It’s Coming Soon!



What is “coming soon”?  Well a couple of things – no – make that SEVERAL things.

First of all tomorrow is Tuesday Teaser…………I’m doing it even though I’m up to my eyeballs getting ready for my Sam-O-Ween party and the costume contest and Halloween party on both the Tabby Cat Club AND at Cat Scouts.   That should show you how much I love Tuesday Teaser too!   Last week was a pretty good one – it was guessed correctly but it stumped a lot of you so that made it fun right?   So I’ll be seeing you tomorrow for Teaser – remember if you’re first to comment on tomorrow’s blog you get a badge too so you don’t even have to GUESS where the photo was taken to get SOMETHING!

See You tomorrow!

See You tomorrow!

Then we have the FINAL day to enter my costume party – that’s the 28th – if I don’t have your costume by then you won’t be in the voting poll which will begin on the 29th here on my blog and end the evening of the 30th!!    That’s where my next piece of BIG NEWS is……………………because I’ve decided to have a surprise goodie bag/box for the TOP TWO costumes – not just the BEST COSTUME, but the BEST two costumes that get the most votes by YOU in the poll!    Cool?   We will have over 20 participants so I thought TWO prizes was better than ONE.    You get to vote for as many costumes as you like – vote for all your favorites – then I’ll tally them up and at my SAM-O-WEEN party on Saturday the 31st I’ll announce the TWO winners!

SAM-O-WEEN will be a SCREAM.....

SAM-O-WEEN will be a SCREAM…..

The Halloween party will be ALL DAY LONG so come when you can…………..have some fun……………..spooky snacks………….and a “parade of costumes” slideshow too as well as telling you who the two top voted costumes belong to!

Whew………I’m tired just reading what I’ve got ahead this week……………….Now I know not all of you celebrate Halloween but even if you don’t – you should stop by the party anyway.  You know you wanna see all the costumes and find out who wins right?

So, I’ll be seeing you all tomorrow at an UNKNOWN time and you can agonize over where the photo that’s posted was taken………………maybe this will be YOUR week to win First Commenter Badge or maybe even…………..FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!!!!!


Sam the Tease Guy

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  1. WooHoo Spook week is finally here.
    OMCs Sammy it would be amazing if there is a photo of Dracula’s house this week
    Hugs madi your bfff


  2. Good morning, Sammy! Wow, you do have a busy week ahead!
    Well, it looks like Motor Mommy is running out of time to get my costume ready…. I may just have to stop by for the party and see everyone else’s!
    Love, Sundae


  3. We love your Halloween costume contest, Sammy! We don’t usually enter things like that, but we love to come by and see what everyone else came up with and cast our votes. So we look forward to it, as well as the teaser tomorrow!


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