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Holy Guacamole’ !   Yesterday’s Teaser sure did complicate my life I can tell ya…………………..I forgot to tell you also that it was a Guest Teaser but I think my “Guest” will forgive me for not saying that because it was my Auntie Carol’s photo!   Aunts forgive lotsa stuff yes?

OK – onward………….first of all here’s the photo again!


Now – you know my Auntie Carol was the Guest……….. and I thank her a bunch for the photo as I’ve had it a while and kinda forgot I had it until push came to shove for the Teaser yesterday when BINGO I remembered!    She told me that the photo was taken in “the General Grant Grove, in Kings Canyon National Park, Fresno, CA”………………..in doing some research though with photos online I determined that the big old sequoia in the photo is NOT t he “General Grant Tree” and it’s not the “General Sherman Tree”………….which are two of the biggest sequoias on the planet.   But it appears to be a “double tree” if you look at the bottom of it – before the split in it – looks like  maybe two trees that grew closely together OR it may be one big tree that split.  Well neither the Sherman or Grant trees split…..they have cracks but they aren’t split to this extent anyway.  SO , it’s obviously a HUGE sequoia and there are a LOT of them in the General Grant Grove.   SO there……………

Next – winners!    My FIRST COMMENTER were my friends Oliver and Calvin who do not have a blog but who are almost always there on Tuesdays for the Teaser!  YAY FOR YOU GUYS!  WOO HOOOOOOO!  You get this (even though you don’t have a blog to post it on!):


Easy (aka Sherlock Weim!)

Easy (aka Sherlock Weim!)

Then came the REAL doozy – figuring out WHO the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was…………………I had so many good guesses – and guesses that had PART of the right answer or but weren’t  QUITE right in one way or another but the CLOSEST was my friend (and Teaser expert extraordinaire’) Easy!    His guess was  “Kings Canyon National Park, Sierra Nevada”  – well the exact Park is correct (there are a lot of parks there) and Kings Canyon National Park IS  in the Sierra Nevada Mountains………….so I think that’s pretty danged close don’t you????????   Easy this is for you!


But everyone who got part of the answer, or almost the answer, or sort of the answer, or a tiny, eensy weensy bit of the answer, you are invited to take a RIGHT GUESSER award because this was REALLY tough…….quite a challenge – even for me!


Now, if you guessed Outer Mongolia, or Planet Pluto, or something WAY WAY WAY off or not even in California (!), then you get (drum roll please) THE BIG GREENIE which isn’t such a bad thing to get right?


Whew……………….that was a doozie…………………hope nobody is upset about how I figured out winners on this one…………..if so – be here next Tuesday to take your revenge!!!!


Love and Hugs to All my Teaser Buddies

Sammy the Tease

This week's Teaser was exhausting.......I need a NAP!

This week’s Teaser was exhausting…….I need a NAP!


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  1. Concats Oliver&Calvin, bet you drive a superfast Furarri :o)
    and congrats to a silvermistygrey Weisenheimer aka moi :o)… I wish that huge trees could talk… bet they saw a lot of things :o)


  2. Thanks for the congratulations and Sammy thanks for the badge, we should start a blog just so we can share the first right guesser badge AND the big greenie which we seem to win every single week, is there a badge for most big greenies in a year, MOL!! By the way, we will be getting tuna as our consolation for being wrong 🙂


  3. Shoot, we had a choice of Sequoia National Park or King’s Canyon and picked the wrong one. At least we were in the right state. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo
    p.s. We see that Caren said the same thing. Too funny!


  4. We were right! It was in California! But we weren’t specific enough… Oh well. We are happy to have guessed the state!


  5. Hi Sammy! We have been away for some time so it was lovely to catch up on your blogs this morning! We actually think we have seen a similar tree here in The Hague. The world seems very big! x


    • Well my little friends, right now the world truly IS very big for you – even in your apartment it seems big but out in the world it’s HUGE!!!! Those trees from the Teaser are in California in the Sequoia forests – amazingly big trees to be sure!

      Love, Sammy

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