Nope – nor “Birthday” – it’s BACON Day!    Woo Hoo!    Actually I’ve been a lucky boy this week…..Mom and Dad had breakfast with bacon on the menu TWICE this week and then an added bonus when Mom fixed BLTs for dinner one night too.   I was in BACON-HEAVEN!

BACONburger baconpancakes Oh boy!  Breakfast AND dinner!

I know I didn’t discuss Monster Day yesterday because it was of course International Box Day (what fun that was!) but we did in fact have some monsterizing going on around here.  Bunnies were running for their lives but soon things settled down.  Whew!

The house is alive with cleaning!

The house is alive with cleaning!

Tomorrow is Father’s Day as you all know……………I’m not sure WHAT to give my Dad but I’m thinking I may just try to spend lots of guy time with him.  He would like that….normally I’m with Mom 99% of the time even though I do love my Dad.  Mom’s lap is just more comfortable (haha), and she’s the one who listens to me whine and ask for things – she’s my “GO TO” human when I need or want something.   If I HAVE to get Dad  to do something he always does but Mom understands my “Sammy-lingo” better than Dad does.

Sam Saying HI To The Camera

Yes Mom, I’m talking to you….who else can I whine to about stuff??????

Next Wednesday is Bacon’s Shopping Around the World blog hop so don’t forget!   That’s a lot of fun……..always is.    It’s also Summer’s Cat World Domination Day – a day to celebrate WHO runs the house (we know it’s not the humans in it that’s for sure – right????!!!!!).   That’s the same day as Bacon’s Shopping blog hop.   BUSY DAY ON WEDNESDAY but that will be tons of fun.

We have  rain, rain and more rain, so that always gives me an excuse to post this silly photo…………….


Have a happy and hopefully RAIN FREE bacon day!

Hugs, Sammy the Damp Kitty

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  1. Happy b day. He he it took us a couple of minutes to understand what that meant. But now that we do, our mouth is watering for the taste of bacon.


  2. Some guy time will be very good for Dad’s Day! Lucky you with all that bacon… I bet your Mom puts together a mean BLT! We had CHEESEBURGERS on The Porch last night… woo-eeeeee! Enjoy your Saturday! We have sun today now that the FOG has burned off. We are done with Bill’s buckets of rain and I bet you will be done soon too. Now the 90 degree temps are on! Is it Fall yet?


    • We’re kinda hoping for an early Fall here too – like maybe tomorrow??? HAHAHAHA Mom and Dad are having cheeseburgers next door for Dad’s Day…………sounds like you and us are BURGER BUDDIES this weekend!

      Love, Sam


  3. You make an adorable cat fish. I am glad you had such a bacon filled week 🙂 Maybe your Mom will make Dad some for Father’s Day too.


  4. We knew exactly what your B-day title meant:) We didn’t get any bacon today, apparently Dad didn’t learn the art of cooking it:( We are finding out these last few days that Dad isn’t quite as good at understanding Siberianese as Mom is:)

    Happy Bacon Day!

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning


  5. Oh Sammy weez shulda borrowed yous catfish foto fur us. Weez so flooded down here it’s cwazy. Glad yous got so much bacon this week. Have a gweat weekend.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi


  6. Bacon!! Whenever I see bacon I think of you right away. MOL
    I too am looking forward to Father’s Day and to spend time with dad. I hope it quits raining or we’ll be forced to sit and stare at each other. I want dad in the garden. I need his expertise.



    • I hope you got a break on your weather in time for today’s Father’s Day! We did – the sun’s out now and it’s GREAT – nice enough for a cookout! Maybe I can flip burgers like I did at your pawty??!!

      Hugs, Sammy


  7. Oh! Yes! Bacon and Dads! Wes having BACON tomorrow morning(its Daddy;s favorite) and wes gotted him a gift!


  8. No rain: Check!!
    Sunny skies: check!
    Bacon on thee menu: Check!
    It has been thee PURR-FECT katurday here Unccle Sammy…
    Sorry you has had so much rain. It seems sum places are too dry an sum are too wet an wee iss just rite 😉
    **nose bumpss** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxx


    • One thing is for sure – ALL of us can complain about the weather this year – it’s weird everywhere……..but another thing we can all LOVE is that we have nice cozy homes to live in so LET IT RAIN!

      Love, Uncle Sammy

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      • So rite Unccle Sammy! Even tho thee weather iss weerd wee have nice places to live an good eatss (bacon) an thee sweetest Pawentss 😉
        What more could wee kitty boyss ask fur?
        **nose bumpss** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxx


  9. Well it wasn’t rain-free but a nice day all the same. It always rain in June here but it’s good because July and August gets less rain. I laughed at your event, ‘Summers Cat, World Domination Day’. You’re a riot and mom is too. Blossum asks for things with a quiet meow but is very persistent when she sets her mind on her dish. Petals, on the other paw, is a ruthless bully. She’s like a mini ganster and has a bossy meow. “I want some treats see” “I know youz got em see”…..imagine James Cagney with whiskers, LOL. Happy Bacon day my friend xo B


    • HAHAHAHAHA……I can just see Petals now – in her “Gangsta Moll” outfit holding a mini-machine gun! HAHAHA Anyway, I suppose all the rain we’re getting here – like yours there – will serve us well during the hot summer months so we’d better just enjoy it! The bacon was delish yesterday and there’s a chance of more coming my way today – bacon cheeseburgers next door for a cookout with the neighbors! WOO HOO!

      Love, Sammy

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