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Shopping Around The World


I’m joining up with my Cousin Bacon for the Shopping Around The World fun today…………………..It’s a fun way to see what stuff costs in other parts of the globe compared to what WE pay here in Warrenton, Virginia!

Here’s what the shopping list was this time around………….and what we paid for each item:

1.  SOUP (our favorite is Campbell’s Bean with Bacon)

We love this soup!   It is $1.67 per can

We love this soup! It is $1.67 per can

2. LIVE CHRISTMAS TREE (we have a fake one but this is what they were going for around here!)

A 5-6 foot Fraser Fir live tree was $24.99

A 5-6 foot Fraser Fir live tree was $24.99

3.  COLDS MEDICINE (my Mom and Dad NEVER get sick BUT if they did, this is what they’d take!)

Knocks you out at night so you SLEEP!

Knocks you out at night so you SLEEP!  Cost is $7.99 for 8-ounce bottle

4.  HOT DRINK (gotta be hot chocolate………anything chocolate and my Mom is ALL over it!!)

NOMMY!!!!!   Only seventy-nine cents a packet!

NOMMY!!!!! Only seventy-nine cents a packet!

5.  RANDOM ITEM (my favorite random item these days is strawberry yogurt which I take my medicine with!)

YAY FOR YOGURT!  Only sixty cents a container!

YAY FOR YOGURT! Only sixty cents a container!

Wanna see what other friends pay for these same shopping items?   Check out Bacon’s blog and see!!!!!   Thanks for hosting such a FUN event!





Teaser Tell All



Happy  New Year’s Eve Day!   May the coming year be filled with tons of love, good health, fun, and HOPE.

The Teaser was a good one wasn’t it?   The fun thing about it was that these rock formations are found in MANY places around the world – so knowing WHICH was the TEASE!   Here’s the photo again:


Where was this??   Who took the photos??   Well here’s where the photo was snapped:


And it was taken by my Auntie Carol on a trip to visit her daughter who lives in California…………..they went to Bryce Canyon Park in Utah and this was one of the many beautiful sights they saw.  Here’s some info on those formations and the park in case you’re interested!    And, Aunt Carol, the little “Guest Teaser” badge is all yours as well.

Thanks My Three Moggies!

Thanks My Three Moggies!

Now – who guessed right FIRST?   Well, I have to say my heart was very happy when my First Right Guesser was my very good but very sick friend Flynn from Two Devon Cats.   As you know, he’s been quite sick and his Mom, Dad and vet are trying very hard to help him feel better.  All of us are purring and praying and sending POTP to Flynn – I hope winning the Teaser helps send some positive energy his way……Flynn my friend, this is for you!


There were others of you who guessed Bryce Canyon too!   You Smarties!   You get this:


Were you WRONG?   Were you CLUELESS?   Well heres’ the BIG GREENIE – the last special December Greenie I might add!   This is for you!


I’m going to try to have some NEW Teaser awards ready in time for the FIRST Teaser of 2015……………….however, before we do THAT, I want to remind you all that tomorrow I’ll be hosting a “New Years Day Breakfast Buffet” at MY house for my birthday.   Also it will be a “Commentathon” to benefit Marg’s Animals and help to pay for poor Donkey Joe’s vet care.   So make sure and stop by – if you’ve had one too many niptinis I’ll have some comfy beds available……..if you need a little food in your tummy, that’s going to be there too………….so stop by and see me!!

I HOPE YOU HAVE A FABULOUS NEW YEAR’S EVE…………….I have two pawties to go to – Cat Scouts and Nellie’s………….maybe I’ll see you there????   May you have the most fabulous year EVER in 2015.   Thank you for being my friends and followers…………you’ve made this old ginger guy a happy boy.


Remember, the POTP Blog is a great spot to keep up with all our friends who need POTP!!!

Tuesday Teaser


**Cheering crowd…..applause…..**


YAY!   The last Teaser of the year and your last chance to win a December “Firstie” or December “Got it” or the ever popular December “Greenie” before the new year brings a whole NEW year of Teasers and new awards.   Today’s Teaser is a GUEST Teaser too……………….so if you’re ready (and I just know you are!), here’s your photo!


Now take a good look, decide on your guess and post it ASAP.   If you’re right and you’re first you’ll get this:


If you’re right but not first you get this:


And then there’s the ever popular “no clue” award but hey – an award is an award – right?


Let me know WHERE this photo was snapped……………..WHERE IN THE WORLD????  Hmmmmm??????   I wanna know some details… it?

Now get those guesses in………………….maybe it’s YOUR turn to be first!!    We’ll let you know in an email and swear you to secrecy so everyone else can keep on guessing……………!  Tomorrow my Tell All will tell you who our Guest Teaser was AND what the location of the photo taking session was.


Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve Day…….and while I know you’ll all be pawtying then night away, I had a feeling that you MIGHT just want a cozy spot to “recover” from your revelry of New Year’s Eve, so I’m having a “New Year’s Day Breakfast Buffet” for you as you head home from your FUN.   You might have a fuzzy head from all the niptinis, so my house will be your recovery zone.  I’ll have food and a soft place to lay down your weary head.   You might not remember this (or I may not have known you then!) but I did this last year and it was tons of fun.cropped-newyearstimeline1.jpg

One different thing about it this year is that in order to help Miss Marg of Marg’s Animals and to benefit her poor donkey Joe who needs some help with his considerable vet bill after being so injured, I’m making my New Year’s Day blog a COMMENTATHON……….for every comment I get my Mom will donate fifty cents to Marg’s fund to help Joe.  If you want to help out even more than leaving a comment, you can go HERE to do that……………….!!

SO get those guesses coming in AND plan to come by my house New Year’s Day to have some foodables and REST – you wanna look your best when your humans see you after New Year’s Eve right?  A little nap will help – trust me – I know!    It will be my birthday too so I’ll have a birthday cake to celebrate………….WOO HOO!

Hugs, Sammy

YIKES!  I almost forgot to remind you!  This will be a pawty you don’t want to miss for Madi as she leaves her post as Mayoress on January 10th!!!  Check it out!!   This is from Madi’s blog today………………….it’s got all the scoop on the box bash to end all box bashes that Sarge is throwing.

Hosted by Sarge?
Well open your peepers and read on! 
In case you didn’t know or you have had your head under a rock,

I, Madi(son) D. Cat am a Box-a-holic
I never met a box I didn’t like!!
They say if a cat’s head fits into something
so will her bodacious body!!

There will be games, food and who knows
what all maybe there will be a box or two also.
INFORMATION ON JUST HOW TO ATTEND:   (This info is from Sarge)
Anything will do as long as you bring some sort of box to get in the door at the party.   Gee, you could even bring a sand box or a litter box! BWAR HAR HAR     No box, no admittance.   Please send me your box pix by 1-2-15 and you’re all set to attend.    If you do not have, or cannot get your pix with a box, send a pix of just you and I’ll add a box for you!   Send your pix to    lfurman1987ATyahooDOTCOM   and include your name and blog addy.  

Click here to read all the details. 
I hope you all can attend.  

Tough Times


Hi Everybody!   These last several days – around Christmas – while those who celebrate the holiday with fun and laughs and presents were doing just that, there were so many of our blogville friends who were not so lucky……..for some reason none of us understands, there has been an extraordinary amount of illness – serious things – passing among our friends.  In and out of hospital – on and off medicine – not eating, not drinking, not thriving in any way……and it’s VERY troubling.   And sad.   We’ve had some “Bridge crossings” and that’s been sad as well.

One of the saddest stories was the story of Joe the Donkey.   Joe lives with Marg and her other animals ( and had a serious run-in with a barbed wire fence which left him quite horribly injured.  You can read about it on her blog and the photo of his injuries speaks for itself.   He’s got a gigantic vet bill and a long road to recovery.   The Blogosphere is putting the word out to anyone who can help with the expenses to do what they can IF they can.   Here’s the information we received from Ann at Zoolatry:

Many of you have already helped our sweet friend, Joe … yet the need is great … Brian (Brian’s Home) has set up a special website on Joe’s behalf … the LINK is below, and the need is great as Joe continues to receive care. 
Please visit, and help as you can.
Please feel free to use the badges attached.
Please promote Joe’s needs on your own blogs … on your Facebook pages, Twitter, wherever you can and in whatever way you can.
It will be so much appreciated.


This wonderful little guy has a long way to go and Marg and all her animals will need our continuing love and support. 
Thank you, Brian and Terry for doing this … and thank you to every pet blogger out there in this amazing community who care so very much.  YOU ARE ALL WONDERFUL!​So of course if you can help Joe that would be great.    Some of the other kitties I’ve been talking about on my blog are not out of the woods yet either with their illness/health issues.  Our good friend Flynn was feeling better, but now he’s barely eating again and will go to the vet again today – we hope he’ll come home feeling better.  Our buddy Cody is eating well again and while his parents are still worried, they feel relieved that he’s eating and resting after his emergency vet visit.   He also will be having some more tests.

So keep your paws crossed that our friends – ALL of them – will be feeling better soon.   We have a brand new year coming and nothing would make me happier than if everyone starts it feeling GOOD………Remember the POTP is truly powerful………..purrs and prayers DO work/help.   Let’s keep them coming everyone!

Also remember that tomorrow is YOU KNOW WHAT day……………….Teaser Tuesday of course!   AND, your last chance to take away one of those fabulous December SPECIAL badges I designed………….I’ll probably work on some NEW Teaser badges for the new year but for now – put your thinking caps on, grab your maps, brochures, and atlases and be ready for the Teaser.  It will pop up in your inbox at a random time…………..then it’s no holds barred baby – – – the big scramble to be FIRST or even RIGHT will be ON………… I’ll see you then OK?    By the way, it’s a GUEST TEASER…….tee heeeeee

Hugs, Sammy 




Sunday Selfie


Christmas Morning Half Asleep…….Huh?

I’m pawticipating in The Cat On My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop!

Click below


We’re saying prayers and sending purrs to all our friends who are very sick right now – there are so many and we’re worried along with everyone else……a season of joy is now sad and we hope everyone gets well very soon……….lighting a candle of HOPE

Lit Candle