Tuesday Teaser



Yeah – it’s that time again!!!!!!!

Tuesday Teaser and we’ll unlock the secret briefcase long enough to post the Teaser photo then slam it back into the briefcase until tomorrow!  No cheating!  Do I dare go out on a limb and say I think this is an EASY PEASY Teaser?  Yeah – I think I will do that – out on the limb I go………!!

Your mission is to tell me WHERE (country/state) this photo was taken by my wonderful parents…….READY???

Mystery Photo 4

If you are the first to COMMENT on this blog post you’re gonna win something!!!!  Don’t even have to guess – just comment!  What do you get?  Why thanks for asking – you get this:


And if you’re the FIRST to guess where these photos were snapped you get THIS!


If you’re RIGHT but not FIRST you still get this fabulous award:


And if you are a total loser (haha) and don’t know or guess WRONG WRONG, you still get this!



So get guessing…….why wait?  If you hesitate, someone will get there BEFORE YOU…..and you’ll HATE that I’m sure!



HAHA.....bet you'd like a peek inside my briefcase huh?

HAHA…..bet you’d like a peek inside my briefcase huh?


Happy 25th Anniversary to my Mom and Dad today too!


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  1. Mum says it looks very similar to somewhere they went on a Mexico/ Panama Canal cruise but it was a long time ago and pre digital. She doesn’t think she named the place but she will try and remember. She said it could even have been before they started the cruise and took a tour along part of the California coast. She wishes she had been more diligent back then with details of her photos.


    • Well tomorrow we’ll find out whether this is one of the bazillion spots your Mom has visited before…..!!!!! I was happy to read on FB that you’re a bit better today my friend…….that’s fabulous – keep on fighting the fight Flynn……..

      Love and Hugs, Sammy


      • I am glad yo saw the update. My mum was going to copy and paste it in an email. The place she was thinking of was Cozumel, but when she looked at the photo it was nothing like it. We will go for somewhere on the Pacific Highway instead.


        • Yes Flynn…..we were happy to see you’re feeling a bit better…….please continue getting better my friend. So you think maybe California for the Teaser??? We’ll find out tomorrow!!!!!

          Love, Sammy


  2. cliff house howltel ireland near ardmore? Happy Anniversary to your humans, Sammy. Even when I’m totally wrong I wish we all could celebrate your pawrents anniversary there…. oh boy that food they have there !!!!


    • Hi Gang! Thanks for the anniversary wishes. Mau made them a beautiful cake for me to give to them but I can’t comment at Scouts today (comments disappearing) so you can’t tell that I LOVED IT when I got it at the Bake Shop!!!!! We sent Denmaster a note……….sigh………….gonna be a quiet day for me at Scouts I guess…………..

      Love and Hugs, Sammy


    • Well if you get inspired come back and have a go at the Teaser! Thanks for the anniversary wishes – Mom says she can’t believe she’s been married to my Dad for 25 years…….(she says it feels like 125 years…hahahahaha).

      Hugs, Sammy


  3. Hi Sammy and a great big Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad. Mom says marriage is not easy peasy at times. Other times, and this is most of the tiume, it is great.

    OK. the teaser…once again not sure at all…..we have a spindly tree and a house….a big house.

    It’s either Maine or California.,,,ahm…einey meeney minie moe….its Maine! MOL



    • Hi Shoko! Thanks for the anniversary wishes for my Mom and Dad and the beautiful e-card…….that was very sweet of you. Mom and Dad COULD have been married 48 years today if they had married each other their “first time around” but since they didn’t, they’re settling for 25 years for the second go. HAHAHAHA Anyway, the Teaser which I thought would be EASY apparently isn’t! See me tomorrow to see how you did!

      Love, Sammy


  4. As per usual, Mom forgot it was Tuesday until they were about 20 miles into their bike ride, which would have been about two hours too late to be first. Mom thinks this is Big Sur, California. Don’t ask her why. She hasn’t been there in a gazillion years. Happy 25th Anniversary to your folks, Sammy. That’s a terrific milestone. Our mom is sending love and hugs to all three of you. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


    • I’m glad your Mom and Dad enjoyed their bike ride! Thanks for guessing on my Teaser today – California seems to be a popular guess…..we’ll find out tomorrow!!!!! Thanks for the anniversary wishes too – SO SWEET OF YOU!

      Love, Sammy


  5. Hi Sammy!!! Mum was out when you popped up MOL! So we are way behind today and also have no idea, though she thinks she has seen the pic before somewhere??!! We will guess Barbados for no reason other than no one has said it yet!! Happy anniversary to your mom and dad! A milestone indeed 🙂 xxxxx


    • Oh BARBADOS! Sounds nice and warm…………….maybe it is Barbados but I guess we have to wait until tomorrow to find out! Thanks for the anniversary wishes too – Mom can’t believe she’s made it to 25 years with my Dad (HAHAHAHAHA).

      Love, Sam


  6. I get the greenie in the first commenter’s contest but I get a prize for being last!. I don’t know where this was taken but I do know that the lone tree didn’t shower that morning because nothing will get near it.


    • It does look pretty darn lonely on that hill doesn’t it? Mom decided to have it in the middle of the photo when she snapped it because it DID look so lonely. Thanks for taking a peek at the Teaser today!

      Love, Sam


  7. dood !!! happee annie fur sarry two yur mom & dad N heerz two 25 mor yeerz ♥♥♥♥ thiz iz wear they wented on ther honey moon & they stayed in that hotel over lookin de pacific oceanz in de state oh oregon & they were both veree happee two see a BURD free tree while staying at de overleaf lodge & spa…..♥♥♥


    • Good guessing on the Teaser today TABBIES but are you right? Hmm? Tomorrow we’ll find out! Meanwhile thanks for the anniversary wishes – Mom and Dad are in disbelief they have made it this far (hahahahahaha….just kidding).

      Love and Hugs!


  8. Let the bells ring out and the banners fly!
    ‘Tis I
    ‘Tis I
    ‘Tis I
    Mes only the elbenty thousanth enterer….
    AND mes got no clue. Now for something for the pawrents!

    PS Our post did not gets published last night so the finish the sentence game is going until Noon (Pacific) tomorrow! Get your entry in now

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh Nellie Mom and I giggled all the way through that Minion Happy Anniversary song! That was SOOOOOOOO funny….thank you so much for sending that. It’s PRICELESS – just like you are dear girl!!!!!

      Love and Hugs, Sammy (and Mom)


    • Hi Layla! No second honeymoon for us (unfortunately) but we’re going to do an overnight tomorrow at an Inn in Luray, Virginia where the Luray Caverns are. We’ll see those too…..haven’t been there in about 30 years! Thank you for the good wishes though – I can’t believe it’s been 25 years. My first marriage was back in 1967 and lasted 17 years….so I definitely have broken my record! Thanks for taking a peek at the Teaser today – it’s NOT where we went for our honeymoon though!!!!

      Love, Pam


    • Oh I hope your Mom is alright…..hospital stays are never fun but I do hope everything will be alright for her AND you. We’re sending some prayers your way!!!! THanks for the anniversary wishes!

      Love, Sammy (and Pam)


  9. Bounjour Petite Sammy! You look like a little french kitty in your special fall Banner up there. Cute scarf and tam that mom found for you. She’s such a cutie!

    I’m going to guess that those photo’s were taken on Vancouver Island, Canada. Perhaps near Victoria at a place called Sooke, British Columbia. I went with a friend and her dad. Really pretty! Ta ta! xo b


  10. Not onlee did wee miss thee Teezer due to LadyMum getting all melty inn thee heet an uppyset with people now wee are here an shee says shee has NO idea where thee foto iss taken!!!
    ***sighsss*** sorry Unccle Sammy….
    ~~head rubsss~~ neffkitty Siddhartha Henry~~


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