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Oh boy oh boy oh boy……………….seems I ALMOST had everyone fooled yesterday!   Notice I said ALMOST…………………..I was beginning to think nobody would guess it when WHAMMO, the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER arrived !

But before we get into the awards ceremony (cheers) here are the photos I posted yesterday….


These are just two of the gorgeous Victorian home, B&Bs, and Inns that dot the coastline in the beautiful little town of Cape May, New Jersey!    My Mom, her sister and my Grandmom visited Cape May not long before my Grandmom passed away…………..they stayed in a hotel right on the beach and it was at the end of the season so a little chilly but still enjoyable…….there are lots of fun little shops and beautiful tree-lined streets to walk along – many nice coffee shops and restaurants – a typical little “beach getaway” town.

Now – who got “FIRST COMMENTER”???    You probably saw me tell the TWO people who got it – I received their comments at the same time according to WordPress.   Congratulations to Miss Annie of Animal Couriers and my buddy Easy!!!   You both get this one:


Who was my “FIRST RIGHT GUESSER” who knew this was Cape May, New Jersey?   My buddy and pal Raz from Friends Furever!    This is for you Raz:


I don’t believe anyone else at the time I wrote this post had guessed correctly BUT if I missed someone, this is for you!


And last but by no means LEAST, we have the legions of visitors to my Teaser post yesterday who guessed wrong or didn’t know and you still get THE BIG GREENIE for your time and effort!


WOO HOO FOR YOU ALL!    Concatulations………………I love Teaser Tuesdays and I hope you do too!

Hugs, Sammy




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  1. Congrats RAZ!!!!! That was a tough teaser and you found it out! That’s the way to use feline wisdom, right? Congrats to Animal Courier and to…moi!!! I love howl-tels outside or at the end of the season, it’s the best time to spend a quiet time :o)


  2. OMG! I almost said The Jersey Shore – as one of my ALWAYS goofball answers! I would’ve been on the right track for he first time in Teaser history!!! Gah!

    Love and licks,


  3. Sammy….you and your mom are NOT going to believe this! When Motor Mommy saw the pics yesterday, she thought: “those look similar to some old houses in Cape May”, but she really didn’t think that’s where they were!
    Gosh – we COULD have been a winner!!!!
    Have a good day, Sammy…
    Love, Sundae


  4. Concats to Raz, and Miss Annie and Easy!
    I signed up for your email notifications yesterday and it arrived at 8.02 BST. It eventually got to Feedly at 9.24. Look out Easy! Mum has got no excuse for being late on Tuesdays any more.


  5. We’re excited to have guessed it right. ESPECIALLY since we were the 34th to comment! Mom’s been to Cape May many times and she’s pretty sure she’s actually been to the place with the blue awnings. I guess we should keep her….she comes in handy sometimes.

    The Florida Furkids


  6. I knew those looked familiar! I visited Cape May way back when I was in high school. But seriously, that was SO long ago I couldn’t really remember….maybe I just felt some deja vu. 🙂


    • Siddhartha your Ladymum tries very hard and know what? That is WONDERFUL – it means she’s having fun figuring things out – doesn’t matter if she’s right – she’s playing along and that’s the impawtant thing!!!!!

      Love, Uncle Sammy

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  7. Congrats Raz! How in the heck do you figure these things out? You need to give a seminar on how to on the teasers. I knew they were B&Bs but not sure where. Really nice places.


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