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Saturday Stuff


Hi Everybody!   Well are you all recovered from your turkey comas yet?  We are…….I think………my Mom and Dad brought back leftovers from their feast and I got to sample most of it and it all passed the “Sammy Taste Test” !   I’m just grateful they remembered to bring the poor kitty cat who was lonely at home some scraps from the table….sniff sniff……

We’re having my truly favorite thing this morning as always on a Saturday………………………..BACON!!!   Mom and Dad are both having a “Bacon Bonanza Sammich” !!

NO NOT THIS BIG!!!!!!  But doesn't this look yummy?

NO NOT THIS BIG!!!!!! But doesn’t this look yummy?

This is the sammich Mom and Dad made....

This is the sammich Mom and Dad made….

Last night at Cat Scouts we had a food fight.  No we weren’t being hooligans we really did have a sponsored food fight – more specifically a “pea fling and brussel sprout shoot-out” !   You know how human kids when they misbehave at the dinner table might try flinging a pea at their brother across the table when Mom and Dad weren’t lookin?????  Oh come on – you know what I mean!  (HAHAHA)………….well we did the same thing last night – after we had dinner we got out our pea shooters and catapults (what better thing to fling a brussel sprout than a catapult??) and had a ball.   Silly?  Probably!  Fun?  Definitely!   Cat Scouts are a FUN bunch……………’s what I wore for the event – I was READY!


If you’re not a Cat Scout……think about joining up!  If you’re a dog – guess what – there is a Dog Scouts organization too!!   What’s next?   Guinea Pig Scouts?   WHY NOT!!!!!

Happy Saturday (with or without bacon)




Quiet Friday


Yep – the day after a holiday (especially the ones that fall on a Thursday) is usually VERY quiet……………….unless of course you work in a department store where things are INSANE.   Fortunately my Mom and Dad are due back from their Thanksgiving feasting in W. Virginia this afternoon so I will not be watching Mom gathering up her “shopping equipment” to head out the door early this morning to SHOP TIL SHE DROPS.

For all of you who DO that – and can’t wait for those after-holiday sales………..BON VOYAGE!    Here’s what I’ll be doing:


Now doesn’t THAT look more reasonable than fighting for a parking space at the Mall, arguing with other customers fighting over the last purple sweater in your/their size, standing in line with lots of tired people and screaming kids just to buy that purple sweater you JUST HAD TO HAVE, fighting traffic from the shoppers AND the coming back from Thanksgiving people on the roads????   Why yes it does…………….so if you’ll excuse me I’ll go back to doing what I do best!

Sam napping in the guest room


Hope you have delightful

turkey leftovers tonight

like I’m gonna have!



Shopping Around The World!


Hello!   Two posts from me in one day?  Well, stranger things have happened!    I wanted to pawticipate in my Cousin Bacon and Fozziemum’s “Shopping Around The World” blog hop because I do think it’s interesting to see how DIFFERENT prices of the same stuff can be in different parts of the world.

For my part, this is what the shopping list (popcorn, beer/wine, chocolates/ice cream and random item of my choice) came to when Mom checked the items out in our stores here in Warrenton, Virginia!

1.  POPCORN – my Mom and Dad don’t have it that often but when they do, it’s microwave popcorn…..I like to steal a piece of it from Mom’s bowl and push it all over the living room until it starts falling apart.  I don’t EAT it – I just play with it!

BACONSHOPPINGPOPCORNGood old Orville Redenbacher………………….a three-pack for $3.49

2.  BEER/WINE – well of course I don’t “indulge” but my Mom and Dad have been known to have a brewski (Dad) or glass of wine (Mom) once in a while.  My Dad is the KING OF BREWSKIS though and his favorite is often on sale so Mom gets it for him as a treat (I prefer kitty treats myself)!   My Dad had Warsteiner for the first time when he and Mom were on a river cruise in Germany…….it was on tap on the boat – the bottled stuff is good but not QUITE as good as on tap!

BACONSHOPPING2Dad’s Favorite – Six-pack $8.99

3.  CHOCOLATES – oh dearie me – now this is one of those things that sends my Mom into orbit because she is a self-professed chocoholic.  She loves the stuff……maybe more than she should.  Santa Paws brings her a BIG box of Godiva chocolates every year (or else Mom will write him a nasty letter).   If not Godiva, she likes Ghirardelli!

BACONCHOCOLATE  Watch out candy aisle……my Mom coming through!!!!     $2.69 for 3.50 oz. bar

4.  ICE CREAM – this is another thing that we don’t often have in our house.  WHAT????  NO ICE CREAM????  I know…sinful isn’t it?  And I’m sure “the kitty/me” would enjoy a lick or two or three of ice cream once in a while but do we have it here?  Rarely!   If we DO, it’s gotta be Breyers Cherry Vanilla though!


5.  RANDOM ITEM – our “random” is one of those things Mom keeps two or three of in our basement freezer for those nights when she just plain does NOT feel like making dinner.  Where would the world be without frozen pizza?  I don’t know and I don’t WANNA know!   Thanks DiGiorno for feeding my parents from time to time!

BACONPIZZA$5.99  (say…….if this is the same price as the ice cream – I vote for the ICE CREAM instead of the PIZZA!!!!!)

So that’s my shopping list for this time around………………..


Sam (who prefers yogurt)