Pre-Tease Labor Day Monday



WOW – that’s a mouthful!   Today is our Labor Day celebration day………..everybody is off work (although my Mom and Dad are off work every day since they’re retired!)……….and the only thing on THEIR calendar today is a birthday party next door.   One of our neighbors kids – that will be fun (and noisy?!).

I love parties!!!!!!!

I love parties!!!!!!!

Today is the day we begin ramping up our thinking about “where in the world will the Teaser photo be taken from on tomorrow’s Teaser blog?!”……………….well, it can never be as tough as last week’s was so that should be encouraging for you!    It’s not going to be a Guest Teaser either which ALSO might be encouraging…………….SO, just make sure you keep yourself alert for the Teaser post when it arrives – you already know it can be at ANY time…… will sneak up on you and say……..


Then the fun will begin as everyone guesses their best……………AND people clamor for the fabulous honor of being the FIRST COMMENTER!   We’ve had TIES lately so who knows what will happen tomorrow?   Can we beat a TRIPLE TIE?   Now that would be interesting!  A QUAD TIE???!!

Meanwhile, I hope those of you celebrating today in a Labor Day fashion have a wonderful time……………….Make sure you get to bed nice and early tonight though so you’ll be ALERT in the morning OK?  OK!

Teaser Sam

The Mystery Cat With the Briefcase!

I've got a good one in here for you for tomorrow!

I’ve got a good one in here for you for tomorrow!

SPECIAL REQUEST………….we just found out that our very good friend Flynn is poorly again. 

Please send lots of POTP his way – we are “ginger brothers” of the heart……..

Just click the badge to visit him..........

Just click the badge to visit him……….

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  1. a birthday pawty next door? that sounds great… and the balloons look promising :o) I’m ready for tomorrow, I will check my Sammy-Catalog, bet I will find the location :o) … and if not, well let’s say Maine Usa :o)


    • Maine USA is always a good guess since I’ve been known to have a FEW Teasers there!!!! Yes a pawty right next door with little kids running around – sounds like fun yes? It will be fun if Mom brings me a kitty bag home!

      Love, Sammy


  2. Happy Labor Day Sammy! I hope you get some nice napping in while your folks are partying. I am sure whatever teaser you have will stump me, even the ones in my own state do 🙂 XO


  3. Sammy Happy Labor Day…i hope the party is wonderful and make sure you eat heaps….for me..i want details!!! Lots…just not now…tomorrow when i can handle the truth…have a super day..i am off to bed and look forward to Tuesday teaser 😉 …loves Fozziemum xxx


  4. Happy Labor Day, Sammy and family! We will be ready for the Teaser tomorrow! It will be our first one in a while, since we’ve been on a hiatus. Maybe we will actually get it this time!!!


  5. Oh no’s not Flynn!!! Once mee commint here meerun rite over Unccle Sammy….
    Flynn not know thiss butt mee finkss of him as an Unccle also.
    LadyMum iss all teery eyed so mee has to type!
    Wee do POTP all nite fur him ok?
    As fur Labor Day it iss a wash here>>>so-o *HOT* mee could not breathe nor could LadyMum. With Hue-midex it iss 98.6 degreess an pawfull out there.
    Hope it cools off tonite an mee can go out inn Condo when it iss dark…
    ***paw patsss*** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxxxxx


    • Yes Siddhartha, our friend Flynn is sick again…..he’s been very brave though as you know so we’re really hoping that he will come back from this latest setback. He has a VERY good vet and his Mom and Dad love him to bits like we all do so keep your paws crossed for him………………

      Love and Hugs, Uncle Sammy

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  6. Hey Sammy! Glad yous not Laboring on Labor day! Can yous gives mes a hint about Tuesday Teaser? Mes can’t stop by until late as Mommy has a day of meetings!


    • Guess what Mom and Dad had next door at the birthday pawty……CHEESEBURGERS!!!!!! AND Mom remembered to being home a “sample” for me which I gobbled up like a starving cat! I also got a bit of birthday cake from the party. Mom and Dad aren’t having an anniversary cake at home but they will tomorrow night – they’re going to an Inn to celebrate their anniversary. Couldn’t get a reservation for tonight so going tomorrow!

      Glad you had FUN for your Labor Day too………………..any burgers involved???

      Love, Sammy

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