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It’s That Time Again!




Everyone knows me well enough to know that I really, truly do enjoy a bit of bacon on a Saturday morning.  Not that I would refuse it if offered on another day of course but my parents ALWAYS, ALWAYS have breakfast on the weekend whereas it’s “hit or miss” during the week.   Proof of the fact everyone knows is my “Bacon Sign” that our friend Michelle from My Three Moggies sent to us a while back.   The sign never moves from this spot………it’s at the bottom of the steps from the second floor at the entrance to the kitchen so Mom smiles every time she comes down the stairs – I like it there because I think it just might put the IDEA in Mom’s head that some bacon would be yummy that particular day!


I also happen to know (because I listened in on their conversation while hiding around the corner from them) that they’re planning a cookout this weekend where BACON CHEESEBURGERS will be on the menu!!   I’m thinking this is MY weekend for a bacon-bonanza!    BE STILL MY HEART…………………. ♥♥♥


Other than waiting for the BACON BOAT OF HAPPINESS to sail by my house this weekend, I have no plans – how about you?   I’ll be napping – and probably dreaming of YOU KNOW WHAT!

HUGS, The Bacon Boy

The Week That Was


It’s finally Friday!   It has seemed like a super long week……………which is weird since I am sleeping most of the time so who notices time?!?!?!   HAHA   But still, for those who have humans who are gone during the week, Friday marks the end of the big WAIT for the weekend when you can hopefully get a bit more attention paid to you – I remember those days before my parents retired!

Halleluja it's FRIDAY!

Halleluja it’s FRIDAY!

Mom was working around in her office today putting things in their proper place and saw the photos that we’ve posted and shared with you before of some of her former kitties – before I made my debut in her life!

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She’s obviously had a “thing” for gingers…tee hee….Eddy was a stray who came into her life the day after her Dad passed away and she always thought her Dad sent Eddy to her because she’d be very lonely and need company.   Her Dad was right and Eddy was a great cat.   He was an important character in Mom’s mystery novel as those of you who have read her book know!

Some of you have asked if the two strays around HERE are still hanging out with us and the answer is YES.   “Stevie” and “Tina” have homes but they like eating their meals and spending some nights and days with us.  I think they know this is a truly KITTY-FRIENDLY home!!!    We have a sort of understanding – we sniff noses through the screen doors – when I’m outside and they appear we touch noses but they leave me alone and I leave them alone.  I’ve been an only kitty for 14 years and am not about to give up the throne around here…..HAHA





What else is going on at the end of this week?  Not much…………..have been busy with Tabby Cat Club and Cat Scouts but basically yours truly has left all THAT work up to my Mom while I sleep my days away.  I’m being very good with my medication – love love LOVE that raspberry yogurt so much I don’t even notice the medicine in it!   I’m not asking for yogurt about three times a day in fact.   I’ll go sit in front of the refrigerator and try to talk it into coming out the door and into my mouth….!

I don't know who this kitty is but I bet he's looking in there for HIS raspberry yogurt too!

I don’t know who this kitty is but I bet he’s looking in there for HIS raspberry yogurt too!

I hope you’ve all had a good week………….please remember today is the Commentathon in honor of our dear departed Sparkle………’s for a super worthy cause so please take a moment to stop by her memorial ceremony.



Have a super Friday…….

Your Pal Sammy



Hepatic Lipidosis?…Will You Help Save This Cat?


Changing The Image


So, MGM decided to change their image…………yeah, apparently that scary growling lion just HAD to go…………..they asked me if I would be interested in helping them TONE THINGS DOWN a bit……… know me – always happy to help out!!!


WHATCHA THINK???????????????????????????

P.S.  Day Two of the Tabby Cat Club riverboat trip is in action – stop by – comment – get a giggle or two!