Polish and Shine Friday

Get those bird poops off the window!  Polish and shine makes us feel FINE!

Get those bird poops off the window! Polish and shine makes us feel FINE!

Friday Cleaning Day!

Yep – after a week of making a mess all around the house, Mom has called me to task and told me to get it in gear…….starting with myself – get all the dirt out from my toes then hit the decks with straightening my toy box and helping get stuff back in neat and orderly shape!

I'm cleaning my toes Mom just like you said!

I’m cleaning my toes Mom just like you said!

I had company this week with my friend Mauricio from The Cat On My Head so really the house is still pretty neat from “guest prep” that Mom and I did before he arrived.   Still, it doesn’t hurt to fluff the pillows and scrub out the shower.   After all, before Mau left us he took a nice shower to prepare him for his trip inside an envelope to his next “Flat Cat Scouts” destination which is a SECRET.    That’s right – only Mom and I know where he’s headed next.


I told Mom I could help clean the breakfast dishes but she didn’t seem inclined to take me up on that offer………I should think cats who DO get to do that, have a nice variety of nommy stuff to eat off those human food plates!

Good to the last DROP!

Good to the last DROP!

Mom and Dad will probably drag the monsters out though – even if it’s a “quickie” swipe around the carpets, I think it will need to be done.  Mom likes all the carpet fibers headed in the same direction (hahahahahahahahaha) which you get if you vacuum.   Just kidding………….sorta.

How about your house?  Any noisy things going on that will keep you from getting your quota of naps today?   May the SILENCE be with you!!

Mr. Clean (aka Sam)

Pee Ess  

Don’t forget tomorrow is

Talk Like A Pirate Day

in the Blogosphere!!


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  1. Hahhah oh Sammy..i laughed when i saw you were housecleaning yourself..especially since that is what Dinnermintz is doing in her blog hahah great ginger minds think alike my sweet friend 🙂 and we think Mau had a blast with you..so nice to meet in the furs as well! have a super weekend my friend and we shall talk like a pirate tomorrow for sure…arrrrrr 🙂 Loves Fozziemum xx


  2. Housecleaning yay… I’m so excited… stop me now.. snorts. Ours have already started here too. Daddy made me drag my dirty blankies to the laundry room. The cats are cleaning their litter boxes. Houdini is putting his toys away in his box – he’ll be busy most of the morning doing that – snorts. Have a terrific day cousin. I’ll see you tomorrow for Pirate Day! XOXO – Bacon


  3. Yes! We have some noise… Maniac Marv… LOL. But he will be done soon. He is restringing his barb wire fence. He’s been clearing the fence line this whole time! Who knew?
    Good to clean between those toes, Sam!
    Remind your Mom that is National Cheeseburger Day today… although I have not seen much about it!


    • The Maniac certainly is making a SECURE enclosure over there – are you sure he’s not planning on opening up his very own penitentiary??????? I’m clean from stem to stern as is the house. Whew! Mom and Dad are having bacon cheeseburgers tonight so we’ll be celebrating in style!

      Love, Sammy


    • Oh indeed guys….you know in almost 16 years I’ve only had ONE BAFF????? ONE????????? The day I came home from the shelter Mom thought I was stinky so she gave me a baff. That was the FIRST and LAST one!

      Love, Sam


  4. Yes, noise of cleaning, etc. Yesterday there was nail pounding and sawing and and and and, in the Kitchen as my biped was finishing the trim on the redone kitchen–at least painting will be quieter. Today it is the wretched sander in the bath which drives me crazy–not considering the dust. We don’t have a basement so I hide way under her bed which is only about six inches off the floor so no one can touch me and I can’t hear much! Hmm, talk like a pirate day….do dogs know how to do that or just kitties? I bet Easy could teach me.


  5. Funny ting – Mom doesn’t seem to like it when we try to help clean the dishes either – and that is one task that is just at the perfect level for our tongues:)

    Happy weekend.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning


    • Oh I’m SO sad to hear Trev has left for the Bridge….bless his adorable heart. I know he left feeling all the love he had for so many years though and will wait for you to come give him hugs again one day. Our hearts break when “one of us” leaves……we send you hugs because they DO help!

      Love, Sammy and Mom Pam

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      • Sweet Sammy and Miss Pam, thank you so very much for your kindness and love…It is amazing and a gift to know such amazing animal loving friends…It helps more than you know…Sammy, please give your momma extra cuddles today to thank her for her support…So grateful for you both!!!! Hugs


        • Trev was much loved in the blogosphere and we know how hard it is to have that “empty space” in your home……but he is going to be with you always and forever……a shadow around a corner, soft breath on your cheek, a flash of silver out of the corner of your eye and of course ALWAYS a warm spot in your hearts.

          Love always,
          Sammy and Pam

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  6. Mauricio had such a fun time at your house. You and Mom Pam and Dad David were the purrfect hosts. Our mom was glad to hear he was a well-behaved houseguest. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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