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Nope – nor “Birthday” – it’s BACON Day!    Woo Hoo!    Actually I’ve been a lucky boy this week…..Mom and Dad had breakfast with bacon on the menu TWICE this week and then an added bonus when Mom fixed BLTs for dinner one night too.   I was in BACON-HEAVEN!

BACONburger baconpancakes Oh boy!  Breakfast AND dinner!

I know I didn’t discuss Monster Day yesterday because it was of course International Box Day (what fun that was!) but we did in fact have some monsterizing going on around here.  Bunnies were running for their lives but soon things settled down.  Whew!

The house is alive with cleaning!

The house is alive with cleaning!

Tomorrow is Father’s Day as you all know……………I’m not sure WHAT to give my Dad but I’m thinking I may just try to spend lots of guy time with him.  He would like that….normally I’m with Mom 99% of the time even though I do love my Dad.  Mom’s lap is just more comfortable (haha), and she’s the one who listens to me whine and ask for things – she’s my “GO TO” human when I need or want something.   If I HAVE to get Dad  to do something he always does but Mom understands my “Sammy-lingo” better than Dad does.

Sam Saying HI To The Camera

Yes Mom, I’m talking to you….who else can I whine to about stuff??????

Next Wednesday is Bacon’s Shopping Around the World blog hop so don’t forget!   That’s a lot of fun……..always is.    It’s also Summer’s Cat World Domination Day – a day to celebrate WHO runs the house (we know it’s not the humans in it that’s for sure – right????!!!!!).   That’s the same day as Bacon’s Shopping blog hop.   BUSY DAY ON WEDNESDAY but that will be tons of fun.

We have  rain, rain and more rain, so that always gives me an excuse to post this silly photo…………….


Have a happy and hopefully RAIN FREE bacon day!

Hugs, Sammy the Damp Kitty

International Box Day!



Oh yeah!  Boxes!   Not very many animals don’t enjoy a good box…………….guinea pigs, dogs, cats, birds, mice, and on and on and on.   So today is all about the joy of boxes and animals all over the blogosphere are celebrating.   Kitties Peaches and Paprika, and woofie Luke are sponsoring the celebration!

As for me, I have to admit that while I used to be MAJORLY big on boxes, a few years ago I changed from spending a lot of time in them to just saving them for special occasions – like Christmas for instance!   I’m in and out of every box in sight on Christmas morning!

Hey! Get these presents out of the box so I can have it for a racecar!

Boxes with toys are even better!

Another boxtop in Sam's collection of boxes

Love those boxes!

Bring on the boxes!

Bring on the boxes!

I also have been known to get in a “modified box” – which is what my Derby Car was made of when we had a race at Cat Scouts last year……yep – my Dad made me a car out of a box – it was grand – although I  was a little afraid to get in it – Mom had to PUT me in it so I could have my photo taken and get credit at Scouts for being IN my racecar entry!   That was about the time Mom and Dad realized I was not QUITE as interested in boxes as I used to be.

One sweet ride yes?  My Dad made it for me for Cat Scouts!!

One sweet ride yes? My Dad made it for me for Cat Scouts!!

(yes those are miniature “dice” hanging from rear view mirror!)

Mom had to HOLD me in my car to qualify  me in the race - how embarrassing!

Mom had to HOLD me in my car to qualify me in the race – how embarrassing!

In addition to celebrating it HERE, I’m also celebrating it at the Tabby Cat Club………..that’s right – we tabbies love our boxes too!    In fact,  at the Club’s page today, all the members of the Club are going to be following a link to my blog where they will pick up this FABULOUS Participation Badge that I made for the TCC – so, if you’re here, and you’re a TCC member – grab your badge!!!!!



I hope everyone has a lot of fun today  with their chosen boxes……………….just think how many animals around the world are celebrating ONE DAY to enjoy the coziness of a box!


Sammy the Box Boy!

Box Day Is Coming!


Curious cat peeking out of box

Tomorrow is a big day in blogville…………..!   That’s right – it’s International Box Day!   Celebrating boxes – most of us can do that no problem right?   Who doesn’t really like a GOOD box to lounge in, keep our toys in, EAT (hahahaha) – indeed the box has so many uses.


I’m a BIG fan of boxes – not as much now that I’m older as years ago with ONE exception.  At Christmas you can’t keep me out of boxes – I wait for Mom and Dad to open their stuff up and the minute the box becomes available I’m ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL over it (or in it).   I’ll drag a toy or two into it or maybe a ribbon…..and if I’m lucky there’s tissue inside which makes it a DOUBLE win.

Boxes are great so I hope you’ll consider posting a photo of you enjoying your “box of choice” tomorrow…………….I will be!   Also the Tabby Cat Club will be celebrating  the day too so if you are  interested in reading  the posts there, please feel free to drop by – I’ll have the link on my blog tomorrow……….

Meanwhile, keep cool………….and enjoy a box if you have one – never too early to celebrate you know!


Sammy the Box Fan


Teaser Tell All



Hello!  Good Morning World!   I’m here to tell you all about yesterday’s Teaser and who’s a winner and who is the proud owner of another BIG GREENIE!

First of all here are yesterday’s photos…..taken by my Mom and Dad when they were on a Rhine River Cruise a few years ago………..they were on a day trip in fact during the cruise:


Where is this beautiful city?   Nurnberg, Germany!   That amazing structure is actually a fountain – the Schoner Brunnen (Beautiful Fountain) and HERE IS some interesting info about the fountain which was constructed in 1587.   This was one of my parents all time favorite trips………….

So, let’s get down to business……………..WHO was the FIRST COMMENTER yesterday?   It was my Mom’s good friend and my girlcatfriend Sundae’s Mom, Miss Dianna of the blog These Days of Mine.    You get this little goodie!


Who was my FIRST RIGHT GUESSER?   Even though he “slept in” a bit and didn’t get there FIRST, my pal Easy the extremely well-traveled and very smart Weimaraner guessed it first!   Easy, you get this:


Several others got it right including my friend Mr. Pit in Texas who is FROM Germany and all of you who DID guess it right get this:


Were you left in the dust?  Did you have no idea or did you guess and were way off base?  Well, don’t feel bad, you’re in good company – more people get the BIG GREENIE every week so you’re not alone – AND you get this!


So that concludes another exciting episode of TUESDAY TEASER for this week…………who knows where we’ll be visiting NEXT week??   Nobody knows including me and my Mom because we usually take a whole week to find just the RIGHT Teaser photo for you!

Until then…………..Happy Wednesday!





Tuesday Teaser





Alright!   It’s here – the day you LOVE to HATE!  (just kidding)    It’s time to put on your thinking caps and your glasses and take a look at TWO photos today and tell me where you think the photos were taken?   They were taken in the same place……….but WHERE is that place?   What town and what country or state????   Ready?


Now,  the first badge up for grabs today goes to whoever is the FIRST person to comment on this blog – you don’t even have to guess – all you have to do is comment – what a deal right?


Then, the first person to guess CORRECTLY where the photos were taken (town/village and country or state)   gets the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER badge!


Everyone else who guesses correctly gets this little gem:


And everyone who either doesn’t know or guesses incorrectly – you folks aren’t left out – you get the BIG GREENIE (which probably is officially a collectible on eBay by now!!!!):


So, without further fanfare, LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

Hugs, Your Teaser Extraordinaire!



Pre-Tease Day



Yowza!  It’s Monday already which means…………….(drum roll)…………tomorrow is Tuesday Teaser!   AND it’s not a GUEST TEASER – it’s one of my Mom’s or Dad’s photos this time around.

You know the drill by now though – the Teaser is posted at a DIFFERENT time from my usual daily blog – it’s a SURPRISE time –  nobody knows what it is except my Mom (and me if I peek when she’s doing the scheduling).   So you just don’t know – we do it like that so anyone might be the First Right Guesser or the First Commenter, etc………………..HOWEVER, for those of you Teaser Fans (yes Easy this means you) who sleep with their ear on the computer and hear some kind of BEEP or BELL or HORN or SCREAM or DING DONG when  new posts come in, you might has a tough time being FIRST.   That’s all part of the game!


SO, you have to look at the photo and guess where the photo was taken……….with details……….nothing is easy about  Teaser Day!    The first person to leave a comment on the Tuesday Teaser blog (no matter what you say) gets an award.   Then the person who guesses FIRST where the Teaser photo was taken ALSO gets an award.   Everyone ELSE who guesses the right place (even those who are copying someone else…hahaha) gets an award and finally – last but by no means least –  whoever has NO IDEA where the Teaser photo was taken OR guesses and is WRONG, gets an award too…………… cool is that?  Everybody wins on Tuesday Teaser day!

Even I can win – because if I happen to fool EVERYONE and nobody guesses the Teaser correctly – I win this ( which I’ve only won a couple of times so far!!!):


 So –  I’ll see you tomorrow?   Random time?   Definitely will be in the morning though ( at least HERE it will be….HAHAHA – we’re on Eastern Standard Time ).    Start studying everyone!

Hugs, Sammy the Teaser


Sunday Selfie


We’re pawticipating in The Cat On My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop!   Are you?   What?  You aren’t?   Why not????!!!    Well you can still visit all the others if you click their badge below my Professorial Selfie (tee hee)………………


Professor Samuel Kimmell, Esq.  (teaches “How To Life A Long and Happy Life” at Cat College, USA)





9/11 - We'll Never Forget

Calling the MEATing to Order!



MEATing?  Yeah…….it’s BACON DAY you know and as the President of the Bacon Appreciators Club I call this meeting to order – WHERE’S BREAKFAST?????   Waiter?   Waitress?  ANYBODY?   Aaaaahhhhhh….here it is everybody enjoy!SammyBirthdayBaconCake

What would Saturday be without it…………and the cool thing is that all it really takes to satisfy our bacon-craving is just a little bit.  It’s not like we eat SLABS of it (I don’t EAT slabs of it but I sure dream about slabs of it….haha).   Just a taste – enough to say “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” after we get it  in our mouth, have a chew, and then allow it to go into our happy tummies!

If you appreciate bacon like I do……….feel free to take my “Appreciation Badge” – it’s our way of declaring that we are lovers of the brown and crispy delight that is bacon………..!


Any old business?

Any new business?

Meeting adjourned?

Ready to eat (again)?



Happy Saturday!

Sam the Baconator


P.S.   Impawtant Events Coming Your Way Soon!

Friday, June 19th – International Box Day


Wednesday, June 24th – Bacon’s Shopping Around the World Blog Hop and


Cat World Domination Day!


Watch Out Bunnies!





I bet you thought I meant “bunnies” as in EASTER or BUGS right?   But if you know me, you know I mean bunnies of the DUST type.   They collect in gangs and wait for Fridays (at my house anyway)  to hide in places Mom NEVER visits with the Monster Machine…..or the dustmop…….or ANYTHING.   We think it’s the same place where the missing socks from the washing machine or dryer go……and the twist ties from the bread and rolls…..and all sort of thing that just DISAPPEAR!

We’ll do our part to hunt them out and remove them from our premises today.  Honest we will.  then Mom will be having THIS:


I’ll be back in the coolest and quietest place in the house – which could be just about anywhere.  One place you will NEVER find me though is where the Monster lives during the week…..nosireeeeeeeee………….no way!


Maybe it’s time for another visit with my doctor???????????


Happy Friday!

Crazy Sam the Monster Man!

Countdown to Dad


Howdy!   Are you aware that TEN days from today, is Father’s Day?   Yep – Sunday, June 21st is not only the very first official day of Summer, but it’s also Father’s Day………….so you’d better start thinking about what to get for your Dad – it’s tough to shop when you’re an animal.   We’re usually too short to reach the countertops and people trip over us as we walk down the aisle….nobody EVER looks down while they’re shopping – they’re looking at price tags UP THERE!

Recognizing this is a problem – AND recognizing that I’m also not as agile or mobile as I was in my youth (ah yes…..sweet youth), I have enlisted the help of my Mom in the shopping end of things.  Now I just have to come up with some ideas!    What do you get the guy who has it all?  He’s got ME and he’s got MOM so what more does he need??????    I did a bit of searching online for ideas…………it’s amazing what we can find out there……….

Emergency Underpants Supply   (I somehow think my Dad wouldn’t appreciate this one but maybe yours would???)

Potty Golfing

Potty Golfing   (Gosh I really wish my Dad played golf – as much time as he spends in the bathroom I think this would be perfect for him!)

Road Rage Megaphone

Road Rage Megaphone   (THANKFULLY my Dad’s not into roadrage…..but this should be in his glove compartment anyway……just in case he finds himself behind my Mom out on the road one

Lazy Housekeeper Mop Slippers   (I may get a pair of these for Mom too……this could be the answer to making cleaning the floors a whole lot more fun!

Just a few ideas……………………………I got them from HERE in case you’re interested……………… I said – there’s a lotta weird stuff available online (wink wink) but don’t wait until the last minute……….this stuff is so good (tee hee) they’re liable to be in short supply – better order while you can!

Happy Shopping!

Hugs, Sammy