Teaser Tell All And More!



Howdy!  Well that was a fun Teaser after all wasn’t it?    I thought so……………..hope you did too…………..I bet you’re just dying to know all the details right?   OK – let’s get on with it then!

**unlocking the silver briefcase now........**  CLICK!

**unlocking the silver briefcase now……..**

Here’s the three photos I used yesterday:


These are my Mom and Dad’s photos – NOT a Guest Teaser………….and they were taken back in the late 80s by them when they were visiting the beautiful island of Nantucket 30 miles South of Cape Cod in Massachusetts.   It is a DELIGHTFUL island with tons of beautiful shops, scenery, gorgeous cobbled and bricked streets, friendly people and some beautiful boats and waterside restaurants.   It’s a PEACH of a place to visit.

Now for the details you’ve been waiting for………………………..the winners…………………WELL, we had a THREE WAY TIE for “First Commenter”………..THREE people posted at precisely 9:17AM here on the blog on WordPress.   Amazing.   Who were these “fast on the trigger” winners??    Bacon, from Piglove, Kolytyi from Trifles, and Raz from FriendsFurever!    ALL of you get your own personal copy of this badge!!


Cogratulations to all three of you!!!!!!

Now for the rest of the story…………………

FIRST RIGHT GUESSER yesterday was my girlcatfriend Sundae’s Mom, Miss Dianna from her blog These Days of Mine!  This is for you Miss Dianna!!


I had OTHER friends who were also RIGHT GUESSERS though – and you will get the below for your efforts!


Were you one of the ones who had no clue?  Did you guess and were wrong?  I’m sorry but you STILL win this:


Not so bad if you like the color GREEN right????? RIGHT!!!!

YAY!   Congratulations to everyone – you’re ALL winners in my book!

Then there are a couple of other things I wanted to tell you about………………….one is that you may recall the effort throughout blogville to help little Bootsie the cat who was abandoned by her family when they decided to pack up and move and leave her behind?  Remember she’d never had decent vet care and was flea-ridden, very hungry, and had a very serious ear infection which meant hearing loss and required surgery?    Well, Bootsie is now in need of a FOREVER HOME!    That’s right – she’s in a foster situation now but can’t stay there forever and the fund to help her means she’s financially ready to continue her life in a REAL LIVE HAPPY HOME………………….if you know anyone who might be interested in helping Bootsie see that humans CAN be caring and loving, please visit Brian’s Home blog by clicking on the below badge for Bootsie for details – and if you can SHARE SHARE SHARE his post – it would make a very happy ending for dear Bootsie!!!


The last thing I want to tell you is that thank heavens Easy’s Dad is HOME from the hospital after his scary and dangerous fall.   Unbelievable but they just kept him one night – he’s all stapled and stitched up and now home.   THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS…………Easy is overwhelmed by your kindness.   We’re happy Mr. Mark is ALRIGHT.

See you Next Tuesday!

The Teaser Dude……………!


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  1. Congrats to all winners!!!!! that was a super teaser and it seems I was a green badge candidate anyway with Maine Usa huh? I cross my paws for Bootsie and I hope for a happy end after all that bad things what happened to her. She deserved awonderful home with a lot of love… and treats, of course :o)


    • You had BIGGER things on your mind than Teasing yesterday my friend……..but Dad’s home and doing well and I know you’re happier about that than you are about getting a GREENIE!!! Bootsie is we hope on the way to a FOREVER HOME – one where someone won’t pack up their belongings and leave her on the driveway wondering “WHAT ABOUT ME????”.

      Hugs, Sammy


  2. So glad that Easy’s dad is home and that little Bootsie is ready for her furever home. We hope that happens SOON!
    We’re so happy to win a Teaser; that doesn’t happen often!
    Love, Sundae


  3. Concats to the winners! I was on the wrong side of the country but should have guessed it wouldn’t be in the Vancouver area 2 weeks running.
    I am glad to hear that Easy’s dad is back home.


  4. We feel great about Easy’s Dad and we know he does as well, but we’ll continue to purr and pray for him. Hey, we guessed Cape Cod. We are excited to have gotten so close in the Teaser. We are sharing about Bootsie. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


    • Yes – Easy’s Dad was so lucky and now Nurse Easy is taking care of him………..YES you really came CLOSE on the Cape Cod guess yesterday – who knows what next week will bring!!

      Love, Sam


  5. I am so ashamed, I can’t even get them right when they are in my state. At least I knew it was my state, I just had the wrong Island 🙂


  6. happy dance – happy dance – happy dance. I may not know where I am most of the days in the world but I clicked in fast… did I tell you I was sitting by the computer waiting and tapping my hooves… snorts and oinks. XOXO – Bacon


  7. Congrats you lucky firsties and winner Miss Dianna 🙂 what a pretty place indeed Sammy and i must ask..is there Cod there..always curious about town names 🙂 We are also really hoping Bootsie is soon with a REAL family..and we are also super glad Easy’s Dad is home..wow what a week already in Blogville! loves Fozziemum xx


  8. Woo! Hoo! Mes did not know that Nantucket was so pretty! And Sammy wes is so happy that Easy’s Daddy is home. Mes is purring up a storm as Mommy tells me that Cat’s Purrs has healing and calming powers. If wes ALL purrs, purrhaps Easy’s Daddy will feel the vibrations and get better even sooner!


  9. LadyMum was sorta close Unccle…mew mew mew….another Greenie fur her 😉
    An wee conkatulate the winners of all thee badges!
    Easy’ss Pappaw iss berry lucky hee nlee inn Hosptial 1 nite>>Aunty Sheila’ss hubby fell on his head at the golf course an had 23 stapullss inn his head an Concussion an hee had to bee inn ICU fur 5 dayss an 2 dayss inn regular ward…
    Wee rote a reel card to Mistur Mark an thee furamillee…..wunder if it will take 87 dayss to arrive there???
    ***paw patsss*** nefflitty Siddhartha Henry an ((hugs)) LadyMum xxxxx


  10. Hooray for the smart ones Sammy. I usually never have a clue, but that helps keep me out of trouble here. Thanks for the Meow-out about dear Bootsie, we appreciate it and so does he!


  11. Hey, we’re excited that we were even close! Congrats to Miss Dianna and all of the first commenters.
    We’re so glad Easy’s Dad is back home, and we hope he recovers quickly.


  12. Holy Moley, so so close! I even checked Google Maps. Cabot Cove was filmed in Kennebunkport, Maine. That’s only 186 Miles from Nantucket, Mass……..what a cute area hey? I have to get to the east coast and stay a month 😀
    xo Boom-a-doodle-do


    • YES…….we wanted those people who didn’t know to see what was happening with Easy’s Dad since his fall. Next we’ll be sending prayers for his Mom as her hell-bow is finally mended with the removal of the metal brace that she’s got in there!

      Hugs, sammy


  13. ANOTHER place I want to visit. cape Cod near there is on my “to visit list”
    I loved reading Kurt Vonnegut when I was growing up and I believe he lived there.
    He is in heaven now. ❤


    • There are so many places on my Mom and Dad’s “visit” list……hopefully there’s enough time for them to visit those spots but the Cape and the shore of Maine are two of their ALL TIME FAVES. Of course cruising the rivers of Europe was pretty darn swell too!

      Love, Sam

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