The Haunted House






Happy Halloween……………… come in everyone and make yourselves comfy and cozy……………have a walk around the house…………….if you dare………………there are snacks in the dining room and before you leave (if you CAN leave of course….hahahahaha) make sure and see who the winners of the 2014 Sam-O-Ween Funniest Costume contest are as picked by YOU!!!


Be careful of the candles now – I wouldn’t want you to get……HURT……


No worries – all my guests are VERY well behaved……..



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After you eat you might like to continue touring the house?????


Better to be safe than sorry you know………I also think it best if you do NOT go out the back door…….


Now my friends for the moment you’ve ALL been waiting for (I hope!) – I’ll happily announce the winners of

the 2014 SAM-O-WEEN Funniest Costume Contest!  We have THREE winners – the TOP THREE entries with the MOST votes – and YOU chose them in the poll!







Let’s hear it for pirates, spaghetti and meatballs and of course GIN AND TONIC!!!!!    Hip Hip Hooray and congratulations!

For EVERYONE who entered in the contest – I made this for you to have as a souvenir of this year’s Sam-O-Ween contest……..please copy it for your blog or wall or bathroom closet or wherever you wish to display it!!


Gosh – you have to go so soon?   Looks like some of my guests would like you to STAY a while……..


Oh I understand….you’re tired….you wanna go home and eat your trick or treat candy…..OK…..I hear ya!!


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  1. Well done the winners! Richly deserved. Comfy and Cozy aren’t exactly the words we’d use to describe your party location 😉 Sure looks like you’ve got some wonderfully creeps foodstuffs on offer 😀


  2. Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to everyone who entered for making us laugh. I called it on the spaghetti and meatballs! That was a good one. My 2 favorite things in the haunted house were the mummy hot dogs – yum, and the room with all the bloody hands that are trying to pet me….. Wait. What?

    Love and licks,


    • Hi Cupcake! I’m glad you didn’t get too scared in the Haunted House….I worried about that! I know you hate pumpkins so I hope you didn’t peek in the back yard there……….EEEK! Thanks for coming by dear little girl and thanks for being in the contest………….Happy Halloween!

      Love, Sam


  3. What a pawty, Sammy!! You are always the best HOST!
    Concats to the winners of the contest: adorable costumes!
    Happy Halloween: I should dress up as a…..SUNDAE!
    Love, Sundae


  4. *peeps round door* Is it safe to come in? MOL

    ConCats to the winners. We thought the costumes were very inno …. innov ….. clever!! 🙂

    Now I must try some of that spaghetti and meatballs!! 😉 Thanks for a great spread, Sammy xox


    • Hi Herman! Thanks for coming by the Haunted House…..chocolate? Did you say chocolate? Mom has lots of chocolate treats for our trick or treat kiddies who will stop by tonight!!!! If you show up at the door we’ll give you some!!!! Tee Hee

      Happy Halloween to you and Mr. Bowie!

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  5. Concats to Summer..Raz and Allie an Ellie..apaws apaws…Sammy we iz lovin this house,,except…seems we haz misplaced..or um..lost..Cleo! she waz so happy to get out from the KDS fur the night she took off down THAT hallway..she waz wearin a funny grin an carryin her crystal ball..can you send her home when you find her the noms were great know Sammy..your pawties are the best..and we love the hard works you put in so APAWS to you too! an mum of course MOL…we gotta scoot …we off to the TCC now MOL..maybe Cleo will turn up their? paw pats an loves Dinnermintz xxx


  6. OMC We won? We’re soooo excited!!! ConCats to Summer too – she’s an adorable pirate!!!

    We’re going to try some of those noms and we plan on staying FAR AWAY from that scary corridor and VERY far away from the back door!!

    Thanks again Sammy – this is a fantastic celebration. We love Sam-O-Ween!!!

    The Florida Furkids also known as Mr Spaghetti and Meatballs, Gin and Tonic and Cubby the Hippie


  7. Oh MY! I know personally me just looking at these wonderful pictures of food, I’m going to gain 15 pounds! Just wait until Bacon sees them all – he won’t leave! Perhaps then I can get some work done around here 🙂


  8. I won?!? Wow! Yay! I love Allie, Ellie and Raz’s costumes LOADS – concatulations to them! I am enjoying your party so much, Sammy, and I am only a little bit scared.


    • Hi Summer! You ROCKED the contest my little friend……..congratulations! I’ll need your snail mail address – will email you after I finish answering comments here……..I’m glad you only got a LITTLE BIT scared at the Haunted House…..Tee Hee

      Hugs, Sammy


  9. *Timmy Shivers and looks around with wide eyes*
    Thanks fur the invite and we all love the pawty! Thank Mew.
    This contest was so much fun Sammy and this year the competition was really tough. We loved little Summer. She was so very cute. An amazing kitten she is growing into a fine cat. Wish we would have won but we liked all our furends costumes that were creative and fun.
    Thanks for another great time Sammy
    Timmy and Family

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    • Thanks for coming by the Haunted House AND for entering the contest this year – everybody looked amazing – I’m glad I wasn’t voting – I let all of YOU do that part!!!! HAHAHAHA Hope you have a fabulous Halloween!

      Hugs, Sammy


  10. Yow what a creepy manshun diz iz…we can hear fingz wreslin in da wallz…me iz havin sum misty punch n sum Mummy dogz n wunderin which way to go…
    Timmy Tomkat come dubble up wif me okayz?? We gotta stick together…we can wait til Bacon getz here to xplore okayz??
    Here Timmy haz a cuppycake wif me!
    Conkatz to da winnerz of da contest 🙂
    Lub Nylalbue x0x0
    Pee ess: Sammy n Miss Pam diz pawty IZ DA BOMM!!!!


    • I’m here my sweet purr thing. It’s been crazy here at the Hotel Thompson today. I’ve been in/out of the buffet. This food is delicious! Doesn’t Sammy throw the *BEST* parties evah? I ❤ all of this food – I'm making a pig of myself. Are your ready to hit the haunted house? Will you hold my hoof my sweet love. XOXO – Bacon

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  11. Awesome party Cousin Sammy – LOVE ❤ the food and haunted house. As always you throw the BEST parties my friend. Now, I'm off to sample some more treats on your table. Licks piggy lips and jumps in – SCORE. XOXO – Bacon


  12. Congrats Summer! Congrats Raz ( Madi will jump with joy now, huh?) and congrats Allie and Ellie! I love Spaghetti with Canada Dry, that’s the perfect menu! I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to have a meal with this guy who had to wait tooooo long for food :o) Have a super howl-o-ween Sammy and please don’t spend the night in that spooky house…. or I’m afraid we will have a special teaser on next tuesday :o)


    • I promise I won’t be spending the night here….it’s WAY too spooky for me!!!! Thanks for coming to the party Easy……..I’ll report on how Halloween was in my blog next week. WE WILL HAVE A TEASER ON TUESDAY!!

      Hugs, Sammy


  13. LOL, Gin and Tonic! that is very creative!

    Your haunted tour was very spooky, with so much blood. Or maybe you dropped the ketchup on the way to the plate of bacon? I did make Blossum a costume but didn’t get to you on time, sorry. I’ll paste it here if that’s ok.

    Happy Halloween Pam & Sammy !


    • What a GREAT costume you did for Blossum! She looks like the ultimate GHOST KITTY! Thanks for taking a tour of the haunted house………weren’t the winning costumes FAB????

      Happy Halloween to you from us!
      Love, Sam and Pam

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  14. My stars what a house….I hope this isn’t your house made up for Halloween Sammy. It reminds mom of the Munsters tv show. The food was very good the blood biscuits with catnip cream cheese were to die for…..sorry, didn’t mean that. All in all a fantastic haunted house. I must congratulate Summer…the pirate…1st. place, Raz….the meatball…2nd place and Ellie and Allie….gin and tonic. Now I’ll use them all in a sentence. When I dress like a pirate I always eat spaghetti and meatballs with a healthy amount of gin and tonic. Congratulations to the winners!



    • Hi Shoko!!! Bravo on the sentence you put together…..all the winners will love that I’m sure! Glad you came to the Haunted House and I hope you weren’t TOOOOO spooked!!! See you at the Purrrade at Scouts tonight!

      Hugs, sammy


  15. conga ratz two all de winnerz !!! ….N dood…thiz bee a grate haunted houz toor…and partee ..we nabbed sum extree werm punch if thatz oh kay; we can use de werms for haunted fishin !!!

    heerz two a happee haunted halibut howl o ween week oh end ♥


  16. Yow me is glad me iuz feelin bettur so me cuud bee here…..
    Baconn oh Bacon ya wanna go sampull summ cuppycakez?? Dey iz nommie guud…n dere iz sumfing callin down da hall. timmy Tomkat do not go down dere!
    MOL Nylablue x0x0x0


  17. Of coarse me will hold yer hoof me darlin piggieboy what me lubz!!! Let us go carefullee okayz?? Dere are sum creeeepy fingz ’round diz place….
    Me haz had so-o many cuppycakez me made a piggie of meself too, hehehe…
    Lub Nylablue xxx


  18. Concats to Summer, Raz, Allie and Ellie! Everybody had really good costumes! We held paws and went through your haunted house and it was really scary and fun. We didn’t know if Scardy Cat Cali would faint but she didn’t. We ate lots of good scary noms too. Thanks for inviting us to your Sam O Ween pawty. Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S.)


    • Thanks to all of you for coming to the Haunted House! I know it was a little bit scary but if you all stayed in a group and held hands maybe it wasn’t as spooky as it WOULD have been!!! I’m glad you had a good time – I sure had a great time with all my friends again this year…………I hope I’m around to do it again next year!

      Hugs, Sammy


  19. Concatulations to the winners (mes voted for all of them!) that Summer sure is a cutie pie!
    and Sammy that Huanted House is spooktacular!!! Wowwzers!


    • Nellie I hope you didn’t get too scared in the Haunted House…….and did you see I had a pumpkin patch in the back yard? It was nowhere NEAR as fabulous as your pumpkin patch. Your Mom and you did a FABULOUS job making our Halloween special with our very own pumpkin and so many for other friends. You’re so sweet!

      Love and Kisses, Sammy


  20. We wanted to come by again to say what a great time we had at the Sam-O-Ween party and to say thanks to all who voted for Mr. Spaghetti and Meatballs and the Gin and Tonic girlz!!

    Happy Halloween!!
    The Florida Furkids


  21. You really know how to throw a party Sammy! So much good food,fun & furiends. It’s all in the little details. Costumes were great and the winners well deserved. Happy Halloween, Looking furward to next year! =^,,^=


    • Hi CK! Thanks for taking a peek at the Haunted House…….I thought Summer looked FAB in her pirate gear………and Raz and his sisters were in totally cute costumes too as Spaghetti and MEatballs and Gin and Tonic. It was a fun party and contest…… MIGHT have won you know if you’d entered!!

      Hugs, Sammy


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