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Sheeeeee Haaaaaawwww!  (That’s cowboy talk for yippee I fooled you all!)………..at least I had fooled you all when Mom and I did the Tell All post last night.  If someone magically appeared and guessed this one (which was pretty much impossible!), then I’ll correct myself here this morning!

However, this really was one of the toughest photos EVER I think………………..here it is again:


Where was this taken?   It was taken by my Mom and Dad on the shoreline in Ogunquit, Maine at their hotel – the Cliff House Inn.   In fact, I was thinking MAYBE someone might remember some of the photos I posted when they got back from that trip……I put a bunch of them on my blog!  Below is one of those pix I posted at the time.    When the tide’s in, big waves smash all along the rocky shore and Mom and Dad spotted that funny little pile of rocks on top of a BIG flat rock and that’s why they snapped this photo in the first place…………..like a little “rock totem” or something that someone had done.

The shoreline at the Cliff House Inn, Ogunquit, ME

The shoreline at the Cliff House Inn, Ogunquit, ME

SO – nobody was even close…………………you know what that means right?   Sammy WINS!


Doesn’t happen often but I did……………..however, the rest of you can celebrate with THE BIG GREENIE……………..AND, Easy my Silvermistygrey Weimaraner buddy was the FIRST COMMENTER so he gets THIS:

Easy Wins First Commenter on St. Patty's Day, 2015!

Easy Wins First Commenter on St. Patty’s Day, 2015!

Here’s the GREENIE for everybody!

I didn't have a CLUE on the St. Patty's Day Teaser, 2015!

I didn’t have a CLUE on the St. Patty’s Day Teaser, 2015!

There’s always NEXT Tuesday everybody so don’t worry…………chances are I’ll not be fooling everyone again for a long time – if ever!

Meanwhile, Happy Wednesday!

Hugs, Sammy Who Fooled YA!



  1. 1

    Well Sammy ifin only this wuz yesfurday me wulda been da furst one here. MOL Hav a pawsum day.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi


  2. 6

    Well done Sammy!


  3. You had us totally stumpped…. Yea for Sammy!!!!

    The Florida Furkids


  4. 10

    guess what? my dad said that’s the cliff house howltel in maine… but my momma said: never that would be tooooooooooo easy and Sammy said it’s a toughie… my momma said she will not show him this post and I will keep tha secret furever&ever or till I need a bargaining chip… butt hey I was the first not-right guesser , woo-hoo!


    • 11

      That’s right Easy! You WERE first NOT RIGHT GUESSER……I think that’s amazing that your Dad thought it was Cliff House….HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! WOO WOO WOO FOR HIM!

      Hugs, Sammy
      p.s. We won’t tell your Dad he was right either…..the secret is safe with us!


  5. 14

    You sure fooled us, Sammy!! That was a bit of a cliffhanger! 😉

    Mol at Easy 😀


  6. 16
    Fozziemum Says:

    Sammy how did a dyed in the wool King fan like moi not get it????? dang you are tricky my friend 🙂 great shot and i know Mum and Dad love that hotel that they stay at…the pics we have seen before are beautiful! no luck o the Irish here 🙂 loves Fozziemum xxx


  7. We would have been fooled too. Hope you had a Happy St. Paddy’s Day. ~Socks & Family


  8. 21
    Clowie Says:

    Congratulations to us all on getting the Greenie on St. Patrick’s Day – that’s quite apt really!


  9. 23
    Dianna Says:

    That WAS a toughie, Sammy. (And my mom was so busy, I don’t think she/we even commented yesterday: shame on us!)
    Love, Sundae


  10. Well it was a tough one so I am not feeling too bad! Good one Sammy! Enjoy your Wednesday, I think we are going to have some rain here.


    • 27

      Guess what four letter word we heard in the forecast for Friday. Go ahead. Guess…….no not THAT one – try again……..Starts with an “S”………and rhymes with GROW. Sigh…..I give up – where the **** ( another 4 letter word) is Spring??????

      Hugs, Sammy


  11. 28
    Flynn Says:

    That certainly was a tough one Sammy. Mum knew it wasn’t worth her spending half the day looking through her bazillion photos.
    Actually she only has half a bazillion now. She spent some time at the weekend deleting a lot that looked similar to each other or were poor quality.


    • 29

      Hi Flynn! I’m having my 4-month check on Friday. How are you doing my friend? My Mom is going to do the photo-clear out too…..so many that are similar so why keep EVERYTHING right?

      Hugs, Sammy


  12. 30
    pilch92 Says:

    That isn’t that far away from me and I still didn’t get it 😦


  13. 32

    Ya stumped them good Sammy!


  14. 34
    Kismet Says:

    I protest. Once again, I was close and had the planet right.


  15. 36
    catfromhell Says:

    Wow! Sammy YOUS ROCKS!!! Yous gots us all!!!!
    Mes wonders what those cliffs looked like with all the snow that falled this winter on them. Did yous see the pictures of Niagara Falls?


    • 37

      Niagara Falls looked AMAZING didn’t it? I have never seen it like that before either – the photos blew my mind. All that ice frozen in “time”………wow……….!

      Hugs, Sammy


  16. You sure fooled us…I was thinking cliff but more like….”the not so white cliffs of Dover.” hehehe




  17. 40
    cecilia07 Says:



  18. 42
    Two French Bulldogs Says:

    Looks just like a place by our house
    Lily & Edward


  19. dood…conga rats two sammy on guessin de teazer thiz week…..awesum job……N…wait a minit…it be EWE….. SAMMY !!!

    good teazer dood…ewe april fooled everee one with thiz… we shirley thinked it wuz Ireland coz oh St Paddy’s day !!!




    • 45

      Hey Doods! I kinda thought everyone would be EXPECTING an Ireland photo – and we have tons of those from my Mom and Dad’s trip there BUTTTTT I did an early April Fools and popped something from Maine in there instead! I’m a sneak – what can I say?!?!

      Happy Wednesday!
      Hugs, Sammy


  20. 46

    Well done Sammy,that’s great,you have to win one every so often,xx Speedy


  21. Well , ConCATulations to you , Sammy 😀



  22. 50
    Jan K Says:

    Oh, darn it, I’m usually always thinking of nothing but Maine! Good job, Sammy!


  23. 51
    Shirley Matthews Dunn Says:

    Great job, Sammy!


  24. The luck of the Irish was with you yesterday Sammy!


  25. oh you tricky lady!!! You got us!!!


  26. 56

    You fooled us all, Sammy!


  27. 58

    Mee-you Unccle Sammy berry appropreeate that all thee peepss got a GREENIE on St. Patrick’ss Day!!!! Mew mew mew….mee can not stop laffin!!!
    **HI-5’ss** Unccle frum neffkitty Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=


  28. 62

    LOL, Everyone was tricked by Sammykins. If anyone did get that, I would have been very surprised. Good Gravy, I think that was the hardest one evar!!! xoxoxo


    • 63

      I think you’re right – there are piles of rocks EVERYWHERE on the planet (and on some other planets too I’m sure!). I was a bad boy for making it so hard……..oh well……it still was FUN!

      Love, Sam

      Liked by 1 person

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