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Yeah….it’s “OH NOOOOOOOOOOO” time……………monster out of the closet and the whole nine yards………the only thing saving today is that that landscape architect guy will be here at 9AM and I can spy out the window to see Mom dragging him around the back yard while he figures out what on earth we can do with it considering our budget of $1.37.   Should be a challenge huh?

Alright Mom...let's get it over with.....

Alright Mom…let’s get it over with…..

A shout-out to Carol and her wacky family at Creek View Carol blog for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award………….I already have that one (actually I have about ten of them…teehee) but I STILL love that people find my humble blog worthy of special mention!   If you don’t know this blog – PLEEEASE visit – it’s a huge hoot – Mom and I love reading it.   There truly is NEVER and I mean NEVER a dull moment in Carol’s house.

What are you doing for Memorial Day weekend?  Mine is packed to the gills (although I don’t have any of those to pack) with events…………….

  • Saturday:  My Mom and Dad are deserting me to have a cookout with the neighbors… know what that means……they will be gone FOREVER AND EVER and forget to bring me a kitty bag
  • Sunday:  Botany Test at Cat Scouts, Tabby Cat Club  Indianapolis 500 Race fun
  • Monday:  Cat Scouts Memorial Day Picnic and my blog Memorial Day post (linking with my buds Raz and Gracie)

I know – I know what you’re thinking – this is NOT a “busy schedule”…………well for me it is……… I’ll rest up while I can.   Starting tomorrow I’ll be one busy dude………I need to be ON MY GAME so rest is essential!

Shhhhh!!!!!   Quiet Please!!!!

Shhhhh!!!!! Quiet Please!!!!

Happy Friday!!  

Sammy the Snoozer


Photo Updates


Hi Friends!!    Mom went nutso with the flashy box yesterday – took tons of photos of the yard (before we get landscaping work done) and ME (I’m always the purrrfect photo subject….ahem) and the front yard and porch.  Yes she went nuts………but I indulged her.   She takes such good care of me I figured the least I could do is cooperate.

The backyard after 20 years is looking tired (like Mom is after taking care of it for 20 years) so a landscape architect is coming Friday to give us some ideas.   Here’s how the back yard looks NOW (it may take a minute for all the photos to load!!!):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We have a BIG problem with erosion AND the back yard doesn’t have a “flat spot” where we can have our picnic table without propping the legs up on one end so it’s level……….Mom thinks a nice slate or paver patio………we’ll see what the landscape dude has to say.

Here is the front yard now – we don’t anticipate doing anything with it or the front of the house plantings but since she was flashy boxing herself silly, she took these.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

AND – the highlight of the photo show of course – here are some updated photos of me……….I’m not quite as “gaunt” as I was when I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and began taking medication……….I’m still a couple of pounds down from what I was but I’m better off for it as my arthritis is so much better……… there!

We had a beautiful day today –    high of 73 instead of upper 80s as it has been…… was Spring again…… even brought out some of Mom Nature’s creatures that we could have done without seeing like the brown snake in my backyard for instance.   Not poisonous but any snake is NOT a friend of mine or Mom’s.    Thank heavens Mom had her flashlight and saw it because it was dark at 4:15 (of course) when we were out for my usual morning walk.   You’d better believe we’ll make sure we ALWAYS have that flashlight from now on!!!!!!   EEEEEK!    It was only a couple of feet long but to my Mom they’re all 10 feet long and weigh 300 lbs. and would eat us in a minute.   SHE HATES SNAKES.    I’m not nuts about them either come to think of it.

That’s about it for my Thursday report!   Exciting huh?   HUH?   I can’t hear you!!!!!

Hugs, Sammy the Snake Charmer



Teaser Tell All




Oh boy oh boy oh boy……………….seems I ALMOST had everyone fooled yesterday!   Notice I said ALMOST…………………..I was beginning to think nobody would guess it when WHAMMO, the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER arrived !

But before we get into the awards ceremony (cheers) here are the photos I posted yesterday….


These are just two of the gorgeous Victorian home, B&Bs, and Inns that dot the coastline in the beautiful little town of Cape May, New Jersey!    My Mom, her sister and my Grandmom visited Cape May not long before my Grandmom passed away…………..they stayed in a hotel right on the beach and it was at the end of the season so a little chilly but still enjoyable…….there are lots of fun little shops and beautiful tree-lined streets to walk along – many nice coffee shops and restaurants – a typical little “beach getaway” town.

Now – who got “FIRST COMMENTER”???    You probably saw me tell the TWO people who got it – I received their comments at the same time according to WordPress.   Congratulations to Miss Annie of Animal Couriers and my buddy Easy!!!   You both get this one:


Who was my “FIRST RIGHT GUESSER” who knew this was Cape May, New Jersey?   My buddy and pal Raz from Friends Furever!    This is for you Raz:


I don’t believe anyone else at the time I wrote this post had guessed correctly BUT if I missed someone, this is for you!


And last but by no means LEAST, we have the legions of visitors to my Teaser post yesterday who guessed wrong or didn’t know and you still get THE BIG GREENIE for your time and effort!


WOO HOO FOR YOU ALL!    Concatulations………………I love Teaser Tuesdays and I hope you do too!

Hugs, Sammy




Shopping Around the World – REMINDER


Attention all One Spoiled Cat followers! So many of you have said you LOVE the Shopping Around the World hop and would like to pawticipate but forget to do it………THIS IS YOUR REMINDER!!!!

Hugs, Sammy


Thanks to everyone for another great edition of Shopping Around the World.  It’s so awesome to see the various prices around the world!

Me and my pal Fozzie started Shopping Around the World and it has become a huge hit.  We all want to know if we are paying more or less than everyone else – snorts.  We are going to do it again this month on Wednesday, May 27th.

Do a posting on your blog linked back to mine.  That way we can keep track of all of the different prices.  It should be interesting to see the differences between.  Mark your calendar so you can do a posting with us.  This month we are focusing on items that we *have* to have in our lives.

Items to price this month:

  • FIVE Ingredient Salads.  There you go.  Cold salads, pasta salads, seafood salads, chicken salads, hot salads…

View original post 51 more words

Tuesday Teaser


Alrighty!  Let’s get down to business!   You know why you’re here, and you know what I’m about to do…………………show you some pictures and you have to figure out WHERE  they were taken.  Yep – sometimes it’s simple to figure out and other times you’re pulling out your hair over it.   Let’s see what you can do with these (yes there’s more than one) photos today!


Where did my Mom take these photos?????   HMM???

Remember – I need town/village and country/state, etc.  OK?

Here’s what’s up for grabs in the “award” department!

If you’re the first person to comment (not necessarily guess – just COMMENT) on today’s blog, you get this:


If you’re the FIRST to guess CORRECTLY, you get this:


If you guess CORRECTLY but aren’t first, you’ll win this:


If you’re out in left field, on the wrong planet, haven’t got the slightest idea or clue OR guess totally wrong, you get the GREENIE treatment!


So – get to it………………gimme whatcha got………….gimme your best shot………….GO FOR IT!

Hugs, Sam the Tease




Photo Madness


Happy Monday!    YES it’s the day before Tuesday Teaser so you’d better get yourselves READY…………it’s coming whether you’re ready or not!

I was going through my endless media files here on WP yesterday looking for some “Monday Morning Inspiration” and realized that I really have a lot of totally silly photos here.   So silly that I think this slideshow I put together may be freaky enough that you should be warned ahead of time to (1) put your coffee cup down so you don’t spray your keyboard/screen, and (2)   visit the litterbox first so we don’t have any of those “I laughed too hard” boo-boos!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I had a bazillion more but I was laughing so hard I had to stop loading them up………………’s been quite a lot of fun hanging out here at ONE SPOILED CAT……….I’m not going anywhere – don’t worry about that – just doing a bit of Monday Morning Reflecting after seeing all the wacky photos I had!

SO – I’ll see you tomorrow?   Can’t tell you when or it wouldn’t be a surprise………………..just keep standing by and before you know it, that Teaser will pop into your inbox!   Yep – it’s gonna happen – you know it will!

Hugs, Sammy



Sunday Selfie


We are – as always – pawticipating in The Cat On My Head’s Sunday Selfie blog hop!!!   Visit them and see all the OTHER selfies but here’s ME ME ME!


It’s a TAIL Selfie!

I know I’m silly but I couldn’t help myself…..tee hee


It’s That Time Again!




The dog gets stuff if he sits pretty.....let's see if this works for me!

The dog gets stuff if he sits pretty…..let’s see if this works for me!



BACONSIGN2Oh you know it’s true Mom – I love it, I want it, I need it……………………..What?  You’re starting breakfast RIGHT NOW?   I’m coming!!!!!    Wait for me!!!!!

I'll just stay inside and play all day......

I’m coming!!!!!!!

Hope you all have a good day and sorry to be short but hey – bacon’s in the frying pan and I’m READY!

Love, Sammy the Baconator

Four more days for the $.99 download price on my Mom’s mystery novel! 

Just click on the link on my sidebar and WHOOOSH you’ll go to Amazon!

OK Mom….I’m Ready!


Let’s do it………let’s get this monsterizing thing out of the way so we can ENJOY the rest of today OK Mom?    I’m ready to help………the faster we do it the better!

"Mr. Clean" (?)

“Mr. Clean” (?)

Now, what else can I do for you?   Wash the dishes?   Hang up the laundry?


I say we goof off the rest of the day……………oh wait – Dad said he was going to use his new string-trimmer and that you were going to tractorize the yard.   That means another whole hour without you allowing me to lie on your lap on my blankie.   Heck…..well, what are you waiting for?   Get out there and DO IT Mom!

Not bad Mom - you're a terror on that tractor!

Not bad Mom – you’re a terror on that tractor!

Tomorrow is Bacon Caturday……………..oh boy!


Welcome to my newest Bacon Club Member – my buddy Raz!


An update on the backyard landscaping project………..the landscape architect guy called Mom today and made an appointment to come see our backyard next Friday!   Oh I’m so excited…….you know what happens when I’m EXCITED!!!


Nice to stop and smell the roses....I mean mums!

Please Mr. Architect Guy – make my yard more FUN!

Have a pawsome Friday Kiddos!


Happy Straw Hat Day!!


Sneakin’ Up On Friday


One more day until we do the weekly bunny hunt………yeah – those pesky dust bunnies my Mom is determined to eradicate from my environs!   If you need a translation of that last sentence:  “Tomorrow is housecleaning day” ………HAHAHA

My thoughts on cleaning......

My thoughts on cleaning……

Meanwhile, there’s plenty of activity around here.   Mom is doing laundry and going shopping later and Dad is going to the airport to fly in the flying machine.  I’ve shown photos of his plane before but just in case you were under a rock when I did (!) here they are again!


Dad putting the plane away in the hangar after flying




A kind of interesting thing is going to happen around here soon – my Mom has a landscape architect coming to help us figure out what to do with our impossible back yard.   Whatever IS done, will take a while because my Mom and Dad will probably do it in stages…..this kinda stuff isn’t exactly cheap but when it’s done, I envision more of a “park” than a back yard.   Mom wants as little grass (even though there’s very little any way because it doesn’t grow well back there!) as possible and nice “pad” for the picnic table and grill……and maybe some paths and lots of shrubs.   When my Mom and Dad first  built the house and the lawn came in that first year it looked great but then erosion over the years really changed it – we’re on a hill so the backyard just goes downhill – fairly gently – but still rain runoff is a biggie.  We’ll see what the architect has in mind – his company will do whatever installation of plants is needed too.   Should be exciting AND I’ll get a brand new back yard out of the deal……cool huh?   I’ll keep you posted on the progress I promise.

Sam's backyard

The back yard USED to look like this with grass…..not anymore though!

Never a dull moment in THE HOUSE OF KIMMELL……………I pretty much see to that but now we have other things  that will keep us rollin’ !!


Happy Day Before Friday!

Hugs, Sammy

p.s.  A friendly reminder that if you’re a Kindle person,  my Mom’s book is on sale for NINETY-NINE cents – just use the link on my sidebar!  

“The Mystery of David’s Bridge” will be yours for CHEAP!