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Pre-Tease Monday



Hoooo Haaa! 

Pre-Tease Monday is Here!

The question of the day is – “WILL YOU BE READY TOMORROW WHEN THE TEASER HITS YOUR INBOX” ?????    Well, let’s hope so!   This week we have a GUEST TEASER and I do think my friends that this is one of my toughest Teasers.   Now that I’ve said that, someone will guess it right out of the box probably but that’s fine too.   We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

So, you remember don’t you that if you should happen to be the first person to comment tomorrow on the blog you get something for your effort????


And if you happen to be the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER you also get something for that?


And even if you’re not FIRST but you’re RIGHT you get a little goodie as well?


And if you’re WAY WAY WAY WAY off base or haven’t got the slightest idea, you STILL get to “GO GREEN” with this:


What a deal………………where else can you simply NOT leave a blog without getting SOMETHING for your time?   This is the place ladies and gentlemen………..Sammy’s Tuesday Teaser!

See you tomorrow?   Right here?   At a RANDOM time?    HMMM????    Good!   It’s a date!

Hugs, Mr. Tease




Sunday Selfie


Another Sunday rolls around and another chance for me to do a Selfie to pawticipate in The Cat On My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop…………….here’s this week’s effort – one of my newest photographs with a little of this and that added for some PIZAAAZ!    Hope you will visit the link to see more of my friends showing off their FINE selves this Sunday morning…….



Sammy, the Copper Kitty


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Gimme Some “B” !


Just like cheerleaders……………… “GIMME A B”, “GIMME AN A”, “GIMME A C”, “GIMME AN O“, “GIMME AN N” ………..WHATZIT SPELL????    BACON!!!!!   (roar of crowd and tossing of pompoms).

Yep – today is “B” day in the Kimmell Household………Mom’s frying up that goodness right this minute and I’m READY………………..


Mom says she’s in the mood for bacon this morning too so that probably means she’s making LOTS!


MAMA MIA !!!!!!  Now you’re talking……..

But seriously, it would take us WEEKS to get through this (maybe)……… the meantime, wanna see some of your favorite posters???  Oh sure you do……….





ALRIGHT – enough of this silliness – let the FEASTING begin!

Happy Saturday – may the bacon fairy land in your kitchen today.


Did I hear you say "breakfast is ready" ???

Did I hear you say “breakfast is ready” ???




When we first heard about this new day of remembrance, we knew we’d have to be on board.   It was started by the blog of Deb Barnes called Zee and Zoey to honor her cats who had gone to the Bridge but also to allow ALL of us a special day to be set aside to honor those we’ve ALL had to say goodbye to as they left for the Rainbow Bridge.

In honor of the day, those of us in the Tabby Cat Club who are participating are relating stories of our friends and furramily who have gone before us…………you can read their contributions here but blogs all over the world will be participating in this event so don’t be surprised to see many remembrances shared today.

At the TCC my Mom and I talked about the cat before me, Eddy……Eddy was a gray tabby cat and he was a stray who worked his way into my parents’ hearts about the time my Mom’s Dad passed away in 1993.   Good timing – just when Mom needed a special kind of hug (she didn’t have a cat at the time although she’d ALWAYS had cats!) that only a kitty can give, there came Eddy.   He lived in the neighborhood but had been abandoned by his family when they moved and since everyone knew him (but nobody wanted to give him a home), he wandered begging and being “everybody’s friend” for several years apparently.   I think he knew my Mom was lonely – he gave her a big hug one day when she was sitting outside my Dad’s house – and that was that.   He moved in.   He moved out to the new house Mom and Dad built after they got married – and he was already a senior then.  He had three more really good years before he got extremely sick and went to the Bridge.    He was lucky enough to be one of the main characters in my Mom’s first mystery novel, “The Mystery of David’s Bridge”…………I wish I’d known him.  I really do.   I will meet him one day over the Bridge I’m SURE of it.

The "Eddy" who inspired my Mom!

The “Eddy” who inspired my Mom!

SO, a day of remembrances begins……………….not with a tear, but with a smile.   Those who are there are ALWAYS with us and we will ALWAYS feel their presence.

Hugs, Sammy


Thrilling Thursday


Well, it’s not THRILLING really – just BEAUTIFUL but “Beautiful Thursday” didn’t sound as cool as “Thrilling Thursday”……………SO, anyway, it’s another gorgeous day – that’s the point.  In fact we’ve had FOUR of them in a row – downright spectacular weather……..sunny, cooler than “normal” and hinting of the Fall that is to come.  Weather lady says “don’t count on it staying this way” – she says we’ll be HOT HOT next week……so I’m enjoying this while I can!

Sam enjoying the front porch on a pretty fall day

Ahhhhh……fresh air and sun!

LOVE that sunshine!

LOVE that sunshine!

Mom decided to take a few new photos of me yesterday morning while I was enjoying a sun puddle on our stairs………………she says she forgets to keep her camera handy so it’s been a while since we shared any NEW pix of me……….mostly we “recycle” my photos………but these are “HOT OFF THE PRESS” !

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So I guess now that my photoshoot is over with, I can get back to what I do best……….napping, going out on the porch for a bit of fresh air, and snoopervising by moldy oldie Mom and Dad who I love VERY much……Mom says the feeling is MUTUAL!


Hugs, Sammy the Camera Model