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Tuesday Teaser



WOO HOO!!!   Sound the alarm, blow the whistle and wave the flags – it’s time for the Teaser!   Where are we going this week???????????


This week’s Teaser is not a Guest Teaser either……………….I’m hoping you will find – like me – that it has few if any clues.   Give it your best shot…………!   Here it is:


Now, what you must do is tell me what city we’re seeing here – what is it and WHERE is it?   OK?   Up for grabs is an award for the first person to COMMENT on this blog – you don’t even have to guess first, just comment first – good deal yes?


Then if you are in fact the first person to give me a RIGHT GUESS, you get this:


If you guess correctly but are NOT first, you get this:


And for you who  feel hopeless, helpless, know you’re wrong, or turn out to be wrong even though you didn’t know it until the TELL ALL on Wednesday, this will be yours!


So what are you waiting for?  Get guessing!!!!

Hugs, Sammy The Teaser


Marvelous Monday



Marvelous  – pretty strong word isn’t it?!  Well, I’m using it because yesterday we had a near-perfect weather day and today is more of the same…………and that – for me who was getting soggy from day after day of rain – is MARVELOUS!!!!  I got to lounge on the front porch with Mom (after she mowed the lawn) and enjoy some sunshine – not a lot because I get too hot very quickly – but just enough to enjoy the feeling of sun on my furs………..


Today is a treat because starting tomorrow rain is back in our forecast off and on for the rest of the week…………….There’s nothing wrong with rain unless of course you’re in one of the spots on  the globe that has TOO MUCH and it causes flooding and loss of life; animal and human………there truly IS such a thing as too much of ANYTHING.

What’s tomorrow?  I think you all know by now that it’s Teaser Tuesday.   I won’t say much about the photo for tomorrow except that  – well – it’s not a Guest  Teaser.  So – remember again that the post will appear at some time unknown to you – Mom will schedule it for some time she determines (depending  on her mood!)  so keep an eye out for it to pop up  tomorrow!   I may work on some NEW designs for the  badges  during this week – who knows….maybe I’ll have them done before NEXT Tuesday Teaser a week from tomorrow…….fun huh?  But you can bet one thing – there will always be a BIG GREENIE for those who don’t guess right……..I’m liking the GREEN theme for those badges!   HAHA

Any plans for the 4th of July?   We don’t have any – Mom and Dad will probably grill something outside (weather permitting) or inside (weather preventing) and I’ll perhaps get a taste.  Other than that, they aren’t doing fireworks this year – I’m sure others in our neighborhood WILL do them though so I’ll be prepared!

My Flags for the 4th!

My Flags for the 4th!

Hope you all have a fantabulous week………but especially today because most humans do NOT like Mondays…………..we animals don’t mind Mondays……..and if you’re ME – your favorite day of the week is SATURDAY/BACONDAY anyway…………not Monday!

Hugs, Sammy

Sunday Selfie


I’m pawticipating in The Cat On My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop!  Mom got a little crazy with an effect in Pizap and it looks like I’m TRAPPED in a big old spider web don’t you think????   HELP!!!!!  I’m stuck!!!!!  I hope the spider doesn’t get me!!!!   (thanks a lot Mom!)


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My Favorite Day!




Today is my favorite day of the week…………………you know it – I know it – everybody knows it……….I get bacon on Saturdays.  It’s cooking right now – I can smell it – it smells delightful and it’s making me hungry just smelling it.

So instead of going on and on about the weather, my Mom deserting me yesterday to be with my Auntie Carol on her birthday, what Dad did to keep me entertained while Mom was gone, etc., I’ll just say EXCUSE ME BUT BACON IS CALLING ME!    Short and sweet – that’s what my blog is today – SHORT AND SWEET  SALTY – BACON!


I promise I’ll write more tomorrow…….honest………but right now I’m salivating so much I simply must go have breakfast!


Hugs, Mr. Bacon


Keepin’ It Clean



BUSY BUSY BUSY……………….every week we have monster day and every monster day I help by staying out of the way and taking care of getting MYSELF cleaned up…………it’s the least I can do – giving myself a bath on Fridays.    While Mom and Dad are pushing the monsters around sucking up the dust bunnies, I’m cleaning between my toesies, taking care of my ears and face……and my  tummy of course……the spots I can easily reach.   Mom will brush me and take care of the others.


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Besides, I have a special reason to be extra clean today – it’s my Auntie Carol’s birthday (Mom’s sister) and I wouldn’t want her to read my blog and see a dirty cat!  OH NO!  Heaven forbid!   This is for you Auntie Carol (and I promise you I’m clean!).


It won’t be long now before July 4th celebrations…………….that means noisy fireworks…………I’ll be wearing my headset to keep out all the BANG BANG, KABOOM, SWOOOOOOSH BOOM noises.  My Mom and Dad will probably have a cookout at dinner time but at night – there will be fireworks.  They usually have a bit of a show in the front yard…….this year maybe just a few.  I am at the point where I like to WATCH them from inside the house though – that’s progress – I used to HIDE when they did them!   Are you afraid of loud noises?????   Mom thinks maybe because my hearing isn’t as good as it used to be, I may be able to watch without any problems.   Even though we live WAY WAY out of town in the Virginia countryside, Washington, DC always does a spectacular display down on the National Mall…………..a bazillion years ago my Mom went to that but it was just a mass of humanity and heat – our front yard fireworks are enough for us!

Well I’m off to begin snoopervising the cleaning…………cracking the whip – getting these humans MOTIVATED (sometimes that’s tough!).



A Special P.S.   A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Miss Jan of Jan’s Funny Farm today!!!!!