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Oh me oh my what a day we had yesterday huh?   We had a pile of comments coming in within five minutes of each other but only one FIRST COMMENTER…………..and then the guesses on the photo started popping up one after another but there was only one FIRST RIGHT GUESSER………..I’ll give you the “low down” in a minute but first:


Yep – that was the photo we had yesterday and it was a photo my Mom took from high atop Blarney Castle, in Blarney – near Cork and the River Martin, in Ireland.   She snapped it  just a few minutes after my Dad had joined all the many people with flu, colds, diseases, and who knows what else who lay on their backs with a guy holding on to his belt as he stuck his head down through a hole in the “floor” and kissed the BLARNEY Stone!    That’s right – Dad was the brave one while Mom preferred to snap photos.    Dad had prepared ahead of time to put his lips on that stone after a quadrillion other people had done the same thing – how?  Well he had a “wee dram” in his pocket which he promptly swished around in his mouth and OUTSIDE his mouth (courtesy of his hankie!) after indulging in the KISS.    HAHAHAHA    Leave it to my Dad to be prepared.    I actually used this photo on a very old post back in 2012………….here’s my Dad!


Now for the business end of things…………….WHO was my FIRST COMMENTER??    Well it was our buddy Easy Weimaraner, that’s who…….Easy this is for you buddy:


Who was the one who guessed correctly FIRST this week?    She’s won it before – my friend Kolytyi !!    You get this glorious award miss Csilla!


BUT, there were quite a few of you who also recognized the view from atop Blarney Castle which means we have several of these to give out today – if you were one who got it right, this is yours!


Then we have those of you who usually arrive and say “go ahead and give me a GREENIE because I never know”…………hahaha……well, if you guessed and weren’t right or didn’t know, you DO in fact get the BIG GREENIE which just happens to be the most popular award that I give out every week – so there!


Congratulations to everyone…………..that was a goodie…………..now I’ll start looking for a suitably FUN photo for NEXT Tuesday…………I’m always hoping I can fool everyone – although I have to admit, I do get excited when someone guesses too……………Thanks for playing along with me on Tuesdays!

Hugs, Sam the Teaser Guy


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  1. OMD your dad did it!!! I bet he is super eloquent now :o) I like the legends behind the stone that’s a little like Harry Potter for real :o)
    Congrats Kolytyi, that was pawsome! and yay for the silvermistygrey pup aka. moi!

    Liked by 1 person

    • YAY FOR BOTH YOU AND KOLYTYI!!!!! It was not an easy Teaser after all……….but I just had to share that photo of my Dad doing the KISSSSSS – Mom wasn’t “up” for that part of the adventure but did enjoy snapping photos of the whole thing! Ireland is so beautiful……….

      Love, Sammy


  2. Congratulations to Kolytyi!
    I’m quite pleased with myself – I did narrow it down to this side of the Atlantic this week! I think I’m improving!

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    • HAHA….well, kissing a sweet and furry kitty is NOTHING compared to the germs that have accumulated on that stone over the ages! Dad was brave….Mom was happy to take photos of him being brave……but kissing that thing is definitely “bucket-list-worthy” !!

      Hugs, Sammy


  3. I can’t believe your dad actually did it!!?? It’s not something The Staff would even consider, even if she could get down to that angle MOL

    ConCats to Easy and to Kolytyi!. Next time we’ll be ready for ya, Sammy … or not! 😉 Have a great day xx


    • HAHAHA….and my Dad has a bad back too – he just said “I may never get another chance to kiss the Blarney Stone so I’m going for it!!” and he did by golly!!!

      Love, Sammy


  4. Wow – Sammy, if we’d seen that pic of your dad before, we’d forgotten it. That’s amazing! Motor Mommy would love to go to Ireland one day, but I don’t think she’d be kissing the Blarney Stone if she went!


    • Yeah that was pretty funny…Mom didn’t know that he had a tiny little bottle of whiskey to take up to the top of the Castle JUST for the “after the kiss” thing…….they sold them in the gift shop on site in fact JUST for that purpose. Enough for a “swish” in the mouth….which was probably a good idea considering all the lips that had brushed that stone up there!!!!!

      Love, Sammy


  5. Thanks, thanks, thanks! I think it is a really great success for a geographically seriously hmmmm challenged person like me! My first geography teacher used to be a good teacher till her husband died – we knew her as a rather silly and confused, ridiculous old woman. In our last year at primary school, her nervous system broke down to the extent that she disappeared for some months and when she came back she was not allowed to teach but she had to supervise the 7-8 years old children. In this last year, the schoolmaster became our geography teacher. She was stupid, rigid and boring. At secondary school, the daughter of a former schoolmaster was our GT. She practically read out the course book for us. Thus, I’m geographically traumatized.


    • Gosh you certainly were geographically traumatized so it’s AMAZING really that you do as well as you do!!!!! Google helps a lot (hahaha) but it’s also knowing how to “research” which you of course are EXCELLENT at…..My Mom was raised with moving every two years since her Dad was in the military so she had a LOT of geography teachers – some of whom loved their job and others who just told all the students to read their book PERIOD. SO, Mom is trying to become more geographically “oriented” by traveling as much as she and my Dad can! They’ve done a lot but they want to do more……..thanks for being a loyal Teaser Fan!

      Love, Sammy


  6. conga ratz two easy & kolytyi !!! N sammy …way awesum oh yur dad ta kiss de stone; now him shuld haz de gift oh gab….

    leest we wuz in de rite countree thiz week with R guess huh !!! ♥♥♥

    { heerz ta 20 yeerz oh bacon }

    😉 😉 😉 ~~~


    • Mom couldn’t believe this old guy with the bad back did that backwards dip trick to kiss the stone……….oh well………he’s always been full of BLARNEY anyway!

      Happy Halibut!
      Love, Sammy


  7. Another greenie. We’ll soon be able to paper an entire room. Bet you didn’t know that was our goal from the very beginning. MOL! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


  8. My Cod! Mes can’t believes mes actually winned a pinky this week!!! Wowzers!!! And my Mommy’s sister has kissed the stone! Mommy says she really did not need too, she has “the gift of the gab” and a “silver tongue” since she was little.


    • Hi Nellie! CONCATS on your pinky win! YAY! So your Mommy’s sister kissed that dirty old rock too huh? Did she get any mouth/lip diseases? My Dad didn’t take a chance!!!!!!

      Love and HUGS on Hug Your Cat Day!
      Your Sammy


    • Sometimes I think one person gets it right FIRST, and everyone pops on the bandwagon but however it happened, there were several peeps who knew it was Blarney Castle!

      Hugs, Sammy


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