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Hello Teaser Fans!    Here we are – together again on a Tuesday morning.   I’m here, waiting to get your comments/guesses and you’re THERE, agonizing over the photo of the week.   Well, you MIGHT think this is an easy one……………..but the thing is, you will not be RIGHT GUESSER unless you tell me EXACTLY where this picture was taken – got it?   Ready?


I’m saying “EXACTLY” because I happen to know there are a lot of places where this photo COULD be taken but I want you to tell me EXACTLY where it was taken!   If your answer is too general in nature, you won’t win!!!

As usual, if you are the very first person to comment on the Tuesday Teaser blog this morning – you will get the “still not redesigned” FIRST COMMENTER BADGE (I was too busy this week to do new badges!):

Easy (aka Sherlock Weim!)

If you’re the first one to guess PRECISELY where this picture was taken, you will get the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER award!


If you guess right but aren’t first you get this:


Those of you who are madly in love with the BIG GREENIE or just plain don’t know where the photo was taken or guess and are WRONG WRONG WRONG, you get the BIG GREENIE (again):


What a deal huh?   Remember – you can’t say “it was taken in front of a big tree”………..nope – that doesn’t hack it – I wanna know WHERE that big tree is EXACTLY.

Good luck peeps and peepers!!!!!

Your Pal, Mr. Teaser Extraordinaire



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  1. We’re going to guess Cathedral Grove on Vancouver Island in British Columbia 🙂 We sure do love Teaser Tuesday, especially because if we’re not right, we get tuna!!!


  2. Wow, we can’t believe we are one of the first few visitors here! That’s a first. And we might actually have an idea of where this photo was taken too! We don’t know exactly, but that looks like one of those big giant trees over in California. So that’s our guess… a state park in California.


    • Well my good buds, thanks for taking a WHACK at the Teaser today! Tomorrow my Tell All will tell the universe where this photo was taken – in the meantime, glad you made it EARLY today!

      Love, Sam


  3. Well, we WERE going to guess in your own back yard, Sammy, but I don’t suppose you grow ’em that big in Warrenton, do you??
    So — we aren’t first and we don’t know where it is, but we love ya anyway!
    Love, Sundae

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  4. WooHoo Sammy how did you get a picture of the giant trees in my back yard w/o me seeing you? MOL MOL. Those are some honking big trees
    Hugs madi your bfff


  5. I know it is a Redwood, but not a clue as to where it was taken. I knew they were big, but WOW! Someone near the tree really gives us a clue as to the size.


  6. Hello Pam and Sammykins, I’d hug you like that if I could.

    I was sad to miss last weeks teaser, the week just slipped away. Get this!! Yesterday I went to work, at 6:30 Mr B called my cell. “Where are you?” he asked. “At work” I replied. Mr B, “your schedule says you work tomorrow” ……yep, Boomdee worked a wrong day, so off I go again this morning, LOL So you can see what I’m up against, I can’t keep my days straight at all !

    ANywho, I’m guessing this is near San Francisco. A Park called Muir Woods. Very pretty there!

    Ta ta for now, hope you have a puuuuurrrrfectly wonderful day xoxox


    • UHOH…..a day early and a dollar short…..or is it a day late and a dollar short….well, there’s some kinda saying that does or doesn’t apply here !!!! Sorry you went to work on the wrong day but I just bet they were happy to see you anyway!!!!! Thanks for guessing on my Teaser Miss Boomdee…..let’s see if you’re right tomorrow!

      Love, Sammy

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  7. Late to the party 🙂 Yawns. Still sleepy this morning. I’m guessing in California where the big trees are… beyond that I’m clueless and sticking to my original answer – E.A.R.T.H. Snorts and oinks. XOXO – Bacon


  8. Sequoia National Park, East Tulare County, CA. We totally forgot this was Tuesday, or we could have been an early comment again. We have now looked at other answers, and Flynn’s guess could be right on target! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


  9. I think that’s a giant redwood, so it’s probably in Northern California but I don’t know any more detail than that.

    P.S. Is there a badge for the 58th person, or dog, to comment?


  10. It’s probably a tree in Redwood National Park, but my human has never been there – even though she is a California native! She needs to get out more. Preferably with me tagging along.


  11. That looks like every hiking trail I’ve ever been on. Except Mom would never hug a giant tree. It’s because of bugs. And spiders. And ants. And dirt. Weird. Good luck everybody!

    Love and licks,


  12. We know we’re incredibly late but we are guessing Sequoia National Park in California. At least if it’s right we don’t just get the big greenie, which is our usual, even if we aren’t first! 🙂


  13. That is a huge tree….definitely one I will refuse to climb. I have my contract right here and the clause on, “No climbing” leaps out. I’d say this is in California. Sequoia tree in, as Easy and many others say In King’s Canyon National Park. Third sequoia on the left as you enter the Park. Specific enough Sammy? haha


  14. Wow! That tree is bigger than the ones in the Carmanah (mes seen those, up close and purrsonal). Mommy says it is a giant Sequoia from Sequoia and Kings National Park, but Daddy thinks it is Redwood from Redwood Park in California. Where ever, or which ever, wes LOVES those big trees! (PS wes has some huge pines around here, but they are nowhere near that size)


  15. Mee-you Unccle Sammy wee furgot to visit. Me efeelss pawfull 😦 Pleeze furgive us. Wee been werkin on mee Birthday bloggie an LadyMum is all frazzled, mew mew mew…
    Shee says thiss foto iss of thee gye-ant Redwoodss inn Suthern California inn a State Park butt shee cannot reememburr thee ackshual name…
    That’ss mee LadyMum 😉
    ***nose bumpss*** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxx


      • I have been reading about the biggest trees of the world but I recently read a novel which also looked at mosses which quite fascinated me. I recommend the book to your Mom.
        “The signature of all things by Elizabeth Gilbert.”


        • Funny you should mention moss – my Mom loves moss…..lots of people try to get RID of moss in their yards and my Mom tries to encourage it! HAHAHA Thanks for the book referral – Mom has added it to her WISH LIST! Moss is fascinating……..even I enjoy it!

          Hugs, Sammy

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