Telling All, Shopping and Dominating



HA!   That’s some title for my blog today isn’t it?   Wanna know why?   Well, it’s because today is a TRIPLE FUN day.   First, it’s Bacon and Fozziemum’s monthly Shopping Around the World blog hop day, and secondly, Summer is celebrating World Cat Domination Day and of course what would Wednesday be without my Teaser Tell All!   Triple fun today like I said yes?

Let’s start off with shopping shall we?


Our assignment this month was to price FIVE items from two different stores  to do a price comparison – and using those five items (at least  that many items but could be more) make a meal.   Recipe optional!    Mom decided to go to  two of the four grocery stores in our town – Harris Teeter and Giant to price her items.   What do these items make in the way of a recipe?   One of my Dad’s FAVES – hamburger stroganoff!   Ready?

Harris Teeter (HT)  Giant (G)

1 lb. hamburger


HT = $4.99 (80% Angus Lean Ground Chuck)

G= $5.99 (90% Lean Ground Chuck)

Sour Cream


HT = 8 0z. $1.79

G = 8 oz. $1.69

Can of Cream of Mushroom Soup


HT= 10.5 oz. $.97

G = 10.5 oz. $.97

Flat Noodles


HT = Muellers Hearty Extra Wide 8 0z.  $1.79

G = Muellers Hearty Extra Wide 8 oz. $1.79



HT = One Vidalia onion $.37

G = One Vidalia onion $.37

SO – the prices were very comparable………they would need to be – these stores are a block away from each other and competition is fierce.   Anyway, these ingredients plus a few other “accompaniments” make excellent (and easy peasy) HAMBURGER STROGANOFF!

Brown the burger with some chopped onions (as much as you like) and if you want to add a clove of crushed garlic that makes it even better (optional!).   Meanwhile, boil the noodles and drain.   Add one can of Cream of Mushroom Soup to the cooked hamburger…….then as much sour cream as you want to add (Mom adds about half a container) – mix well and add a tiny bit of milk to make it the consistency you like.  We like ours kind of “thick” (sticks to the noodles better!!).    Serve the “stroganoff” over the noodles and VOILA – excellent dinner.   Add salt and pepper to taste!

That was fun this month – well, it’s ALWAYS fun now isn’t it?  You should pawticipate if you don’t already…………you can see the other posts by visiting BACON HERE !!


Yesterday’s photo was a Guest Teaser…………..and I honestly thought there was a good chance that NOBODY would guess it but I was OH SO WRONG!    First things first – here’s the photo:


Who was my Guest Teaser?  Why it was my buddy Flynn’s Mom Miss Jackie!   She sent me this photo which had NOT been published on her blog and which she’d looked at closely for “hints” so we thought it was going to fool everyone – especially with a Burger King right there!   Thank you Miss Jackie and Flynn………..this is for you!

Thanks Jackie and Flynn!

Thanks Jackie and Flynn!

The photo was taken on the street in STAVENGER, NORWAY………………Burger Kings are everywhere apparently!

Who was my FIRST COMMENTER?  Well, it just happened to be the same friend who was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER……………..I absolutely cannot believe that this blogger has such an uncanny  ability to know where photos were taken – ones that aren’t on the internet to google and find – just knowing some landmarks or having traveled (or read up ahead of Teaser Tuesday) and he is the AMAZING EASY!   These awards are BOTH for you my geography whiz kid buddy!



Others who guessed it right?  Yes there were some………and you all get this:


Then of course we have the friends who absolutely are GREEEN with envy………..or are using these to paper the walls of their homes from top to bottom  as GREEEEEN wallpaper!   This is for all of you!


WOW……………. amazing huh?   Keep on trying everyone – one of these days Easy will be out on a walk when the Teaser goes live and won’t be first.   HAHAHAHAHA


This day was started by Angel Sparkle – Summer’s sister, at Sparkle Cat.   We’re celebrating the fact that we rule our homes – something those of us who have been around a while know to be TOTALLY true!    Summer is having a special celebration of the day on HER blog so be sure to visit.   It began on Sparkle’s birthday so that makes it SUPER special for Summer to be hosting the event!   If you click the badge below, you’ll visit Sparkle’s special blog for today…………..


CATS RULE………we know this!   All I have to do to remind Mom of that is hop up on her lap and keep her occupied while I snore and snooze away and keep her TRAPPED there even though the phone may ring, or someone may knock on the front door, or heaven forbid, she has to visit the bathroom (tee hee) – because she will NOT disturb me.   She will sit there until she explodes before she’ll push me off her lap………now if that isn’t domination I don’t know what is!    HAHAHAHA


So – enjoy  today – it’s a BUSY one isn’t it?



A little P.S.   I’m following a new blog with two ADORABLE little girl kitties – you might enjoy visiting them too??!  Their blog yesterday  had a link to that video that’s been “seen around the world” with the kitty who ACCIDENTALLY had a ride in an ultralite airplane in France!!!!



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  1. Those teasers are tight. We can never get them…can’t even get the country right. He he, we cats do dominate don’t we? No one disturbs me either if I am sacked out on a lap..

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Hi Sammy, another excellent blog and thank you so much for mentioning our blog also! ❤ We are not very good at your teasers as we've only seen places in Holland but we shall try and have a guess next week! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for saying you’ll try guessing on one of my future Tuesday Teasers! We have tons of fun……you never know – one day there may be a picture from Holland!!! Hope mentioning your blog will get you some more FRIENDS – can’t have too many friends – right???!!!

      Love, Sammy

      Liked by 1 person

    • The recipe is delish AND almost TOO easy! HAHAHA Speaking of Easy – he’s a force to be reckoned with on Tuesdays isn’t he???????

      Happy WCD day to you too my friend……….and thanks again for the help at Scouts last night!
      Love, Sam


  3. Congrats to Easy! He is a smart Dog and we love him… 🙂
    I am of course, going to make your Mom’s recipe for ChuckBurger Stroganoff because what could be better than a recipe with HAMBURGER and noodles!


  4. Congrats to easy AGAIN!!! He is so good at your teasers. That stroganoff sounds delish – we might even get to have a lick or two added to our kibble:)

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning


  5. that’s a super recipe, what a brilliant idea to dress up a burger that way… fabulous!
    can you imagine that we live in a land WITHOUT sour cream? unbelievable … it’s a challenge to make baked potatoes without sour cream :o)
    Happy Cats Rule Day!… and if ou have a minute please make a law that humans have to share their ice cream with dogs in summer :O)
    oh and last… congrats to Easy for getting two badges… woohooo… oh btw: Easy… thats me :o)


    • EASY YOU WERE DOUBLE DOG THIS TUESDAY MY FRIEND! Yep – TWO badges for the price of one! That recipe of Mom’s is wonderful BUTTTTT it’s just about as good without the sour cream (almost) – just add extra milk instead. Such an easy meal but so yummy and I bet your stomachs (all of them) would love it!!

      Hugs, Sammy


      • I came to the conclusion that Easy simply sniffes out the solution of the teasers through his secret tunnel he dug in his backyard. In this case, the smell of the HAMBURGER made this task even EASIER for him – see the BURGER King hint!!!!


  6. ssshh – setting mom’s clock next Monday night again for Tuesday. Don’t tell her okay cousin. And WOW! I love your meal. I’m writing this down for me.. I mean my humans to try later. Awesome and sounds terrific. XOXO – Bacon


    • Hi Bacon! Loved ALL the recipes I’ve read today on the Shopping blogs……that salad of yours was delish sounding and I’m a cat who never eats any of that stuff normally!!!!!! Good luck with the “YOU KNOW WHAT” – hope your Mom doesn’t oversleep NEXT Tuesday morning!

      Hugs, Sammy

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  7. That looks like a good recipe. I was going to do it this month until I saw I had to compare 2 stores, I was too lazy. I am glad your Mom lets you have lots of lap time 🙂


    • Hi Madi! Isn’t that a crazy video? Imagine waking up from a nap (because it’s incredibly NOISY all of a sudden) only to find you’re up in the air and the wind is blowing you like 100mph…….SCARY STUFF. Yes that photo from Flynn and Miss Jackie was truy tough wasn’t it??? Yet Easy STRUCK AGAIN!

      love, Sammy


  8. Now I’m hungry, Sammy! You would think on World Cat Domination Day I could get my moms to give me treats – but you would think wrong. We still have a long way to go!


    • Uhoh….well, you’ll have to do your best to be ADORABLE – that works pretty well – include the famous “show you my fluffy tummy” maneuver because that just adds fuel to the fire……….I wish you luck…….you may need it!

      Hugs, Sammy

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Well Sammy those look like sum gweat purrices. You must live in a nice size town to have 4 stowres. We only have da one. MOL Fanks fur an explanation of da domination day, weez never twuly unnewstand it. And ConCats to Easy. We fink he secwetly knows where everyfin’ is in da world. MOL have a gweat day.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi


  10. Wes has Beef Stroganoff last week! It would has been cool to compare the Canadian vs US price, but alas, Mommy did not write down how much everything costed.
    Easy winned again! It has to bes the giraffe brains…
    And mes not dominating this year, mes using minions, mes losted some…if they ends up at your house can yous send them back?


  11. I think Easy should get a special badge for winning as often as he does and then kicked out of playing. MOL Just kidding. What a fantastic post. Love the recipe. Would you believe that mom has never mad stroganoff in her life. Now, she’s thinking of making it. It looks easy that’s what made her want to make it. hehe Cat Domination Day…I like this idea.



    • That’s an easy kind of stroganoff – the real thing is with steak but hamburger works GREAT!!!! Easy is amazing – I’ve made him a KING OF THE TEASER badge before – I may have to give it to him again!

      Hugs, Sammy


  12. Well LadyMum was in the rite side of thee werld Unccle Sammy 😉 That iss smfing!!!!
    An thee stroganoff sounds quite tastie!
    Mew mew mew Kat dominashun>>> Mee iss thee PURRINCE here an LadyMum knows it an shee pampurrss mee dailee….
    **nose bumpss** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxx


  13. Happy World Domination Day! We kitties rule our home for sure, and it won’t be long before we rule the WORLD!!!


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