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WOO HOO!!!!!   Let’s TELL it like it is!!

Hello Teaser Fans!   I sure hope you had fun figuring out (or not) yesterday’s photo.   It was one of those photos that anyone who has traveled might say “I have seen streets like this before – but where is THIS one?”   – that’s because it really does look a lot like many charming and beautiful little streets throughout Europe in particular but other places as well………SO – here’s the photo then I’ll tell you what’s what!


First things first though – THANK YOU to my Guest Teaser, Miss Jackie from TWODEVONCATS ( Flynn and Eric’s Blog) !   As you know, Flynn’s parents do a whole lot of traveling and she was kind enough to send me this really super photograph to use for a Tuesday.   This is for you Miss Jackie and Flynn:

Thanks Flynn and Mom Jackie!

Thanks Flynn and Mom Jackie!

Where was the photo taken?   Why BRUGES, BELGIUM – that’s where!!!   And more than one of you knew that too!    However, let’s tell everyone who the FIRST COMMENTER was yesterday – my friends Oliver and Calvin who don’t have a blog but are definitely fans of the Teaser.  Guys, even though you don’t have a blog, this is still YOURS to show off!


My very FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was Mr. Bowie and his human, Herman from HANDS ON BOWIE blog!   This is for you!


I actually DID have a couple of other RIGHT GUESSERS too……..and you get this!


But if you were one of many who didn’t know where the photo was taken OR guessed but were wrong, this VERY popular award is yours!


YAY!   Concatulations to everyone who won and lost……….you’re all WINNERS in my book!


Hugs, Your Teaser Dude



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  1. Ha! We got a winner!! And I have beaten my dear friend Boomdee… I’m so sorry for you, Boomdee…
    Thank you for making my day, Pam and Sam. Mr. Bowie says “Meow!”

    PS: Belgium is NOT just a part of France… 😉

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  2. YAY!! I’m a winner, just not the first!! MOL Can I take the I guessed right badge, Sammy? Mum swears it was a proper guess, she didn’t cheat!!

    PeeEss She’s actually been to Bruges many years ago, so it must have stuck in her head!!

    PeePeeEss Belgium is NOT part of France. It’s just a pain in the patootie part of the EU! Old Hercule Poirot would turn in his grave if he was like a a real person and like dead!! 😀 😀

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  3. Was their something in this photo that tipped off those who guessed Bruges? We noticed that more than one person had that answer yesterday. One more greenie for us. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


    • The building style that you see in the photograph is so typical for Belgium. You can see and find it in almost every city in Belgium. Bruges, Antwerp and Brussels are very popular in the tourism sector. So that’s why I picked Bruges.


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