Tuesday Teaser



Welcome to TEASERLAND!   Are you ready to look at today’s photo and tell me where it was taken by my Guest Teaser?   Well, good……………….because I’m ready to show it to you…..and let me just say I think this is a TRUE TOUGHIE!

SO here we go……………….take a peek at this and tell me where you think my Guest(s) were??   Not a lot to go by right????  Tee Hee


YES, we know it’s a PUB but where is it located????   No more hints either – it’s up to you to figure it out if you can…………………

Now, get going everyone.  If you are the first to comment on this blog post today you get this:


If you are the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER of today’s Teaser you will get this:


If you guess RIGHT but aren’t first, you get this:


AND – if you don’t know or guess and are WRONG, you still manage to come home with an award and that’s not bad – right????   Let’s hear it for GREEN!


Tomorrow I’ll tell you who my Guest Teaser was AND where they took the photo of the little girl statue…………………now – GET GUESSING EVERYBODY!

Hugs and Good Luck,

Sammy the Teaser

The answer is in my briefcase and it's staying LOCKED until tomorrow!

The answer is in my briefcase and it’s staying LOCKED until tomorrow!

P.S.  A BIG THANK YOU to Miss Laura and Da Tabbies of Trout Towne for letting me know yesterday that the Teaser had been ACCIDENTALLY sent out a day early!!!   This is for you gang…………and have a Happy Tuna-filled day!


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  1. WPUB? WPUB? WPUB-FM (102.7 FM) is a radio station broadcasting an oldies format. Licensed to Camden, South Carolina, USA! I think I’m just brilliant (after having waken up from my daydreaming).


  2. Actually the sign says “SHREW PUB”.The shrew is a dancing instructor and a little girl made a move off the wrong foot and the instructor turned her into bronze.


  3. So Unccle Sammy wee DID get thee Teezer earlee an LadyMum did snoop online! Shee knows Brew Pubss are inn thee Statess but shee could not match thee fotoss…
    Mee told her ‘cheetah’s nevurr prospurr!” an shee laffed at that because of her Sunday joke!
    LadyMum says Midwest State because no water or mountains.
    Oh an thee workmen are AWOL so wee did not have to leeve apartment yet!
    **nose bumpsss** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xXx


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  5. I never got an email notification! Your post just came in on Feedly… and we know where it is, I think. Mum is 100% sure they had lunch there but she can’t remember where it is. We have an inkling which cruise it was, or rather the place they stayed for a week before the cruise. She’s off to check her Hawaii cruise photos. No we know it’s not Hawaii but…


      • Well, they took a tour to Zion National Park but had a picnic lunch there so it can’t be that one. Another day they visited the Hoover Dam so it had to be that tour. Mum remembers that statue. She thinks they stopped for lunch in Boulder City but didn’t take any photos there to check it. Probably too busy eating and drinking beer! That will have to be our best guess.


    • No email notice???? BOOOOOOOOOO! Glad you got here anyway…………… so let me know if your Mum figures this one out Flynn – since your parents have been EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD they might know!

      Love, Sam


  6. dood…manee thanx for R rockin awesum badge !!! WE LOVES IT !!!! troo lee and we saved it & we iz gonna put it on R side bar……and ya noe what else…two day we did knot even GET a noe tizz…we came over frum de moggies site……….as two wear thiz Brew Pub iz we iz guessin: The Sea Dog Brew Pub in Massachusetts !!! ♥♥♥


  7. Is dat Heidi? MOL As always Sammy weez got not idea. Altho’ da Europeans awe weally da only ones who call bars a pub so it must not be in da U.S, MOL Have a gweat day.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi


  8. We know that little girl is not Mum because she doesn’t know how to dance. So it’s not in Switzerland. It’s elsewhere. Are we close ? Purrs


    • HA! “Elsewhere” is RIGHT! YAY! Besides, if the photo was taken in Switzerland it would have been much prettier (!!!!). Did I ever tell you my Mom and Dad were in Lucerne for two days on their honeymoon back in 1990? BEAUTIFUL!

      Love, Sammy


  9. We left early this morning for St. Louis and I thought we were suppose to ignore the Teaser. I am confused, Sammy. We are home now and I have no idea but that little girl is too young to go to a pub. I wonder if the Budweiser Clydesdales are there? Have a great rest of the evening!


    • Hi Miss Pix! Sorry for the confusion – the Teaser post appeared on the WRONG DAY thanks to WordPress so I sent out a note to NOT respond to the early post that it would only count on the REAL day (yesterday). BUTTTTTTT, I also had it scheduled for a way later than usual time too (tee hee). I agree that the little girl should not be at a pub but she was not IN the pub thank heavens and Miss Michelle and Mr. Craig were just admiring her OUTSIDE the pub when they were in Boulder City! Hope you and CH had a fabulous time in St. Louis!

      Love and Hugs, Sammy


      • Okay, I understand the IN and OUTSIDE status of the little girl.. 🙂 It does look though that the little girl might have been at the pub… 😀 I am always confused you know.. 🙄
        We had a most wonderful time in St. Lou!
        Good Morning!


        • Say – you’re right about the little girl – maybe she’s dancing around because she tried one of those house-brewed brews???? I guess Michelle might know but will she tell????? Glad you had fun in St. Lou! Were burgers involved there at all?

          Love, Sam

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          • No burgers… but chicken fajitas and CH had a BIG meatball served with ciabatta bread slices for dunking in the sauce. And it was all served al fresco! And it was beautiful there yesterday. Yeah, I think she is DUI… dancing under the influence. I crack myself up… 😀


          • HAR HAR HAR……gosh but your meal sounds lovely and almost as good as a cheeseburger….no – make that “AS GOOD” as a cheeseburger! I have to admit Mom and I both had a giggle over your DUI….well, not “YOUR” DUI but you know what I mean……right?

            Hugs, Sam


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