Good Morning!

Short and sweet today…………… do you like my new look?   I think it suits me…………


Just kidding………..I wore this to attend a Tea for a new Scout at Cat Scouts……….I quite liked the look so I thought I’d try it out on you……….”HIT” or “MISS” ?????

Happy Thursday

Hugs, Sammy



71 thoughts on “Good Morning!

    • Well the tea was actually in another Patrol – the Wolverines, and I had to be specially invited into their Den for the day so I could attend. Patrol Dens are private (even for the Troop Leader!!!!!) and they send me an invitation so I could welcome Maggie into their Patrol. It was a lovely tea!!!

      Hugs, Sammy


  1. Sammy! The glasses is a hit! The rest of the look, well, mes LOVES your furs! Can’t wait to sees yous at some of the pawties!


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