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We Have A Winner!

So we may have missed handing out the “First Right Guesser” badge LAST week, but this week we DO have a winner…………..and in fact MANY winners but only one “FIRST”…………..but before we get to that, here’s the photos from yesterday!


Where was my Mom standing when she snapped these photos?   LUCERNE, SWITZERLAND!    My Mom and Dad were there in 1990 on their honeymoon and were crossing a bridge to get to the side of the river where a BIG street flea market was being held.  In fact, if you squint or blow up that photo SUPERSIZE you might see a crowd in the distance by those buildings.

Lucerne is a beautiful city…………my Mom and Dad would love to go back one day – they were only there for two days which was not nearly long enough to see everything.  Good excuse to return right?

My “First Right Guesser” was Kjelle Bus, aka “Charlie” who lives in Sweden and his Mom whispered in his ear what the answer was and he was FIRST!    This is for you my good buddy!


There were a LOT of you who guessed correctly though so I also get to hand out bunches of THIS badge to those of you who said Lucerne – the “Right Guesser” badge which also didn’t get awarded last week (of course)!


If you were “in the dark” and didn’t guess right or didn’t know – you get the BIG GREENIE……………now you’re happy you got SOMETHING right?  I hope so!


Tune in next week for another fabulous round of Sammy’s Tuesday Teaser……….you never know where we’ll go next or if it will be a Guest Teaser – or even if it will be a “THING” instead of a “PLACE”!    I’m just FULL of surprises!


Happy Wednesday!

Sammy the Teaser

Lookin’ for a fun Valentine’s Day event??? 

How about the one the new Mayors of Blogville are having? 

Want some info?  Need details? 

Just click the poster below and zoom over to the Mayor Doods, Murphy and Stanley for the SCOOP!


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  1. Well done and concats to Charlie ! and boy a lot of right guessers indeed Sammy! and what a pretty place..i say it is a great reason to return if mum and dad did not spend enough time there 🙂 as I think any reason to travel and relax is a good reason my friend 🙂 much loves Fozziemum xxx


  2. I didn’t even get here yesterday as The Staff had to go out early and she missed the posting 😦 AND she says she’s been to Switzerland and Lucerne !!! It is a very beautiful place (SHE says!!)

    Anyways a BIG concats to Charlie Rascal :)))) AND to all the others who guessed right! x0x


  3. Congrats to Kjelle!!!
    Oh Sammy thank you for the PSA about the Mayorz Heart 2 Heart dance.
    Raz and I will be attending Cat Scouts and Heart 2 Heart we are such party
    hugs madi your bfff


  4. Congratulations Charlie! That would be nice for your folks to go back there, but I am sure you don’t want them to leave you for too long.


    • Savvy, we all know how busy you’ve been taking care of your Mom and we DO miss you, but we understand because our Moms are always ALWAYS #1!!! Hope all’s well in your world – looks to us like you and TKS are getting along just fine!

      Love and Hugs, Sammy


  5. Mom and Dad have been to lots of places in Switzerland, but that isn’t one of them. She’s put it on her “Hope to Visit” List. Her favorite place in Switzerland is Vevey. Thanks for letting us know about The Valentine’s Day Dance. Hope we all get dates. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


    • Hi Charlie! I’m glad you saw that you were the WINNER!!!! My Mom sent your Mom an email to tell you on Tuesday BUTTTTT I know your Mom works a lot of hours and probably didn’t see it! CONGRATULATIONS BIG GUY – you were the first 2015 WINNER of the award!

      Hugs, Sammy


    • Kjelle Bus (Charlie Rascal) is lucky to be in Sweden – it really is a beautiful country although my parents haven’t visited personally. Charlie’s a gorgeous cat too and is often in cat shows there!

      Hugs, Sammy


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