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Monsta Attack!



Yep it SURE is…………….

Time to find a quiet spot and wait for an hour or two for things to calm down………

Or maybe go visit my psychiatrist and let him comfort me about my “monsta angst” ?


Guess what – I have two NEW posters for you that I found to tickle your funny bone about cleaning…..ready?



And this little winner which I think might look familiar to ALL of us…….


Yeah – well – it is one of our FAVORITE hiding spots right kitties?  Actually it may just be where things wind up when we’re batting stuff around the living room and it accidentally goes under the couch or a chair or a dresser or a table or something!

I figure I can get through anything noisy today because tomorrow morning will be bacon and I can put up with this disruption to my napping schedule TODAY in order to eat bacon TOMORROW!



Alright Mom...let's get it over with.....

Alright Mom…let’s get it over with…..

And now, for the piece de resistance (which means of course WAIT TIL YA SEE THIS!)……… at the Tabby Cat Club it’s “post an embarrassing picture of your human” day – wanna see the photo I stole borrowed from Mom’s dresser drawer????????    It’s HER in 1968.     Make sure and visit the TCC for more pix to give you a giggle.

Mom - is that REALLY you????

Mom – is that REALLY you????

Scouts Stuff


Well, there’s ALWAYS something going on at Cat Scouts.   ALWAYS……….recently we started a “FLAT CATS” travel group – we all had pictures of ourselves enlarged and mounted on cardboard or poster board and we’re currently mailing ourselves all over the place to visit each other!   I know FLAT CATS have been around a while at a lot of the conferences but we thought we’d give it a whirl and it’s turning into a real TRAVEL FRENZY!

So far I’ve visited Spencerville and Indianapolis, Indiana, and I’m about to fly down to Florida then back up to North Carolina.  WOW.  Who knew a FLAT CAT could have so much fun???    Yesterday Mr. Mailman delivered TWO big envelopes here – one had my buddy from Scouts Sammy Pilch in it (or “SammyP” as he’s known at Scouts) and the other had my besties Raz, Allie, Anya and Gracie in it.  Today I showed them my red wagon and took them for a ride around my yard in it!    My other Scout buddy, Raz’s girlfriend Madi, is still here but she’d been outside before with me here and decided to stay inside and have a snack instead of another yard tour!


Here are some photos from my trip to Indiana!


And here’s Madi when she arrived – having a snooze her first night here in the guest room AND the next day when we had a picnic on my front porch!


If you’re a cat and want to have a TON of fun – consider Cat Scouts!!   If you join up, you might like to join MY Troop, the Worldwide Wildcats.  That’s right – I’m the TROOP LEADER!!!!

Know what tomorrow is?  HMMMMM???

That’s right – it’s MONSTER DAY!


Hugs, Sammy


Shopping Around The World




WHAT?  A second post on the same day?  Yeah, I know……but once in a while we HAVE to do that right?   This time it’s because it’s Bacon and Fozziemum’s SHOP UNTIL YOU DROP day and we’re supposed to talk about and show a photo of another one of our “go to” meals with prices for at least FIVE of the ingredients to share!!

Mom is rather famous for whipping up a FAST dinner when she needs to.  Something that may even sound a bit weird/strange but which (according to her and Dad anyway) tastes yummy and fills the tummy.

Today’s contribution is something Mom calls “Hamburger Hashbrowns”……………….what the heck is that?  Well I’ll tell you!

First of all here’s the ingredients:

1.  Hamburger

SHOPPING180% lean ground beef $3.99 per pound

2.  Hash Brown Potatoes

SHOPAROUNDTHEWORLD1Simply Potatoes Shredded Hash Browns $3.15

3.  Vidalia Onions (or ANY onion but we love vidalias!)

SHOPPING3Half cup chopped onion (or more if you love onions!)  a 5-lb. bag costs us $4.99

4.  Cheddar Cheese

SHOPAROUNDTHEWORLD2This is an optional item but my parents are cheese freaks so it’s ALWAYS in our food!

They like SHARP cheddar – they bought an 8 oz. block of CABOT Sharp Cheddar for $1.67

5.  Salt and pepper to taste


Brown burger in skillet – add onions to soften them………….remove from skillet and set aside while you prepare the bag of hash browns according to package directions (easy!)………..when hash browns are brown (haha), add the burger and onions back into the skillet and mix well………….then if you like cheese, you can mix some shredded cheese of your choice in until it’s all melty and gooey and yummy.

My Mom and Dad have this when Mom doesn’t feel like making a great bit meal………………….ALSO, this is extremely yummy if you have it for breakfast and you dump some beaten eggs into the whole mess while it’s cooking and let the egg cook in with the burger, etc…………then it’s what Mom and Dad call “Breakfast Hash” !!!!!


Hugs, Sammy the Shopper




Teaser Tell All



WOO HOO!!!!!   Let’s TELL it like it is!!

Hello Teaser Fans!   I sure hope you had fun figuring out (or not) yesterday’s photo.   It was one of those photos that anyone who has traveled might say “I have seen streets like this before – but where is THIS one?”   – that’s because it really does look a lot like many charming and beautiful little streets throughout Europe in particular but other places as well………SO – here’s the photo then I’ll tell you what’s what!


First things first though – THANK YOU to my Guest Teaser, Miss Jackie from TWODEVONCATS ( Flynn and Eric’s Blog) !   As you know, Flynn’s parents do a whole lot of traveling and she was kind enough to send me this really super photograph to use for a Tuesday.   This is for you Miss Jackie and Flynn:

Thanks Flynn and Mom Jackie!

Thanks Flynn and Mom Jackie!

Where was the photo taken?   Why BRUGES, BELGIUM – that’s where!!!   And more than one of you knew that too!    However, let’s tell everyone who the FIRST COMMENTER was yesterday – my friends Oliver and Calvin who don’t have a blog but are definitely fans of the Teaser.  Guys, even though you don’t have a blog, this is still YOURS to show off!


My very FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was Mr. Bowie and his human, Herman from HANDS ON BOWIE blog!   This is for you!


I actually DID have a couple of other RIGHT GUESSERS too……..and you get this!


But if you were one of many who didn’t know where the photo was taken OR guessed but were wrong, this VERY popular award is yours!


YAY!   Concatulations to everyone who won and lost……….you’re all WINNERS in my book!


Hugs, Your Teaser Dude



Tuesday Teaser



Woo Hoo!    Here we are gang – time for YOU KNOW WHAT……………………. Yes folks, your Master of Ceremonies appreciates your warm welcome every Tuesday morning!!


Today’s photo is from a Guest Teaser…’ll find out WHO tomorrow, but for now, take a gander at this little beauty!


My Mom jut LOVES LOVES LOVES this photo……….I hope you love it too but most of all I hope you can tell me WHERE WAS IT TAKEN??????

Tell me what country/state and what town and you might win!   Just saying the country, like “Japan”, isn’t enough – WHERE in Japan????     OK?

In the meantime, if you are the first to comment on this blog today you’ll get THIS:


If you are the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER you get the below:


If you guess RIGHT but aren’t first, this will be yours:


And all of you who say “I never win” or “I never get a badge” will be WRONG because even if you don’t know or can’t guess the Teaser photo you get this!


SO – dig into your geography books and your atlases and let me know where this photo was taken!


Hugs, Sammy

Pre-Teaser Monday



It’s Coming…!!!!

That’s right – tomorrow is Teaser Tuesday and I do hope you will be ready for it when it pops into your mailbox tomorrow  at a mystery time known only to ME and Mom.   It’s another Guest Teaser although NOT the same “Guest” as last week.   So  do you feel ready for the challenge?  Are you all caught up on your geography and worldwide travel?    HMM?????   Guess we’ll find out tomorrow!


You can post this little badge on your blog if you wanna…..just to let the world know that you love agonizing once a week over a photograph!

Or maybe you want to keep it a secret….the fewer people who know about my Teasers, the more chance YOU have to win right?


Seriously though, my new award badges are pretty darn popular and you know you want one of these so BE PURRPARED for Tuesday!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have the winning answer to the Teaser here in my TOP SECRET BRIEFCASE……………it’s lead-lined so even if you have super powers like x-ray vision you won’t know what it is.  Sorry about that but I can’t take any chances.  When it comes to Tuesday Teaser we are SERIOUS around here!   See you tomorrow!

The Teaser is safe from prying eyeballs!

The Teaser is safe from prying eyeballs!

Hugs, Sammy the Tease

Sunday Selfie TV !


We’re pawticipating as usual in The Cat On My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop!  

Only THIS Sunday, I’m the STAR of my own TV show!!!!  



I’m forgiving Mom for capturing my little bowed-legs in this photo…!

Wanna see more Sunday Selfies?  Click on the Badge below……






Today is MY day…….it sure is – and Mom won’t let me down because already I can smell that DELISH smell wafting up from the kitchen.  I’m not down there snoopervising her because she does not need any snoopervising – Mom is the Queen of Bacon!

I'd beg like this but my arthritic knees couldn't take it!  HAHA

I’d beg like this but my arthritic knees couldn’t take it! HAHA

This is definitely MY kind of recipe!

This is definitely MY kind of recipe!

You know I love to find new ways to make you smile on my BACON day?  Ready?


And then there’s this one…………….


SO – are you gonna join my Bacon Club (no pun intended) or are you still “on the fence” about loving bacon like I do????


Happy Caturday (or Bacon Day – whichever you prefurrrrr!)

Love, Sammy the Baconator (BaconEATER)

Watch Out!



Is it Friday already???   YIKES!   Where did the week go?


Alright gang – let’s get this place organized – then I can slip you some money for doing it before Mom and Dad get home – they’ll think I did it ALL by myself!


Hey – thanks for doing the dishes but that’s MY job!


Oh yeah – get those windows sparkly!  There’s some bird poop on that one over there!


Laundry looking good!!  Mom will like that!

As you can see, we had some help today doing the weekly housecleaning……the CAT CREW came by and helped out.  Which is WAY better than having that maid who looks like she’d EAT me if given half a chance don’t you think???


Just a LITTLE bit too scary for me……….


Hugs, Sam

Cleaning Crew Snoopervisor

Alright Mom...let's get it over with.....

Oh What A Day!


Actually “oh what TWO days” (so far)……….because today is a carbon copy of yesterday and yesterday was PURRRFECT.   No complaints from me.   Not too hot or humid – it was downright fabulous.   I celebrated by spending most of the day asking Mom about every ten minutes to take me out on the front porch.   Yes I did………I loved stretching in the sun…….sitting in the sun……cruising the lawn…..peeing in the bushes (oops – too much info??), and just enjoying the fresh air.   Mom did all of that (except for the peeing part of course)  with me and then we further celebrated by watching Dad use the string trimmer all over the yard neatening things up.

LOVE that sunshine!

LOVE that sunshine!

See me under the fern plant????

See me under the fern plant????

Sam grazing on the grass

Maybe just a little nibble of grass……

The newly discovered (after 11 years!) deck on the house

Under the table on the back deck……

I am sure I’ll be doing a “repeat performance” today………………and I can hardly wait……………in fact, maybe I’d better go wake Mom and Dad up – the sooner we start enjoying another PURRRFECT day together the better!!!

I'll just stay inside and play all day......


Hope you have a beautiful Thursday too…………………………oh – before I go – here’s a “thought of the day” about aging (which of course I am doing as gracefully as possible!):

“It’s sad to grow old, but nice to ripen.”~Brigitte Bardot 

  Hugs, Sammy the Ripe

P.S.  I know a lot of you are getting a bunch of fun out of Bacon’s Shopping Around the World blog hops every month – well here’s your reminder – July 29th is the next one and here’s all the scoop about this month’s SHOPPING ADVENTURE!!!!  Just click below to go to Bacon’s Blog Post about it!


 P.S. (again)  Attention fans…… Mom’s mystery on Kindle will be on sale for $.99 starting July 24th for FIVE DAYS.  What a deal.  Mark your calendars with this  fabulously important date!  Here’s the link!

Click on the book cover to go to the Amazon Kindle Page for the book!

Click on the book cover to go to the Amazon Kindle Page for the book!