Teaser Tell All




So – that was a pretty darn good Teaser – right?  Huh?  I thought it was anyway………….and before I give you all the SCOOP, here’s the photo one more time!


Where was this?   Well, some of you guessed the right PLACE (Lisbon, Portugal) but only ONE of you guessed the SPOT and I’ll tell you who that was in a minute but first, let me tell you that our Guest Teaser today was my buddy and pal and fellow ginger, Flynn (and his Mom Miss Jackie) of Two Devon Cats!    It’s a fabulous photo of a rather exotic location – the Belem Tower in Lisbon.   I thought it was a totally fascinating structure and many of you did too.   Here’s a link to what Wikipedia has to say about the Tower!    HERE


Thanks Jackie and Flynn!

Thanks Jackie and Flynn!

Now the very FIRST Commenter today were my friends Oliver and Calvin who have been “First Commenters” before………..YAY FOR YOU GUYS!   This is for you:


I know some of you already realize who was my FIRST RIGHT GUESSER…………the ever popular, irrepressible, irresistible EASY WEIMARANER!   (big round of applause)  Easy you get this:


Some of the rest of you actually DID also guess correctly – or said the city, country but not the place and you all are STILL winners and get this:


If you were “eating dust” and had no clue or guessed wrong……..well, my friends, you’re WINNERS to me and that means you get the BIG GREENIE!


Wasn’t that fun?   What say we do it again NEXT Tuesday huh?   Is it a date?   OH GOODIE!   See you then.

Hugs, Sammy The Teaser Guy



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  1. ConCats indeed to Easy! That was a thrilling teaser!! Just think if you lived there, Sammy, you wouldn’t have to worry about cutting down trees!! Might have to learn to swim though! MOL xox


    • Austin I think I’d WAY rather learn to swim than worry about all this tree stuff!!!! I think too it would be fun to just drop a fishin’ line out my window and catch fresh fish every day!

      Hugs, Sammy


    • That’s right! You were “FIRST PERSON TO FIND OUT WHO ORIGINALLY POSTED THE PHOTO ON THE INTERNET AND GIVE A DETAIL OR TWO ABOUT IT” – hmm….wonder if that will fit on a badge?!?!?!?!?! 😉

      Hugs, sammy


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