Wordless Thursday???


Yep – I know what you’re saying…………everyone else does a “Wordless Wednesday” but I’m changing it up for MYSELF this week because (if you can believe it) I am giving Mom and me a break.   I’m just gonna post a couple of photos from the first day of Cat Scouts Jamboree and ask that you give me a break this week!   We’re a little distracted here anyway since we’re waiting for blood work info.  So, here’s a little peek at what’s happening at the Jamboree!  ENJOY!

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I’ll have more photos for each day of Jamboree (we come home on Sunday)!

Your Favorite (I hope)

Cat Scout Troop Leader



About onespoiledcat

We are Angel Sammy and Teddy......! When I went to the Rainbow Bridge in December 2016, my Mom and Dad adopted Teddy from the same shelter where they got me 17 years ago.......he's a cutie......I'm teaching him ALL I know. It's great that I can continue blogging from the Bridge - we have great wi-fi up here! Teddy and I will tell you all about our adventures together AND we have some fun blog features every week too. It's nice to meet you..........have fun with TWOSPOILEDCATS!

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  1. Go have fun Sammy and Mum can rest up and have some MUM time…always will be our gingerbread man…look forward to more super pics and some SUPER news from the vets! loves always your biggest fan (not in a creepy Stephen King novel kind of way ) Fozziemum xxxx ❤


  2. Oh, you are at the Jamboree! Well have great fun there Sammy. Breaks are good now and then and understandable too. Fingers still crossed tightly for good good news for your blood. Sending your Mom big old hugs and scritches to you!


  3. Hi Sammy, I am sending good thoughts and soft purrs to you for excellent blood work results! The jamboree is great even though I can not really be there for the evening events! It’s great fun though and it’s great to see everyone! Xxxx


  4. Have a great time at the Jamboree Sammy. We are still waiting for my results. Mum will give them another hour (5pm) and then she is ringing again. We don’t know what the delay is. I hope the blood didn’t get lost when the courier collected it. I think she is worrying more than me.


    • I think the bacon helped my thyroid because the doc said yesterday that I’m FINE and my thyroid level is in normal range (which is about the only normal thing about me….hahahahahaha). Thanks for the positive thoughts! It worked!

      Hugs, Sam


    • Well the vet called Mom yesterday to say that it IS working and I don’t need to be on TWO pills so I’m a VERY happy boy. Thanks so much for the good thoughts and crossed paws – it worked!

      Hugs, Sam


  5. That Cat Scouting sure looks like fun, but mes is waiting for a Kitty Diva club, where wes goes shopping, and to spas, and gets massages and that stuff,


    • Nellie that sounds like the PERFECT kind of club for you………you are the ultimate diva……..and that photo of you doing ballet set my old heart a-flutter this morning!!!!

      Hugs and kisses, Sammy


  6. Hey, Sammy, you know you are my favorite leader, furiend, mentor and confidant. All the sisfurs and I really enjoyed the slide show. *salute* Mau


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