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You got HERBS?



Hi All!    Well  the old Momster went out yesterday to the nursery and returned with plants… know I’ve been DYING to have my front porch decorated and Mom promised me she would right?  I wanted lots of flowers in pots………not too much to ask yes?   Well, when she got home she had a dwarf butterfly bush for the yard, a bazillion petunias, some kind of other very colorful little flowers for a pot on the deck,   some  perennial salvia, more sweet potato vines   and a bunch of HERBS.   She made an herb garden……if it’s like the last one she planted, it will get some use.   She does like to use fresh herbs in her cooking.   She got spearmint,   basil, oregano, rosemary, orange mint (that was a type of mint she’d never heard of before), and    one other herb that I can’t remember the name of.   So all of that is planted.

Swell huh?   But still NO PLANTS FOR MY PORCH………………………Mom says MAYBE she’ll go out tomorrow and look again.  She claims she can’t find anything she likes for the porch.  Acres of flowers in bloom right now but Mom can’t find something she likes.   I’m starting to think maybe I should use my red wagon and hike up to the nursery MYSELF!!!!

Yep - remember this photo?   It's fast becoming a reality!!!

Yep – remember this photo? It’s fast becoming a reality!!!

Today will be  bed-changing day……….at least I can  enjoy that while it lasts………. but it’s still not the same as lying on the front porch smelling the flowers…………..I suppose I could  just ENJOY what’s out there?   The azaleas are blooming nicely this year so there’s that……….and the pink dogwood trees are in full bloom…………so there’s that……….and Mom’s pink potted geraniums are blooming but they don’t smell all that great.   I think I’m working myself up for a good old POUT, don’t you?


I don’t suppose I could  manage to turn this pout into an excuse to ask for extra bacon ????   That might take the edge off the pain of having to wait yet again for my porch to be decorated!

Hugs, Pouting Sam

Teaser Tell All



That’s me – TELLIN’ IT LIKE IT IS!    Yesterday’s Teaser was a doozie……apparently……….I didn’t know it would be one but I guess it was because as of this very moment in time 3PM EST when Mom was working on my blog for this morning, only ONE peep had guessed it right.   I had a “close call” from someone else but ONE “right” !!

Here’s the photos again:


Mom and Dad took these photos on their  tour through Scotland and the UK many years ago…………… of their stops was while traveling through the area around Balmoral Castle in Scotland where one of the Queen’s residences is AND this little church is VERY close by.   It’s Crathie Kirk – which is linked with Crathie Church in Braemar, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.   Princess Anne was married there many years ago…….I’m sure lots of other major things occurred there, so Mom – how about putting that great link you found with info on the “Kirk” and the church as well as the rest of the Parish here in case anyone wants to read the WHOLE story???    CLICK HERE

First things first – my FIRST COMMENTER yesterday morning was Miss Annie of Animal Couriers (insert sound of big crowd roar here) – and you, Miss Annie, get THIS!


Now who was the one who guessed Crathie??????   Well it was my buddy Flynn and his Mom of course…………they were the first to guess it correctly AND maybe the only ones to and they get this:


If anyone ELSE did guess correctly – you get THIS:


Those of you who  simply MUST have a “shot of green stuff” in honor of Teaser Tuesday will of course be entitled to brag that you won THIS:


Now wasn’t that FUN?   Well of course it was!   I love Tuesday Teaser and I’m glad you do too…………….we’ll start the process of finding another photo to try and stump you for NEXT Tuesday right away……………….you lot aren’t easy to fool!!!

Hugs, Sammy

p.s.  plant photos coming soon – Mom’s still working on it!



Tuesday Teaser



NO!   Not this kind of teasing……….!!

My kind of teasing is torturing you every Tuesday with a photo that you have to study and decide WHERE the photo was taken and then get here hopefully FIRST to guess!    However you don’t have to be FIRST to win a little something from me – if you guess right no matter if you’re first or not you win……….if you guess wrong or don’t know, you win………and as we learned last week, if Mom and I tell the wrong people that they are winners and they really aren’t, then you win a badge too!!!   HAHAHA

So – on with the show……………………..

Today’s photo might not be so tough……………..Mom and I think someone will get this one quickly.   We want to know what town/village and what country or state or both (!) this photo was taken.  Even better would be WHAT are we looking at?   It was taken by my parents and that’s about it for hints……….   OK?   Ready?   Here they are:


I forgot to say that if you are the very first person to COMMENT on this post you are also a winner………..even the First Commenter on  Tuesday is a winner……….I am a MOST generous cat  don’t you think?

Here’s the fabulous badges that YOU are eligible to win!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So what are you waiting for????   Gimme your best shot!!!!!

Hugs, Sammy

Another Week Begins!


How was your weekend?   Mine was swell……… Mom and Dad worked hard to make up for deserting me last Thursday for a little overnight trip.   I got bacon Saturday AND Sunday!   I sure did luck out huh?   I know though that the chances of being baconized  before NEXT Saturday are slim.   I have to just be grateful for the extra bacon this weekend and carry on………!


As for this week – you know tomorrow is Tuesday Teaser and Mom is still wrestling with her photo files to find the PURRRFECT Teaser photo.   I don’t think it’s a Guest Teaser photo though – of course Mom doesn’t tell me EVERYTHING and I can’t read her writing so even if I could sneak up on her computer desk to see her notes, I’d have trouble reading her scribble.   Look like ALL of us will be surprised tomorrow morning when we see the Teaser (except for her of course).


Also I want to say I’m sorry that because you all live in different time zones all ’round the world, even if I schedule the Teaser post to pop up late in the morning for HERE, it may be early in the morning (or in the middle of the night) where YOU are………..there’s just no “good” time for everybody so I’m sorry about that…………….but I’ll continue to schedule the post at a surprise time so you never know WHEN it will pop into your inbox.  I think that’s kind of fun don’t you?

I wonder when the Teaser will go "live" tomorrow???!!

I wonder when the Teaser will go “live” tomorrow???!!

Mom is also  going to go to the grocery store this morning to do  the weekly shopping AND to the plant store afterwards so I will FINALLY get some plants on my front porch.  I’ve been “plant-deprived” long enough.   I love it when Mom plants stuff in big pots on the front porch – it’s like being in the garden without getting dirty (hahahahaha) and I love it.   So, she promised.   That means I’ll bore you with plant/front porch photos some time this week.   Lucky you!

My azaleas are JUST starting to bloom!!!!  YAY!

My azaleas are JUST starting to bloom!!!! YAY!

That’s about it for me – not a very exciting blog this morning is it……..well, let’s face it – my life isn’t all that exciting anyway… my age, it’s exciting just to WAKE UP in the morning PERIOD!

Hugs, Sammy