Bacon Bulletin


The following is an brief excerpt from a scientific journal article authored by Professor Samuel Bacon Kimmell, Esq.

The highly intelligent and well-known Professor Kimmell

The highly intelligent and well-known Professor Kimmell

“There is now scientific evidence that the ingestion of bacon, which we all know is nature’s perfect food, can cause a feeling of goodwill and warmth to spread from stomach to brain in humans and animals who REGULARLY partake in the pleasure of having it for meals”.

Now if that doesn’t say it all, what does?    By the way, I may or may not (I’m not sayin’) be related to the good Professor – it MIGHT be a coincidence that we have similar names………..BUT, what he has to say speaks to my soul.   Yes indeed…… much so that Mom is cookin’ up some bacon for me RIGHT THIS MINUTE.   She says we can always use goodwill around here.

Mine - all MINE!

Mine – all MINE!

I know I don’t have to convince those of you who ARE “baconators” like me that this stuff is heavenly – and I also know that some of you have tried it and really did not care for it (as amazing as that is to me!)…….then there are even some of you who may NOT have it even if you DID want it…….for those friends of mine may I just say this:   IT’S DY-NO-MITE.

I’ve had an amazingly busy week for an old guy so today is going to be spent bathing in the afterglow of my bacon-o-rama this morning and in search of sun puddles in the house in which to keep warm…………we are sadly supposed to have more snow.   I think the energy I will be receiving from my bacon ration this morning shall indeed keep my tummy warm ALL DAY LONG.

What about you?  Bacon or fleece blanket?????  (or both)


Your Favorite Bacon Boy, Sammy

Feel free to take this for your blog if you're HOOKED on the stuff like I am!

Feel free to take this for your blog if you’re HOOKED on the stuff like I am!




Frozen Friday


Some critters like this cold weather stuff………………………..I’m not one of those critters!!!


I’m more THIS kind of critter…………..


I know it’s colder in lotsa other spots on the planet but today our HIGH was 12.   I’m careful when I slip out the front door for a three second breath of fresh air because I do NOT want to become a SAMSICLE!

At least I can look forward to one day of warmth when I go to Hollywood for the Oscars for Cat Scouts………..I’m an interviewer and will be hob-nobbing (whatever that means) with the stars in the warmth of sunny California.

Me and Meryl hangin' out at the Oscars......

Me and Meryl hangin’ out at the Oscars……

Then it’s back to reality………….which is COLD.   Maybe COLD reality is better than no reality at all?

Happy FROZEN Friday

Sammy the Eskimo

I LOVE IT!!!!!

I LOVE IT!!!!!

Purrsday Recap


I just KNOW you’re dying to see some photos from the Cat Scouts Mardi Gras bash – right?  How about just a few?  It was tons of fun!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The only other thing happening around MY house is this overwhelming cold and the snow we got – I couldn’t believe we got a “decent sized” snow but Mom reminds me all the time that one of the BIGGEST snows we’ve had was near the end of March five years ago so SNOW HAPPENS!   Just ask everyone living up north about that………….!   They’re STILL digging out.   We have been lucky.  Dad loves playing with his snowthrower thank heavens.


Dad loves playing in the snow!

Dad loves playing in the snow!



Mom has been putting bird food out like mad too………….everything on legs has visited!   Birds, squirrels, skunks, deer, we even saw some BIG hawks on the SMALL bird feeders.    When the weather is like this, everything needs FOOD for energy to do what they do.   Imagine how much energy it takes to FLY!

Have you pawticipated in one of Bacon/Fozziemum’s “Shopping Around The World” blog hops?   It’s really fun to see what everyone around the world pays for the SAME THINGS in their grocery store or wherever you shop.    This month’s post will be on Friday, February 27th.  Why am I mentioning it now?  So you have time to check prices and schedule a post about it!   Seriously.  It’s fun……………if you wanna play along, here’s the shopping list for NEXT Friday the 27th.   It’s a “RANDOM” day…….why?   Get the prices for these items:

1.  A Random Frozen Meal of your choice

2.  A Random Dessert you like

3.  Any Random Fruit

4.  A Random Item (ANY item…..doesn’t matter WHAT it is, just tell us what you PAID for it)

5.  A Random condiment of your choice

Very RANDOM isn’t it?    Well, that will make it more fun………….anyway, put it on your calendars.  I guarantee you it’s fascinating to see the amazing range of prices for the SAME THINGS around the globe.

That’s all the news that’s fit to share in my house for today…………… about you?  Anything exciting going on in your house?

Hugs, Sammy

I LOVE IT!!!!!

I LOVE IT!!  Thank you Nellie’s Mommy!!


Teaser Tell All




Now wasn’t THAT a fun Teaser yesterday???????   Yes it was (I’ll answer for you)………… was a good Teaser (Mom was worried it wasn’t going to be) don’t you think?   Here’s the photo again:


So where is this cathedral located?  It’s Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin, Southern Ireland!   I had some guesses that it was Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC and that guess was “close” wasn’t it?!?!?!    But there were a few people who guessed correctly but only ONE of them was FIRST – wanna know who????   Well, before I tell you I can report that our good pal Easy who won the “FIRST COMMENTER” badge last week ALSO was first commenter this morning.  I think the fact that he’s on nursing duty taking care of his Mom who fractured her elbow in a nasty fall MIGHT be why he’s right on top of his computer and saw the blog go live yesterday AM!!!   CONCATS EASY – you get this! (again)


Now who was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER?   It was my pals at Hutch A Good Life!!!   The guinea piggies win this week!   Here’s your badge boys:


There were some others who guessed correctly – you all get this!


Those of you who are trying to set a world’s record for guessing WRONG or not knowing AT ALL, get your customary bit of GREEN:


YAY – that was a fun one……remember next week I have a Guest Teaser!   Who knows where we’ll land on the globe for our photo next week – only ME and my Guest that’s who!

Are you a fan of my Teaser and want to declare that to the universe?  Take this charming badge and post it on your bloggy…….wear it with pride……only the brave dare challenge The King of Teasers every week!



Sammy the Teaser Dude


Mardi Gras Teaser


Gosh – it’s Mardi Gras – and I’m wearing a SNOWSUIT……what’s that tell you?   Things might be heating up on Bourbon Street but not in Warrenton, VA!   (**thank you to Nellie’s Mommy at Cat From Hell for drawing me in a cute snowsuit!!!  hugs!!!!**)

I LOVE IT!!!!!

I LOVE IT!!!!!

I just HAD to work in the fact that today is the start of the Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans into this post SOMEHOW………….so it’s a regular Tuesday for guessing purposes but also Mardi Gras!  WOO WOO!

What a madhouse!

What a madhouse!

So today’s Teaser photo is one of my Mom’s…………….I am anxious to see WHO knows what this structure is called AND where it is located in this wide wonderful world.   Wanna be first?  Well you’d better get going because I’m sure the guesses will be flying in any second………….ready:


Remember we have a “first comment” award in addition to the other fabulous awards…………..!   YOU KNOW YOU WANT ONE RIGHT???

First Comment:


First Right Guesser:


Guessed Right but weren’t first:


Had no clue or guessed wrong:


SO – what are you waiting for?   Get going trying to figure this one out and beat everyone else to the punch!   Tomorrow we’ll have the TELL ALL and you’ll find out how you did guessing!

Happy Tuesday Teaser Day


Happy Mardi Gras! 

Party Hardy Sam

My Mardi Gras Costume for Cat Scouts!!

My Mardi Gras Costume for Cat Scouts!!

Blowing and Snowing


We’re frozen solid here after two days of incredibly high winds (gusts to 50-60mph) and very cold temps……….and I for one am TIRED OF IT!   We really truly did luck out though on the snow thing because we only got about an inch of it – look what happened up north of Virginia!!!!   EEEEEEEEK!   YIKES!!!!!!    Brrrrrrrrrr!

Thank heavens this is NOT me!

Thank heavens this is NOT me!

Mom has been laughing at me through these past few days though because while I DO still ask if she’ll let me out the door, the minute she opens it and I feel the cold I run 100mph in the other direction OR I’ll go out then ask to come right back inside one minute later.  Hey I like fresh air but not FROZEN fresh air!


ANYWAY, moving on from weather to the main event this week which will be of course Tuesday Teaser………………no Guest Teaser this week but we WILL have one NEXT Tuesday!   Swell huh?   Tomorrow’s Teaser will be Mom’s.   And just to remind you – it pops up at a different time every single Tuesday.  Sometimes it’s early – sometimes it’s VERY early – sometimes it’s medium early……well you get the drift right?

Is the Teaser up yet?????

Is the Teaser up yet?????

Remember we have that brand new blog award too – the “First To Comment On the Teaser” award……….which LAST week was won by Easy!


You know you want it………….so stay tuned to your computer/ipad/iPhone/WHATEVER so you can comment first.  You may not know where the Teaser photo was taken but you can still be the FIRST to comment even if you just say HELLO SAMMY.

Now rest up – tomorrow will be here before you know it.

Have a hopefully UNFROZEN day!

Sammy (aka Sammy Eskimo)

Have you seen my new blog header?  In honor of February 17th MARDI GRAS!!!!!