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Oh my goodness!   Looks like I created a monster with the new badge………..I had messages all morning – “I’m HEEEEERE!!!!!”………”WHERE IS THE TEASER?!”………….. “I WANNA BE FIRST!”

Well there could only be one “FIRST” and only one “FIRST RIGHT”………but as we all know there can be tons of “RIGHT” and “WRONG” – confused?   Me too.   So, let’s get on with it.  Here are the photos from yesterday:

The disappearing conga line.......!

The disappearing conga line…….!

A conga line???  Why not!  But WHERE is the conga line doing the conga?!

A conga line??? Why not! But WHERE is the conga line doing the conga?!

First things first, THANK YOU to my Guest Teaser, Miss Carolyn who is Austin’s Mum at CATachresis which is my buddy Austin’s blog!   Where did she snap the photo?   It’s a couple of photos of the Old Roman Theatre in Beit She’an, Israel!!    This is for you Miss Carolyn and Austin:

Thanks Austin and Miss Carolyn!

Thanks Austin and Miss Carolyn!

WHO was the first one to arrive at the Teaser yesterday morning?   Not necessarily to guess but to be the first commenter?   It was our old buddy Easy – that’s right – he took a break from being caregiver to his Mum who fractured her elbow on the ice the other day in order to be standing by the computer to make sure he was FIRST and he was!   He commented ONE minute after the post went live at 8:41EST.    This is yours my friend:


WHO was the first to correctly guess the location where the photo was snapped?   It was our friend Leo from Walk to Ri02016 and he guessed it perfectly……..he’s been just about everywhere in the world and all that travelling paid off!   Good for you Mr. Leo!   You get this:


Anyone else who guessed correctly you get to have this little gem:


Fans of the BIG GREENIE who guessed wrong OR didn’t know OR who just love the BIG GREENIE, this is yours:


So there!   BRAVO to you………………all of you………….Tuesdays are FUN because of you!!

Hugs, Sammy the Tease


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  1. Concats to Leo and Easy!
    My mum looked up the photos on google after Leo made his guess and she thinks she may have done that place a great injustice by saying they were walking on tarmac. In the google photos it looks like it might be black marble. Oops!
    She has never been to Israel so would never have got it. Better luck next week.


  2. Well done to Leo and Easy!! That picture was taken during the time mum was studying in Israel during the first Gulf War!! She said the gas mask was an excellent facial sauna and dietary aid!! MOL She saw so many old relics and now she is one. Go figure!!


  3. Well done Easy and Leo..seems the go to guys for travel advice hahaa and a lovey place indeed..thanks Austins mum 🙂 and thanks Sammy..again I am green….urghhhh loves Fozziemum xxx


  4. Congrats to the winners. As for us, we’re going to need to find a place to put yet another big greenie 🙂 So far this year, we’ve been right once, which is an improvement over our 2014 record, so we’ll take it MOL!


  5. congrats leo, kevin and doggy! bravo! they had a lot of theaters in ancient times, huh? thanks for my badge, sammy, it’s great! but the best is the fun we have while posting our wild guesses and reading the comments :o)


    • I agree Easy – most of the fun of Tuesdays is watching the comments! HAHAHA How’s your Mom doing?

      You can always count on Kevin to keep us all entertained (at least when Leo has posted on a Tuesday!).

      Hugs, Sammy


      • hahaha yes, that’s true! mom is still in pains, but she always hopes it’s better tomorrow… and maybe tomorrow it is really a little better :o) to type with one hand is a challenge, but she said it keeps her busy and it’s much better than to sit in a dark hole of sadness and to howl like wil e. coyote :o)


        • Please give your Mom a hug from me and my Mom…..typing with one paw is TOUGH TOUGH TOUGH!!!! Hoping that soon they get that elbow totally fixed up for her and she’ll be back to driving the elephant skater.

          Love, Sammy


  6. Darn, we thought we had that right. Mom didn’t recognize that big paved path but thought that could have been added since she had Dad had been to Ephesus. We know we were in good company getting this wrong as many others did guess this. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


  7. WOW, so close……yet so far, LOL Actually I looked it up. Libya is only 1794 km from Isreal. You could probably drive it in under 15 hours depending on how heavy your foot is. Later-Tater and momma Tater 😀 xoxoxo


  8. Well Sammy we went to bed a kupple hours too early than. Weez know we willll never guess da teaser, so we wuz gunna be first to awwive. But when 5 a.m. came wound mommy sed no more waitin’ let’s go to bed girls.MOL

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi


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