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Yep – You Know Already!


Bacon Day!

My Saturday Motto!

My Saturday Motto!

You can’t count on a lot of stuff in life but you can count on ME having bacon on Saturday.  As long as I’m here and hungry, I will be baconizing my ginger self on Saturdays.   Maybe you can’t be sure of some stuff like the weather which is unpredictable as heck, the stock market goes up and down with abandon, your Mom may or may not remember to get your favorite treats at the grocery store……..but you can be SURE of one thing……that Sammy is getting bacon TODAY.


International Bacon Day may be in August every year but in my house it’s SATURDAY of every week PERIOD!  


This guy has the right idea – it’s MY kinda recipe!!!!  

Whatever you do, if you’re a fan of bacon – our motto is:


Hope you have something SPECIAL you do on Saturday too????

Love and Bacon-flavored kisses,



Monster Under the Bed!


HA!  There’s a monster in the closet and the monster is going to roam all over my house today removing bunnies of the dust type and wreaking havoc wherever it goes!   That’s right – it’s cleaning day AGAIN.   Why does it seem like this happens every other day instead of once a week?  Hmmmm?

Mom says most of the dust monsters are under the bed......I'm glad I don't have a bed then!

Mom says most of the dust monsters are under the bed……I’m glad I don’t have a bed then!

Are dust bunnies evil?  I don’t think so!   Do they deserve to be wiped out by the monster?  Seems like some sort of cruel trick to me!


Well, all the whining in the world isn’t going to stop Mom and Dad from doing the cleaning today so I guess I’ll just stay out of their way.   When in doubt – HIDE OUT.

Thankful for tents

Thankful for tents

I keep telling Mom maybe she should get a maid………you know – someone who can keep up with stuff instead of this once a week insanity?   I found this one online – I bet SHE could keep this place whipped into shape don’t you??????


We had some more “wintry mix” yesterday but just a bit………….overall I think we’ve been so lucky – nothing has kept me from a little sixty second burst of fresh air when I’ve wanted it the last couple of weeks – I whine at the door and Mom lets me on the front porch until I can’t stand the cold any longer and in I come.  What can I say – I like oxygen once in a while!

Then I was in a BIG hurry to get back inside...too cold!!

Then I was in a BIG hurry to get back inside…too cold!!

Hope your Friday is more quiet than mine will be……………….guess I could always just put on my headphones and listen to some tunes and ignore the chaos – right?

Hugs, Sammy





Shopping Around The World


Here we are again, comparing prices of stuff all over the world which we find to be SUPER interesting and I bet you all do too……………this is part of Bacon and Fozziemum’s BLOG HOP and we hope you’ll take a peekie HERE after you see OUR prices to compare with the others because it’s amazing how different prices are!!

This month we were to shop for the following items – Olives, Light Bulbs, Room Freshener, Lettuce, AND a “Random Item”.   Here’s our stuff!

1.  OLIVES  

At our store a 5.75oz. jar of Imported Spanish Manzanilla olives (Mom’s personal fave) from Harris Teeter (our grocery store)



At Harris Teeter a two-pack of 60 watt bulbs



Mom uses Lysol Neutra Air – Fresh Spray – the 16 oz. size



Mom’s fave is Boston Butter Lettuce

SHOP4$1.99 per head

5.  RANDOM ITEM – we chose Kitty Litter!  Can you guess why?   Who’s the impawtant purrrrson in the house who uses this????

SHOP5 Arm and Hammer Clumping Litter – 20 lb. box $11.99


So there you have it – the truth about shopping in lovely uptown/downtown Warrenton, Virginia!   How do we compare with where YOU are??????   Use the link above to Bacon and find out!

Hugs, Sammy the Shopper



Hi Everyone!   First things first…………..thanks so much for all your purrs, prayers and POTP for Raz and his Dad and their whole family these past several days.   Believe me – they “felt the love” and thanks for joining in on the love-fest because it really does help more than you know!   We’ve all needed our friends before when we’ve gone through tough stuff and you all came through for Raz and his family.   His Dad had his bypass surgery yesterday afternoon and is resting comfortably in his room while they keep a close eye on him.   With some luck he’ll be home early next week and things will begin to be “right” in Raz’s house again – they have all missed their Dad like crazy!

If you want to send best wishes for a speedy recovery, just click this !!


Now, you DO remember that Valentine’s Day is coming up right?  It’s not far away…………..well, there are a bunch of parties going on for that day including a Sadie Hawkins Day Dance at the Tabby Cat Club.   But Cat Scouts is having a big “DO” too AND so is Blogville!   The new Mayors of Blogville, Murphy and Stanley are hosting a BIGGIE and all you have to do to pawticipate is send in photos of you and your “date” ASAP (deadline Feb. 6)!    Click below and be transported to the Mayors’ blog – on their sidebar you’ll see this same “badge” and if you click there you’ll go to where all the details are!   Be there or be square…………..hahaha (remember that old saying?!).    I’ll see you there!!


Speaking of Cat Scouts – we’re of course having a big fat Super Bowl party on Sunday……………my Mom used to be one of those “insane” football fans – well in her dotage she’s not as insane as she used to be (well…..let me reconsider that statement).   She doesn’t scream and yell when she’s watching the Super Bowl…….she just smiles or cries QUIETLY.   I know in my house we’re rooting for the Seattle Seahawks.   I happen to be a fan of football AND baseball.   Ever since I was a wee guy I’ve loved to watch that on TV – Mom says it must be the little ball flying around and the tiny people running every which way for football and she’s not QUITE figured out what’s fascinating about baseball because there’s not as much “action” on the screen but I still watch.   I’m a real sports dude.   Are you going to be watching the Super Bowl?????


Hope you have a happy Purrsday……….and thanks again for all the purrrrrrs for Raz’s Dad………………I know he felt them!

Hugs, Sammy

Teaser Tell All


Boy oh boy that was fun huh?   I waited and waited and waited – first all the post comments were “have no idea” – “not a clue” – then all of a sudden I had bunches of you come back for a second look – something looked just a little familiar or was maybe a bit of a clue………….but finally I got some actual guesses.   Here’s the photo again!


This is a photo of the beautiful Biltmore estate in Asheville, North Carolina.    It’s an interior courtyard shot rather than the usual photo of Biltmore you see from the front so it was a bit of a “teaser” indeed………….in this courtyard are the entrances to the gift shop and an eating area………here’s what you USUALLY see (this is Mom in front in a photo from my blog in Dec. 2012):


The person who said “Biltmore” first didn’t say anything other than “Biltmore” – YES it was right but no other details were given – then 15 minutes later or so, the definitive guess was made so the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was Easy and I’m awarding an HONORABLE MENTION to Madi because she said “Biltmore” !!!   WOOT WOOT AND YAY TO BOTH OF YOU!    I haven’t given an Honorable Mention in a while but you deserve it Madi so you two get these!!





When I did this post last night, only one of you had ALSO guessed Biltmore and it was my buds the Kitties Blue!!!!   You all get this little doozy and if anyone else chimed in with the right answer you ALSO get this!


GREENIE fans – those of you with not a clue or guessing incorrectly – here’s what you’ve been waiting for!


That was tons of fun…….as always……..have I told you all lately how much I love Tuesday Teasers?  I hope you do too………you tell me all the time that you love seeing new places and having a challenge of guessing where the photos were taken so as long as you enjoy it – I’ll do it!

Now other business – – – the past several days I’ve been asking for POTP for my buddy Raz and his Dad who is in the hospital.   As of right this minute, it looks like he will have his bypass surgery TODAY………this afternoon hopefully………….so keep the POTP coming please……..and if you want to leave him a message, you can click below and it will take you to his blog where you can do that!!


Thanks for your support –

you know how POWERFUL paws can be!

Love you all,

Sammy the TEASE