Teaser Tuesday!



Ta Da!!!!  It’s here……it’s really, truly here……………and are you ready???  Are you?  Alright then…………….Let me bring in the SILVER SUITCASE and we’ll open it up and see what delights we have inside for you today!

Let's take a peek!

Let’s take a peek!

Today’s photos are from a Guest……my Guest sent me three photos and I wasn’t going to use ALL of them but I think I shall even if you may have more of an idea where my Guest was when they took the photos with THREE photos………………….at any rate, here they are (GOOD LUCK):


Remember, the first person to COMMENT on this blog post today will get this badge:


The FIRST RIGHT GUESSER as to where these photos were taken (state/country/city) is going to get this:


Any other RIGHT GUESSERS other than the first one, will get this:


AND all you lucky duckies who don’t guess right OR haven’t got a clue will get the world-famous GREENIE:


What a deal……….everyone is a winner!   That’s one great thing about Tuesday Teaser………AND you usually learn something about the world too!    So examine the photos and get your guesses in………..time’s a wasting…….the clock is ticking AND you KNOW you wanna win!!!!!

Hugs, Sammy the Tease

HAHA.....bet you'd like a peek inside my briefcase huh?

HAHA…..bet you’d like a peek inside my briefcase huh?


   Has it always been your dream to fool everybody with a photo of a place you’ve been? 

Make them go nuts trying to figure out WHERE you took the photo?  

Well, you CAN do that if you want to – just send your possible Teaser Photos to ME

and you can be my GUEST TEASER one Tuesday!  We’ll email you ahead of time to let you know your photo will be featured!

Just email your photo to me and Mom at junekimm(at)aol(dot)com ! 




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  1. So we are only two hours late. Mom is going with Amsterdam. Don’t care if we are first. It would just be nice to get something other than a Greenie. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


  2. Ah ha! Eureka, I think I know this one! maybe it’s St Petersburg, Russia? Cause I’ve been doing some homework and I think I see a similar fountain there…snerk, I learn so much playing with you Sammykins. ps, Hello Pammykins! xo ❤


  3. Unccle Sammy ladyMum looked at thee fotoss’ an said “Venice, Italy” an sumfing about thee Square inn thee middle of Venice? Shee did not read any commintss an scrolled own so mee could put thee answer here….
    Watch shee will get thee Teezer butt bee late so it won’t count *slapss paw to forehead* ……
    Mew mew mew neffkitty Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=


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