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Happy Wednesday and as usual, the agony of WAITING is over and I can tell you that not only did we have a bunch of RIGHT guesses, but we have a new “contender” for beginning to collect “First Right Guesser” badges!   But first…….here’s the photo I showed you yesterday:


My Guest Teaser was my very own Aunt Carol!   Mother of two shih tzus and my Mom’s sister…………..(woot woot)……………she sent this photo in and it’s one she took from the Santa Barbara City Hall looking down on the beautiful tiled roofs of Santa Barbara, California!    Here’s the building so you can imagine the above view from up there!


 Thank you Auntie Carol – THIS is yours (even though I know you don’t blog you STILL win!!!!):

Thanks My Three Moggies!

Thanks Auntie Carol!



My FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was my buddy and pal Marty from Marty The Manx !   (can I get a round of applause for Marty since it’s his first time at being FIRST and RIGHT???).

**Roaring Thunderous Applause**

And you also get this little December Gem of a badge Marty:


Those of you who also guessed Santa Barbara, California get this one:


And all of you who were way off base or had no idea WHATSOEVER get the December version of the BIG GREENIE!


Thanks for playing along everyone.  I just love Tuesday Teasers……………Thanks Auntie Carol for making this a good one – we had some interesting guesses this time for sure!

You will only have TWO MORE chances to win a special December Teaser Badge everyone – so make sure you tune in next week for more DRAMA and TRAUMA (you know you love it).

HUGS, Your Teaser Extraordinaire



"Oh Christmas Tree....Oh Christmas Tree......Christsmas 2011

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!!!

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      • It was mom’s fault. She refused to go home with her convertible-pants… I mean why such a drama? She walked around with that flapping pants the whole time till they noticed that special air-condition… and the people of my kraal saw it anyway :o)


        • HAHAHAHA……well then your kraal saw it all! I still think some duct tape is the answer……..she could put gray duct tape stripes here and there and people will think it’s part of the pattern on the pants????? Well it might be worth a try!!!!!!

          Hugs, Sammy


  1. APAWS indeed Marty..way to go 🙂 and I am so glad I get a xmas greenie bwahahahhah 🙂 and Sammy that tree is gorgeous..tell Aunt Carol thanks for the pictures too 🙂 loves Fozziemum xxx


  2. Beautiful photo from your Auntie Carol. And congrats to Marty!
    Happy Wednesday, Sammy – your tree is looking gorgeous; I know you snoopervised the decorating!
    Love, Sundae


  3. Concatulations to Marty! Great job 🙂 We’re happy to add the Christmas greenie to our collection. Maybe 2015 will be the year that we get a Tuesday Teaser right, but we’ll keep guessing, because it sure is fun.


  4. WOOT WOOT!!!! This will go down in history as probably OUR ONE AND ONLY TIME !!!! Thanks Sammy and Mom and Aunt Carol! So excited to get the Christmas First Guesser badge! Hey Easy, now I am in the same club as you 🙂
    Luv ya!


  5. Congratulations Marty the Manx! Great photo of your Auntie. Your tree has lots of gifts under it, I hope lots are for you Sammy. I can’t put ours under the tree yet because Lucy might pee on them.


  6. OMC WE WERE SO CLOSE!!!! We guessed LA! Even though we didn’t win or even guess it completely right, we are celebrating that we at least were CLOSE!! Woohoo!!!!


  7. Oh! Wow! That is so cool that Marty gotted it!! And yous knows, mes thought it looked a little like Milan when me first saw the red roofs, then mes saw all the palm trees….


    • Hi Nellie! Yes isn’t it great that Marty figured it out first??!! It did look like Italy AND Spain and a few other “red-tiled-roof” spots on the globe but here it was in the good old US of A!!!!

      Hugs and Kisses, Sammy


  8. Concats to Marty. Our mom and dad should go some place and hide. We showed them both the photo, but we didn’t guess ’cause they both said they didn’t know and that it could be any number of places. Talk about idiots. They both graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara, Dad with a major in Geography even! Granted it was over 40 years ago, but we know for a fact that place hasn’t changed that much. They are pathetic and worthless. Can we trade them in for the new and improved models. Purrlease! Ho, ho, ho, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


    • HAHAHAHA….oh you guys love your KB Parents to bits so I know you don’t mean it – they probably are just a little DISTRACTED getting ready for Christmas, wrapping all those presents for all of you kitties, etc. Give them a break….there’s always next Tuesday!

      Hugs, Sammy


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