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Say – that was a pretty darn good Teaser yesterday don’t you think?   Oh I enjoyed watching the guesses coming in……..it was great………so many thoughtful guesses this week!!   Ready to hear the details like WHO was our Guest Teaser and WHERE were the photos taken????

First, here are the Teaser photos you had to agonize over yesterday:

 TEASERFeb24-2015-2 TEASERFeb24-2015-1

Our Guest Teaser was the beautiful Clowie from Clowie’s Corner and the photos were of Castellfollit de la Roca in Catalonia, Spain!   Here’s your GUEST TEASER Badge Clowie, and I’m also going to post some of the details you gave me about this fascinating and beautiful spot!

Thanks Austin and Miss Carolyn!

Thanks Clowie!

From Clowie:   “Castellfollit de la Roca is on a narrow crag of basalt rock, between two rivers – Fluvià and Toronell. The steep cliffs were formed by the rivers eroding the volcanic rock.  Many of the buildings date from mediaeval times and are built from volcanic rock. The position gives panoramic views, making it a good defensive position. The inhabitants farmed the flatter, fertile land on the sides of the rivers below them There is now a small, modern town below the old town. It is easy to stroll from there up to the old town and wander along the narrow street between the houses. The views from the end by the church are worth the walk!  Castellfollit de la Roca is on the edge of the Garrotxa Volcanic Area Natural Park. There are about 40 volcanic cones within the park, but they are no longer active – the last eruption was around 11,000 years ago. The scenery is spectacular and there are many old villages to explore in the area. ”   (thanks Clowie!!)

WHO WAS THE FIRST COMMENTER yesterday?   They don’t have a blog but they’ve followed my blog for a while now – my friends Oliver and Calvin – this is for you boys:


WHO WAS THE FIRST RIGHT GUESSER yesterday?   Unbelievably (and I know you all think that this guy is my alter ego so knows where the Teaser is every week!!!) – my buddy and pal EASY!   This is for you my friend……………………..


WHO ELSE GUESSED RIGHT?    Several of you – and you can lay claim to this:


WHO HAD NO CLUE OR GUESSED WRONG???    Well a bunch of you and you all get the GREENIE!!


Fun huh?   Thanks so much Clowie my beautiful friend for the photos – they were definitely goodies for the Teaser……….If you’d like a chance to be a Guest Teaser, you can email us with your photo and we’ll stash it away in the TEASER PHOTOs to fool everyone some day.

Thanks for tuning in as always  – who knows where we’ll go NEXT week to fool you!

Hugs, Sammy



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  1. Hi Sammy! It was fun yesterday watching the guesses coming in – some of them were really good. Flynn got close, but not close enough. But Easy was soon there with the correct answer – well done, Easy!
    Thank you for my badge, Sammy – I’ll get that on my blog very soon.

    Liked by 4 people

  2. How beautiful Sammy…we were in bed and missed out..dang…we need the wooden spoon award i think 😦 well done Clowie on great pics and info..we really need to travel more..think i may have to steal Bashfuls passport hahaha 🙂 loves Fozziemum xxx


  3. I’ve never been to Spain, but I’ve been to Oklahoma. No, wait, I’ve never been to Oklahoma, either. One of these days, Sammy, I’m going to get the Tuesday Teaser. I’m guessing that day will be a Tuesday! xo LMA


  4. Well I missed the tuesday teaser 😦
    But even if I would have been in time I wouldn´t have a right answer 🙂
    Looks like a furry cool place to visit say´s my mom-person.
    Me isn´t much for travelling more than to visit mom´s dad or go to the Pet store and shop treats 😀



  5. Concats to Easy! At least I was in the right region of Spain (Catalonia). Mum could see when she checked her photos that it wasn’t the nunnery she was thinking of on the way to Montserrat. That was a hair raising trip to the monastery by coach. Lots of hairpin bends and hanging out over the edge. She saw several cars and a delivery truck that had gone off the road and were a long way down the side of the mountains totally wrecked. Very scary!


    • YIKES! That must have been scary to see cars that hadn’t made those hairpin turns. My Mom says she remembers as a little girl the first time her family drove over the Rocky Mountains……hairpin turns and having to allow larger vehicles to pass on very narrow roads, etc. SCARY…..but I’m sure it’s not like that any longer!

      Hugs, Sammy


  6. ! Oh those tricksters, I think those Spaniards copied a castle in Germany 😉 Congrats to the first guessers. The area sounds very interesting, thank goodness the Volcano’s are now dormant. That’d make for a very shaky holiday indeed. Bravo Sammykins, great teaser as always, mwaaaaaa (that’s a kiss) xo


  7. dood…we shirley new we wuz knot even in de rite countree 🙂 ,…conga rats onze again easy…we think ewe shuld start collectin theeze sammy badgez like thoz mewvie peepulz collectz thoz awardz statuez & stuff, N put em ona shelvez !! ♥♥♥


    • HA! Good idea……I think some people could paper their walls with BIG GREENIES – but Easy is fast collecting “FIRST RIGHT GUESSER” badges too so he’s getting close on at least doing one wall with them!!!!

      Hugs and Fish, Sammy


  8. Wes has heard that the area around where we lives looks a lot like Spain, and now Clowie has give us the proof. What a great teaser Sammy and Clowie!


  9. Congrats to the winners and we enjoyed the background info on the picture
    Hugs madi your bfff
    PS more snow coming in tonight maybe 4-6′


  10. Sadly we missed the teaser yesterday, but it wouldn’t have made a difference… we would have been clueless as usual! MOL! CONCATS to all the badge winners!


  11. LadyMum iss hangin her head in shame today Sammy….shee wass so far off….
    Mew mew mew; she iss gettin a complex mee finkss!!
    Fankss fur a grate Teezer!
    Wee are just back online with new purrvider….had to stop bye an vizit mee fave Unccle ❤
    ***paw patss*** Siddhartha Henry XxXx


      • So fa so good Unccle Sammy!! LadyMum sayss shee wanted to switch 5 yeerss ago butt has held on with BELL all thiss time. When they sent her threatenin email that did it!
        Shee paid BELL off yesturday so they can not bother her anymore 😉
        ***nose bumpss*** Siddhartha Henry xxx


          • Mee-you not at all Unccle Sammy!!
            LadyMum was berry uppyset when shee read thee threat to cut her off….shee told mee that was ‘IT’; shee wood find a new companee an so far wee iss berry happy with thee sirivice.
            Thee onlee fing LadyMum has realized iss wee do not have unlimited Long distance anymore. Shee will have to pay 2 centss a minnut so shee will have to bee carefull bout meowin too much on thee phone 😉
            Have a furabuluss bacon filled weekend!
            Luv Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=


          • I think you can be Ladymum’s purrrrsonal “telephone call alarm”……..she could probably train you (since you’re so smart!) to give her a WARNING when she’s been on the phone too long!!!!

            Love and Hugs, Uncle Sammy

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  12. As we said…no idea. Mom’s never been to Spain and doubts she will ever get there. It is quite a picturesque spot. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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