Pre-Tease Monday



Hoooo Haaa! 

Pre-Tease Monday is Here!

The question of the day is – “WILL YOU BE READY TOMORROW WHEN THE TEASER HITS YOUR INBOX” ?????    Well, let’s hope so!   This week we have a GUEST TEASER and I do think my friends that this is one of my toughest Teasers.   Now that I’ve said that, someone will guess it right out of the box probably but that’s fine too.   We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

So, you remember don’t you that if you should happen to be the first person to comment tomorrow on the blog you get something for your effort????


And if you happen to be the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER you also get something for that?


And even if you’re not FIRST but you’re RIGHT you get a little goodie as well?


And if you’re WAY WAY WAY WAY off base or haven’t got the slightest idea, you STILL get to “GO GREEN” with this:


What a deal………………where else can you simply NOT leave a blog without getting SOMETHING for your time?   This is the place ladies and gentlemen………..Sammy’s Tuesday Teaser!

See you tomorrow?   Right here?   At a RANDOM time?    HMMM????    Good!   It’s a date!

Hugs, Mr. Tease




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  1. Since I’m not as smart as Easy–I’m only 7 lbs so my brain is much smaller, I think I should get a little help–all you have to do to make it even is to tell me what time you will be posting it. That seems only fair for us who have the only thing going for us is cuteness!


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