No Labor For Me!


Happy Labor Day!   I know not everyone is celebrating this holiday but WE are,

so I thought you’d like to see how I plan to LABOR day…….NOT………

Should I just spend the day here?  Yeah.....why not!

Should I just spend the day here? Yeah…..why not!

Actually I will be (virtually) at a Cat Scouts Labor Day pot luck today – all day –

but actually my parents will be visiting the neighbors for a cookout.  So

when I’m not pawtying with the Scouts, I’ll be on the couch snoozing. 

You betcha. 

That’s as LABORSOME as my Labor Day is gonna be!  

Lots of people here are celebrating the fact that since it’s Labor Day,

they don’t HAVE to actually LABOR

(unless you consider all the cookouts and picnics

that will be happening as LABOR)!!

Here's me with some of my friends being as "Laborsome" as we intend to get today!

Here’s me with some of my friends being as “Laborsome” as we intend to get today!


If you’re having a holiday today – ENJOY! 

If not, enjoy anyway! 

Remember:  Tomorrow is TEASER!   

Hugs, Sammy

75 thoughts on “No Labor For Me!

      • I am sweet Sammy..just a few blogs to visit and a couple of cheeky quick posts and off to the couch …mr Head cold has decided to visit…I maybe should have jumped on the plane with my son and his wife this they wing their way to the USA ..poor things will still be in the air hahaha and he HATES keep eyes peeled for a terrified looking dude 😉 loves Fozziemum xx


    • HAHAHA! Indeed my friend…… I will spend as I usually do – doing NOTHING – however I will do it with the knowleddge that on Labor Day, doing nothing is precisely what I SHOULD be doing!

      Hugs, Sam


    • Well Mom and Dad will just be with the neighbors so it will be a QUIET one……and Cat Scouts Labor Day party – well – who knows who’ll be able to get there on a holiday?!?!?!

      Happy Labor Day


  1. we pick option too : enjoy anyway, it’s just any monday here. I’m ready for tomorrow, bet it’s a tough one after the long weekend huh? Have a super labor day (and send me the leftovers from your cookout please lol)


    • Hi Nissy! I did more than my share of nappin’ and nippin’ today and I do believe since it was Labor Day, I deserved every nap and nip!!!!! Hope you had a grand day yourself my friend……

      Hugs, Sammy


  2. Sammy yer lookin guud wif yer fruendz at da cookout!!
    We iz snugglin here n reedin bloggiez n answerin reepliez n stayin inside! So hue-mid outside me n Mum cannot breethe! UGH!!
    So we inside n iz kewl wif fan’z blowin n hangin wif Mum iz 22 pawz up GUUD!!!
    Happy Laburr Day!
    Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤


    • We had one of those humid awful days here too Nylablue………Mom and Dad were outside in it because they were next door for a cookout but I was NICE AND COOL in my tent here at the house while I waited for them to come home. It was QUIET and peaceful….MY kind of day!

      Hugs, Sammy


  3. Hi Buddy! You sure look awful comfertabuls–We’ll drop by the picnic a little later when the Human finishes up at the laundromat! Happy unLabor Day!


    • Hi Spitty! I had a marvy day napping while my Mom and Dad were next door making noise and having fun. I much prefer the peace and quiet of my tent to all that human giggling behavior don’t you? So much more DIGNIFIED!

      Hugs, Sammy
      pee ess The Scouts picnic was FAB!


  4. We all have been non-laboring today too, but we got lucky. Since it cooled down a bit, Mom took us for an afternoon walk AND we might get to go again tonight.

    Happy Labor Day.

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning


    • Nice!!! We had a hot and muggy Labor Day but late in the afternoon we had a tiny shower then the “muggies” left and it cooled down. Perfect day……..glad you had a good Labor Day too!

      Hugs, Sammy


  5. And wusn’t da picnic fun Sammy?. Bet yous pawents had a gweat time too. Weez kinda chilled all day today. Mommy helped me wiff cat scouts, but udder than dat, weez wested.

    Luv ya’



  6. EEooww Sammy me FURINALLEE got to go out in me Condo @ 6 pm til 8 pm…it kewled off nice n den we had rain n me stayed out in Condo watchin it….
    Da balconee above keeped me dry. 😉
    So me DID get sum guud Condo time 🙂
    Soundz like ya had a purrfect day dere eben wif da rain…
    Quiet iz GUUD!
    Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤


  7. I hope you had a good nap on Labour Day sweetie pie! Mum always make fun picnics for you and your other kitty pals, loving that. I had a day of house cleaning after all the goings on over the week before. It’s fun cleaning my own house again though….LOL, I won’t be saying that for long.


    • Moving into a new house means you have all those rooms to learn where the dust bunnies like to live, and all the patterns of where to clean first, second, and third……stuff like that which will soon be ROUTINE…..for now it’s fun……..!!

      Hugs, Sammy


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