Tuesday Teaser


**Cheering crowd…..applause…..**


YAY!   The last Teaser of the year and your last chance to win a December “Firstie” or December “Got it” or the ever popular December “Greenie” before the new year brings a whole NEW year of Teasers and new awards.   Today’s Teaser is a GUEST Teaser too……………….so if you’re ready (and I just know you are!), here’s your photo!


Now take a good look, decide on your guess and post it ASAP.   If you’re right and you’re first you’ll get this:


If you’re right but not first you get this:


And then there’s the ever popular “no clue” award but hey – an award is an award – right?


Let me know WHERE this photo was snapped……………..WHERE IN THE WORLD????  Hmmmmm??????   I wanna know some details…..got it?

Now get those guesses in………………….maybe it’s YOUR turn to be first!!    We’ll let you know in an email and swear you to secrecy so everyone else can keep on guessing……………!  Tomorrow my Tell All will tell you who our Guest Teaser was AND what the location of the photo taking session was.


Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve Day…….and while I know you’ll all be pawtying then night away, I had a feeling that you MIGHT just want a cozy spot to “recover” from your revelry of New Year’s Eve, so I’m having a “New Year’s Day Breakfast Buffet” for you as you head home from your FUN.   You might have a fuzzy head from all the niptinis, so my house will be your recovery zone.  I’ll have food and a soft place to lay down your weary head.   You might not remember this (or I may not have known you then!) but I did this last year and it was tons of fun.cropped-newyearstimeline1.jpg

One different thing about it this year is that in order to help Miss Marg of Marg’s Animals and to benefit her poor donkey Joe who needs some help with his considerable vet bill after being so injured, I’m making my New Year’s Day blog a COMMENTATHON……….for every comment I get my Mom will donate fifty cents to Marg’s fund to help Joe.  If you want to help out even more than leaving a comment, you can go HERE to do that……………….!!

SO get those guesses coming in AND plan to come by my house New Year’s Day to have some foodables and REST – you wanna look your best when your humans see you after New Year’s Eve right?  A little nap will help – trust me – I know!    It will be my birthday too so I’ll have a birthday cake to celebrate………….WOO HOO!

Hugs, Sammy

YIKES!  I almost forgot to remind you!  This will be a pawty you don’t want to miss for Madi as she leaves her post as Mayoress on January 10th!!!  Check it out!!   This is from Madi’s blog today………………….it’s got all the scoop on the box bash to end all box bashes that Sarge is throwing.

Hosted by Sarge?
Well open your peepers and read on! 
In case you didn’t know or you have had your head under a rock,

I, Madi(son) D. Cat am a Box-a-holic
I never met a box I didn’t like!!
They say if a cat’s head fits into something
so will her bodacious body!!

There will be games, food and who knows
what all maybe there will be a box or two also.
INFORMATION ON JUST HOW TO ATTEND:   (This info is from Sarge)
Anything will do as long as you bring some sort of box to get in the door at the party.   Gee, you could even bring a sand box or a litter box! BWAR HAR HAR     No box, no admittance.   Please send me your box pix by 1-2-15 and you’re all set to attend.    If you do not have, or cannot get your pix with a box, send a pix of just you and I’ll add a box for you!   Send your pix to    lfurman1987ATyahooDOTCOM   and include your name and blog addy.  

Click here to read all the details. 
I hope you all can attend.  

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  1. We’re first!!! YIPPPEEEE…..well…it WOULD be YIPPEEEE if we had a clue but, as usual, we’re clueless!!!

    So much going on….we’ll be here for your Breakfast Buffet and we’re excited about Madi’s Box Bash too!!

    The Clueless Florida Furkids

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well Sammy, mum says that it looks like the Qumran caves in the Judaean desert, but then she also thinks it’s a bit too green in the background! But as between us we can’t think of anything else, we’ll stick with that 🙂

    Looks like a lot of exciting events in next few days, I just might have to take a nap! 😉 MOL


    • Austin, when in doubt, ALWAYS take a nap!!! I agree though – lots of activities this time of year – it’s exhausting just READING about them!!! Thanks for taking a guess too on the Teaser – to find out if your Mum is right, visit me tomorrow morning!!!!

      Hugs, Sammy


  3. As usual I have no clue. It is a beautiful place though. I do have to watch TV more. Perhaps when Houdini gets to feeling better since he travels a lot with mom and dad he might be able guess the future. Can’t wait for your party. Have an awesome day cousin. XOXO – Bacon


    • Oh NOOOOO!!!! There’s flu in your house? Please don’t get it – quarantine your Mom ASAP…..tuck her into bed and close the door. You can play with your Dad and grandparents and let your Mom hug her Barbie doll. Tee Hee. Seriously, we hope your Mom gets better SOON……..sick Moms usually are just a bit grumpy (at least HERE they are!!!!).

      Arches National Park – is that the same as McDonald’s National Park? Oh wait….the arches have to be GOLDEN there don’t they…….well, come visit me tomorrow and see if maybe you’re right?!

      Hugs, Sammy

      Liked by 1 person

      • hahaha too late… the whole furmily sneezes and caughs :o)
        I’m sure that’s the park of Ronals Mc Donald… I can see him with my minds eye how he lures between that rocks and how he throws hamburgers at the people :o)


        • Gosh I’m sorry your whole house is a HOUSEPITAL now. Are you having to be Nurse to all the sickies? Make sure and wear a mask. As for the Teaser – I’m with you – gotta be the “non-golden arches” of McDonalds. That evil clown Ronald probably does use hamburgers for bait then leaps out and scares everyone….pretty mean huh?

          Hugs, Sammy


  4. Mom says that she has no idea where the Teaser is located but that it looks like another place she’d like to visit and is anxious to find out its locale. Very nice what you are doing for Marg and Joe. Mom already sent some green papers. Bet you are getting excited for your birthday. XOCK, Kitties Blue


    • Hi KB! I’ll let you know the scoop on the photo tomorrow I promise! I am excited about New Year’s Eve AND my birthday………….when others are ill or heading to the Bridge, turning 15 takes on more significance than ever. And I am grateful….believe me.

      Hugs, Sammy


  5. dood…way awesum oh ewe ta give up green paperz ta help out joe…we noe him will apurreciates it veree much….we will even sneek in that day frum a stolen cell ewe lar !!!

    N we noe ewe R knot…at fish river canyon….we just like de name !!! ♥♥♥


  6. Holy Moly!! Mom says she has seen rocks similar but not quite the same. I myself, love that place….look at all the places to hide and play. It looks sunny too! Ok mom says Greece along the coast.
    We plan to come visit for your birthday Sammy and visit with Madi too.



  7. Hey Darling Sammy OMCs you have a handle bar mustache and a derby hat….and you look very fine my friend. Thank you thank you for the shout out about my box bash. It is going to be fun.

    My guess for today’s teaser is…….that it is not in my back yard because my back yard is about flooded from all the rain we have had. Mom says the ground goes squisssssh when you walk on it.
    Hugs madi your bfff


  8. *singing* “I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date….” But here now! It looks like Badlands National Park in South Dakota to Mom and Me! Now we are going to go look at everyone else’s guesses!
    Luv Ya!!!!!


  9. My human recognized the scenery as somewhere in Utah – she has been around most of the southwestern states – but you already have lots of more specific guesses about the park.


    • Yes – we were amazed that some knew exactly which park you could find these interesting formations……It was fun looking at the website for the park too (which is in my Tell All post). At least your human knew it was Utah – we had all kinds of interesting guesses “around the world” !!

      Hugs, Sammy


  10. Wee iss gonna say iss sumwhere in Nepal orThailand or India…*LadyMum* had so many ideass butt shee reelly doess not know….Shee should get thee SUPURR GREENIE, MOL!!!!!
    Luvss,Siddhartha an *LadyMum* xxx


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