Tuesday Teaser



YAY!   You know why you’re here right?   So let’s GET IT ON!

Here’s today’s photo and your mission (should you choose to accept it) will be to tell me WHERE this photo was taken – and I don’t mean what planet – I mean WHERE on the planet as in country/state/city/village!   Got it?   Alright…….


Cool looking building isn’t it?   This is a GUEST TEASER……………..I’ll let you know where I got the photo AND all the scoop tomorrow on the Tell All!

Now, just for those who are new to the Teaser, here’s what’s up for grabs today.  The first person to leave a comment on this blog post (even if it’s just saying BOO) gets this:


The FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on this mystery photo will get this:


Everyone ELSE who guesses correctly as to where this photo was taken but is NOT first, will get this:


And my buddies who don’t know where the photo was taken, or don’t even CARE where it was taken, or guess and are WRONG, still get this little GREEN item!


SO – what can I say except GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

Your Teaser Dude, Sammy

P.S.   Shopping Around the World with Bacon and Fozziemum is TOMORROW!  Wanna know what you’re shopping for:  CLICK HERE


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  1. Oliver and Calvin are right and here is a direct quote from Eric and Flynn’s Mom (who provided the photo hehehe) “Belem Tower. It was built between 1514 and 1520 as part of the Tagus estuary defence system.” on the Canary Islands. (I searched and that is how I know) hehehe


  2. Boy Sammy i thought Lisbon too..you now Dr Google and all..but in between stopping Forrest from eating the giant moths outside tonight i kept losing my search..bwahahaahah..dang ..so i say Lisbon and await my fate..as for Forrest..well ewwww..loves Fozziemum xxx


      • Sammy we have mega sized moths everywhere late tonight and he was itching to go out…i was googling like mad and all i could hear was his head bonking on the window..urghhh..he came in licking his lips and wanting to go out again..feet on my window ledge eating them off the flyscreen..he got told off and now he is sulking by the fire…threw me right off i tell you so i blame Fozzie if i get it wrong 🙂 ..anyway it is past his bedtime…urghhh shall i save you a moth ? ..hello he is back for more….’bed boo boo bed’…loves Fozziemum xxx


    • Isn’t it a WAY WAY cool building? Tomorrow you can find out where it is and probably go there for a trip SOON……..it would be cheaper for you to visit there than it would be for me (uhoh…is that a hint??).

      Love, Sammy


  3. Oooooh! We’re always late on a Tuesday and mum is on her phone as she’s out and about!! Mol well that’s our excuse anyway! Don’t know where it is but think the correct guess is there in the comments already!!!! Mol Have a great day, Sammy xxxx


  4. Wow! here mes gets up early (for mes) and there is a zillion peoples here already and they has guessed Belem Tower! Wow! The world is sure a busy place!
    At least mes does not gets the Greenie this week!


  5. Deer Unccle Sammy wee were goin to come here thiss mornin butt a sirtain LadyMum got sidetracked an then had to go out inn afturnoon!! It iss now 7:45 P.M. an wee iss here….sorry…OK over to LadyMum:
    Hi Sammy & Pam. Lovely photo. I haven’t the foggiest idea…I WAS going to say off the coast of South Carolina but i do not think there would be mountains in the background…I came; I saw; I tried; I got a Greenie…hahahahahaha!!
    Sherri-Ellen & Siddhartha Henry (mew mew mew issn’t LadyMum funny???) 😉


    • It is a really cool looking place I agree………..I’d kinda like to live there – imagine fishing out your bedroom window and having snack any time you want it right from the water?!?!?!?!

      Hugs, Sammy


  6. It looks a fascinating place, I’m looking forward to hearing about it.

    P.S. Is there a badge for the last one to get here before you post the answer? Just wondering…


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