has picked out the photo that we’ll be using………………so STAND BY – tomorrow at an undisclosed/top secret time, the TEASER post will blast into your inbox…….it will scorch the sky as it arrives at your house through the atmosphere and WHAM, BAM, THANK YOU SAM you’ll get to guess where the photo was taken!

Now for other news, it’s cold EARLY here.    We rarely are freezing BEFORE Halloween (oops I mean Sam-O-Ween) but sure enough we had frost last night AND will have it tonight again.  Brrrr.

My sweater!

My sweater!

I’ve had a few questions about my Sam-O-Ween party……. first of all NO you don’t have to enter the contest to come to my all day party – EVERYONE is welcome at the party and you can stop in ANY time at all.


Also, the voting poll will be open TWO days – the 29th and 30th and YOU, my wonderful followers, will be the ones voting – not me – not my Mom – but YOU!   You can vote for as many as you like but there will only be one “BEST” and that friend will be getting a surprise package from ME!   The contest is open to all animals and no matter where you live, we will ship your prize to you!   Humans can send photos of themselves in but you can’t be in the contest – I’ll put you in the party photos if you like but the contest is ONLY for ani-pals!

Now, don’t forget to tune in tomorrow…………………..I’ll be here – and you’ll be guessing WHERE the Teaser was taken………… it a date?  Oh goodie!   See you here!

Hugs, Sammy

SAM-O-WEEN will be a SCREAM.....

SAM-O-WEEN will be a SCREAM…..

That Time Again!



AND SO DOES SATURDAY!!!  Roll them up together and I’m double happy!

Guess what we tried yesterday for breakfast?   Remember those pancake strips where you put bacon in the middle and more pancake on top and cook them?  It works!   Mom and Dad had those and they were delish.

Dump on some syrup and you're READY!

Dump on some syrup and you’re READY!

I’m not allowed to have syrup – too sugary – but I DID get the bacon and some cooked pancake… that’s a good combo – no wonder humans like it!

It’s super duper cold out this morning…….Mom and I bundled up and went out as usual (well Mom bundled and I was BRAVE)…….I made a couple of deposits in the yard to mark my territory and we popped back inside where I immediately did something I haven’t done in literally YEARS………I ran around in circles like a crazy cat!   Mom says the cold weather is perking me up – she might be right.   I usually start out that way when the weather changes but in deep dark winter I don’t move much at all…….I can’t go outside but just for a few minutes at a time, and my arthritis acts up more.   I’m a mess.  But right now – I’m loving it!

I got a couple more entries for my Sam-O-Ween Costume Contest.  Don’t wait until the last minute – you have to have your entry in to me by the 28th and today is the 17th!  GET CRACKING FRIENDS!   You know you want to win the prize package right?   We’re gonna have a ball at the party too.   Remember that YOU will be voting for the “BEST COSTUME” yourselves on my poll and whoever gets the most votes will find out they WIN at my party on the 31st!   Wanna see what I’m wearing to the party?   Since I can’t be in my own contest, I’ll show you now what I’m wearing!


Cool huh?  Scary?  Good!   After all, it’s SAM-O-WEEN!!!

Send your costume entries in to me at junekimm(at)aol(dot)com


I thought you might enjoy a “flash from the past” too – here are some of you in costumes you wore to my previous SAM-O-WEEN parties!   Maybe these will inspire you!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Falling Leaves Friday!



Fall continues to fall here!

That’s right – the leaves are coming down like rain these past two days……..just enough breeze to blow them down from their spots on all the big trees around our house – I can’t even go outside in my own yard without getting bopped on the head by falling leaves!   I guess it could be worse……..those acorns falling are a lot more painful when they hit my ginger head than leaves are that’s for sure.

Here’s how things look around here……….

Fall2014-2 FallYard2

We are nowhere near “peak” color though so I’ll show more photos as we march further into Fall.  I hope it’s pretty where you are!

I spent time on my porch this morning – it was chilly!

OK Mom....that's enough outside time for now.....

OK Mom….that’s enough outside time for now…..

Won’t be long before Mom will have to bring some of the houseplants that have lived on the front porch INSIDE for the winter – in fact we might get our first frost this weekend – EEEEK.

Also pretty soon Mom will be working on decorating our front porch for Sam-O-Ween…………we like to do something different every year………….here’s a couple of “oldies” – this year Mom bought some of that stuff that looks like a BIG spider web.  Can’t wait to see what she does with that

Our front porch decked out for Halloween

My front porch in 2011 for Sam-O-Ween

This was Sam-O-Ween 2012 (with a neighbor kitty photobombing!)

This was Sam-O-Ween 2012 (with a neighbor kitty photobombing!)

We want to take a minute to wish my friend Raz and Allie’s Mom Miss Sharon from FRIENDSFUREVER a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!


Tomorrow is my BACON day so I’ll be busy celebrating that you can just BET on it!

See you then?

HUGS, Sammy








Sammy here – I decided to let my Mom do a blog post today – aren’t you proud of me for being so generous?  Well, the reason is because she decided to pawticipate in Ann of Zoolatry’s LIVESTRONG blog.   She put the word out that anyone who wanted to share their story of dealing with cancer could tell their story there if they wanted to and my Mom thought she’d like to do that.


Even though Mom spoke of her OWN journey with cancer in her post, we have known many friends and family as well as many pets who have had cancer and it seemed important to my Mom that she tell her tale of being a CANCER SURVIVOR….hoping to bring HOPE to some who might need it.

Her post is up at WELIVESTRONGTODAY along with other posts from other people,  but she’s going to tell it here too.  TAKE IT AWAY MOM!

Thanks Sammy!    I sometimes think about how many people I’ve known in my 68 years who either have HAD cancer, or known someone who did – it’s a very widespread disease and until researchers can come up with cures for this incredibly complex disease, I’m afraid we’ll just have to deal with it as best we can.   There’s new research almost every day so there is a LOT of hope out there.   

My personal journey began in 1985 when I was diagnosed with cervical and vaginal cancer.   I had a total hysterectomy and was confident that was the one and only time I’d hear a physician tell me I had cancer.   Not to be though……….even though over the ensuing years I had some minor skin cancers – basal cell and then a more serious one – squamous cell, it wasn’t until 1996 when I had a mole on my right leg begin to “look funny” and had a biopsy that I found out just how dangerous “MELANOMA” was.    This was a very deep and wide amount of tissue involved – I had a lot of tissue removed until they found clear margins – and I had to have a skin graft to go over the four inch diameter and half inch deep operation site.   I was in a soft cast for three months; the cancer had JUST missed my muscle tissue in that leg.   I was lucky!!    Then in 2006 out of nowhere I got a large lump at the top of my right leg – I immediately saw my doctor and he immediately sent me to a surgeon but they both thought it was a swollen lymph node and it was.   I had surgery almost the next day – the lymph node and ancillary nodes were removed and only the one was cancerous.    I was pretty upset about having “RECURRENT MELANOMA”…….and was told that I needed to undergo treatment which would be for at least a year and was somewhat experimental because there was no real effective drug to tackle melanoma.   What I wound up with was treatment for an organ which had shown “some” effectiveness with recurrent melanoma.   After one year of treatments I felt I had learned a whole lot about myself and my tolerance for discomfort!    I began thinking of myself as a true survivor…………my positive thinking and my REAL confidence that I could beat it and never get melanoma again has held until this day.   Here it is 2015 and I’m BEYOND cancer.   It’s where I intend to stay.   

Thanks Sammy – you’ve been with me for some of this journey as have many friends and my family.   I am grateful and I am STRONG and I will live out the rest of my life being grateful.

OK Mom – thanks for telling your story – I know you want it to be uplifting to those who might be going through cancer treatment now or have received the diagnosis………….I’m just so happy that you’re still with me and Dad!   We are FAMILY and we need each other!

Hope is a wonderful thing……………………….KEEP HOLDING ON TO IT – that’s from me and Mom……..deep in our hearts!

Love, Sammy 


I miss you today Mom....Happy Birthday!

Teaser Tell All


OK Mr. Silver Briefcase dude………….come on in and unlock that thing and let’s see what the DEAL is!!!

**opens briefcase with name of TOWN/COUNTRY where photo was taken***

**opens briefcase with name of TOWN/COUNTRY where photo was taken***

Hello Everybody!!!   Did you enjoy yesterday’s Teaser?  I personally think it was a REAL toughie – there are so many spots in Europe (yes it was taken in Europe) that might have a backdrop like that so it would be TOUGH to know right where that one was snapped.   However, before we get into details, here’s the photo one more time:


This beautiful photo was submitted by our super good friend Mr. Leo from Walk To Rio 2016 blog…………….Yes – Leo was over in GERMANY in a race and managed to see some of Germany while he was there to race walk.   This was taken in Andernach, Germany.    If you CLICK HERE, you can learn many things about this ancient town including that it dates back to 12BC!   That’s right!

If I’d shown you THIS version of the photo you would have known it was from Leo !!


Now, several of you guessed “Germany” yesterday – nobody said Andernach, but some of you mentioned towns that aren’t that far from Andernach so you were OH SO CLOSE.

But there was definitely a winner in the FIRST COMMENTER department that was my good buddies (and frequent winners of FIRST COMMENTER) Oliver and Calvin and – this is for you guys:


As for FIRST RIGHT GUESSER…………I guess technically we don’t have one…………lots of “Germany” guesses but nobody knew it was Andernach (except Leo of course) so nobody will win that badge this week……………sorry about that – in fact I’m so sorry about that I’m gonna say that ANYONE who guessed “Germany” can have this:


If you didn’t guess Germany, you still get to have a GREENIE so you’re NOT a loser….nosireee…you’re just a fan of the GREEN!


Well, I’m proud of all of you anyway – you tried – life is all about trying stuff and sometimes winning right???

Thanks Leo for the DOOZY OF A PHOTO!

Thanks Teaser buddies – tune in next week – who knows what will happen?


LOVE, Sammy



REMINDER!   My Sam-O-Ween Costume Contest is coming!   You have until the 28th to enter!   Then you will all be voting for the BEST COSTUME here on my blog the 29th and 30th and I’ll announce the winner of the PRIZE (yes a real prize not a virtual one!) on my blog at my Sam-O-Ween party on the 31st!    BE THERE OR BE SQUARE!


Entries to junekimm(at)aol(dot)com

Tuesday Teaser



Yep – it’s that time again class……are you ready for your test this morning from Professor Sammy?

Mr. Mystery Man, will you please enter the classroom with your silver suitcase and open it to post today’s photo?

**Click** Opens case and hands photo to Professor Sam..........

**Click** Opens case and hands photo to Professor Sam……….

Here’s the Teaser everyone.   As usual, you must tell me what town/city/village this is AND what country or state it’s in – this is a GUEST TEASER PHOTO…………….so tomorrow you’ll find out who sent this doozy to me AND where my Guest snapped the photo too!   Ready?


So – what are you waiting for class?   First person to comment on the blog gets FIRST COMMENTER badge!!


First to guess the right city/town/village and state/country gets FIRST RIGHT GUESSER:


If you guess correctly but aren’t first – you STILL get this!


Wrong again?  Clueless again?  Well Professor Sammy still loves you….and you get this consolation prize:



Professor Sammy

The Geography/World Studies Teacher