Tuesday Teaser


OH BOY!  IT’s that time again!  


Hello Teaser Fans…………….today’s Teaser is one photo only and your job is to tell me where it was taken.   Easy Peasy?   Maybe….we’ll see about that when your guesses start rolling in!   It’s a GUEST TEASER too – the person on the edge of disaster is my Mom’s Niece Barbara!   Where is Barbara?????   That’s YOUR job!


If you are the FIRST person to comment on today’s Tuesday Teaser (even if you don’t guess) you get the newly designed FIRST COMMENTER BADGE!


If you’re the first to guess right – you’ll get the NEW, improved FIRST RIGHT GUESSER BADGE!


If you guess RIGHT but aren’t first, you still get a RIGHT GUESSER BADGE!


And those of you who don’t guess correctly or don’t have a clue, get the POWER OF THE GREEN with my new GREENIE!


Ready?  GO FOR IT GANG………hurry up –  time’s a wastin’ !!

Hugs, Sammy the Teaser


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    • OLIVER AND CALVIN! Your comment didn’t show up until AFTER I gave FIRST COMMENTER to Miss Pix and Flynn – what’s with that? WordPress messed things up!!! OK – how about a THREE WAY TIE for first? Will you accept that? You ALSO get a FIRST COMMENTER badge………HAHAHAHAHA

      Hugs, sammy


      • Oh sure, that would be awesome 🙂 I guess we can untie mom from her chair now, except I tied the knots pretty tight, anyone know how to untie a double knot? Anyone, a cat scout, a fireman, anyone?? ~Calvin~


  1. Looks like the Grand Canyon but that would be too obvious. Mum says it could be the painted desert in Arizona or Zion National Park in Utah. She has been to both but remembers Zion as looking upwards rather than down, so we will go for the Painted Desert.


    • Hi Miss D !!! Thanks for taking a peekie at today’s Teaser…..you know a whole lot of territory in the world but let’s see how well you did when we get tomorrow’s TEASER TELL ALL!!!!

      Happy Tuesday
      Love, Sammy


    • WOW……that’s quite a photo and MAYBE if there’s a black panther involved in this photo of my niece, it’s got the parts of her that you can’t see in the photo????????????????????? EEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!

      Hugs, Sam


  2. Hahaha!! What a GREAT picture, Sammy! I hope this is a trick photo… otherwise I shouldn’t be laughing!! I’m going to guess she’s in your backyard because I really want the badge that says “Epic Fail”!! 😉


  3. Of course my first guess was Grand Canyon but like others said that could be too obvious. So then the background looks ‘fake’ for the picture? Ripley’s – don’t they do things like that in those places? It seems that I remember mom/dad going to one once that had backgrounds like that. But who am I? Just a wee oinker my cousin – snorts. XOXO – Bacon


  4. We’re going to guess that your niece was reading a choose your own adventure book, took a wrong turn and ended up on the edge of that cliff, Someplace, USA 🙂


  5. That picture is too funny! We wondered if they had that set up in the National Geographic Visitors Center at the Grand Canyon. We’ve never been there so no idea, but it seems like something people would enjoy to do for fun!


  6. Good morning, Sammy,
    How’s it going this fine morning? I hope everything’s well for you and your family.
    As to the picture: my guess would be Horseshoe Bend of the Colorado River in Arizona. I’ll be excited to know the solution. Can’t wait till tomorrow.
    Have a great day,


    • Hi Mr. Pit!! THanks for taking a guess today! I’ll let you know how you did tomorrow……meanwhile, things are grand in my house. I had my 4 months checkup today and they stole some blood from me (!!) to see how my thyroid is. I’ve lost a little more weight but not a lot……..so all in all it’s a FINE day! Hope you’re having one too!

      Love, Sammy

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      • I’m glad everything seems to be going well with you, Sammy. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that your bloodworks come back positive. Here, our little Chiquita needs some attention. She’s not eating well and also having some poo-poo problems [loose bowels]. She cot some medication from the vet yesterday and we’ll have to wait and see. If it doesn’t help within two days, she needs to go back to the vet for her bloodworks. So, please keep your paws crossed for her.
        Take care,


        • Thanks Mr. Pit……..I will send some prayers and POTP for your Chiquita that she’s OK…..did you change her food lately? I hope that maybe it’s just a little tummy bug and she’ll be fine before you know it!



  7. Mes knows it was NOT where mes was last week and that’s the bestest mes can do.
    Purrhaps mes should send yous some pics–mes can guarantee that Easy won’t find them until mes puts them on Google Earth!
    Yep! Wes did a 88km/55 mile 4×4 drive, took us 3 hours after wes rided the ferry. Surprisingly, it actually took 3 hours off of our trip!
    But boy it was bumpy!


  8. LadyMum says it iss a mesa sumwhere inn Arizona or New Mexico…..
    Well THAT narrows fingss down, mew mew mew…..
    At leest shee guessed an on thee rite day Unccle Sammy! Woo Hoo!
    ***nose bumpss*** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=


  9. Wow, Sammy, our comment will probably get lost with all these others you’ve already accumulated! We don’t know where the picture was taken, but it sure looks scary!
    Love, Sundae


  10. Sammy I showed the picture to my hubby and he thinks it the Paint Desert in Arizona. I don’t have a clue but he has traveled more than I.


  11. Hey Sammy!! We aren’t really doing blogging at the moment but I made Mum come and look and read the comments!! Hilarious! No one bothers with the guessing for AGES!!! MOL

    We are pretty sure that is the pothole in the middle of the Northbound carriageway of the M6 at Junction 10 near Walsall, Birmingham, England! The reason we know this is because Mum blew a tyre going through it 😉 Have a great week and I shall try and make her come back next time! xoxoxoxox


    • HAHAHAHAHAHA……Austin there are some mighty BIG potholes out on the roads and if that one in Birmingham is this big, no WONDER your Mom’s tire went KAFLOOOOOIE! Thank you for visiting me during your blog hiatus – we hope you and your Mum are enjoying it!!!!

      Love and Hugs, Sammy and Mom Pam


  12. We are ridiculously late today. Mom was too busy working on Banzai’s Birthday Party to get us here. Mom thinks that it looks like someplace near Moab, Utah, but she knows that’s not specific enough. Absolutely love the new badges, Sammy. We know we’ll be getting a big greenie. Ugh! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


    • You’re right – it’s Moab so you still get a newly designed RIGHT GUESSER badge if you want it!!!!!! Banzai’s party was pawsome – Mauricio you are the BESTEST Partymaster at Scouts EVER!

      Love, Sammy


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