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Blog Hop Around the World


Hi World!  Bet you thought this was Sam’s blog right?  Well, it normally is but today we’re having TWO blogs – “his” and “hers”………why?  Because I’m involved in a Blog Hop thanks to my friend Dianna of These Days of Mine who invited me to participate.   Dianna and I have been friends for a while – she lives in southern Virginia and we don’t get to see each other often but I feel like I’m in her world every day through her blog.  She posts spectacular photos of sunsets and sunrises on the water – she lives right on the water and the views are gorgeous and different every single day.

So the Blog Hop invites bloggers to answer four questions then nominate/ask three other blog friends to answer the same four questions the following Monday (a week from today).   No special links or widgets to install – just answer the questions and ask three of your friends to do the same the following week.  Easy?  You betcha!

1.How does my creative process work?     If I’d answered this question back when I was writing books my answer would be slightly different than it is as a blogger.  Writing a novel for me took a bit more planning and research and attention to detail, but writing Sammy’s blog for him is totally “by the seat of my pants”……whatever comes to me at the moment I start his blog for the next day, is what I write about.  I put myself in Sam’s place (which, after 14 years with him I seem to be able to do!) and whatever I imagine to be on HIS mind, is what we talk about.   If you follow him you know there are three “givens” in a week of Sam’s blogs…….Tuesday is the Tuesday Teaser with photos of far away (or near) places and everyone has to guess WHERE.  Then Saturday we talk about bacon – endlessly – Sam’s Saturday morning treat is bacon and the whole world knows that by now.  On Sunday we take a bit of a break for a Silent Sunday where we generally post a fun photo with no “verbage” required!   Anyway, my creative process works THROUGH Sam’s eyes – it’s the world through Sam and I enjoy doing that.

2. How does my work differ from others of its’ genre?  We read a LOT of pet blogs and for the most part, they are written “by” the pet – from the pet’s perspective – life through their eyes.  There are some that have the pet owner blogging about things the pet has done or places they’ve gone with their pet but when I started Sam’s blog, I purposely did it so it was as if HE was writing it.   Only with time visiting other blogs did I realize that a lot of other pet bloggers did the same thing.  So I’m not sure my work differs much from other pet blogs.   When I wrote novels and childrens books, I know that the way I worked on those was different from most other writers I knew………..I wrote without an outline – I allowed my characters to take me where THEY wanted to go.  Whatever seemed fun, logical, or interesting was where the action went……I put myself IN the story and wrote from INSIDE looking out.   I thought it might appeal to a reader to have that kind of perspective – it made it fun to write too.

3. What am I working on?  As an “every day” blogger, I am always working on something – getting ready for Tuesday Teaser or the next day’s blog or next week’s project – and Sam is now a Cat Scout and member of the Tabby Cat Club and both of those are fun organizations who do a lot of fun things.  Sam’s “knee-deep” in Scouts for instance.  He organizes activities for his Troop and tries to be supportive of his fellow Scouts……this takes TIME.  So I’m almost always working on something “for Sam” – you might say it’s a labor of love…..because it is!    I’ve thought about doing another childrens book……and have a sequel to my mystery partly finished and getting dusty on the shelf when I quit writing a few years ago……….but for now – Sam keeps me plenty busy.

4. Why do I create what I do?  That’s an easy one……..and will be the shortest response of the four questions.  I do what I do because I love it.  Blogging is wonderful – it’s my window to the world of pet blogging and the MANY friends I have as a result.  I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

Now I must confess that while I extended the invitation to join in the fun and be one of my three bloggers to answer the questions next Monday on their own blog, I heard back from only two of my friends who were totally “on board” to participate NEXT Monday.  Julia, who writes a totally wonderful blog about her blind cat Oscar and Sam and I enjoy “seeing” Oscar’s world through HER eyes is one of those.   Their blog is Lessons With Oscar and if you aren’t familiar with it, you should be!!   The other is my very creative friend Kelly whose blog Boomdeeadda is a total delight full of crafty wonderfulness.  She has an eye for art, and a magical slant on everything else in her life.  Since the idea is to have three friends respond and I only have two,  if any of you WOULD like to answer the questions next Monday on your blog and pass it on to three of your “willing” friends – please do so!!

You’ll get a separate blog from Sammy today – I know you don’t want to miss that!   Thanks for bearing with me through this one……….I don’t normally toot my own horn but Sam was very generous and allowed me to use his WordPress blog.  He’s such a good boy!!

Hugs, Pam (Mom of Sam)

Me and Baby Sam

Me and Baby Sam



My Monday Post!


I guess you noticed that ONE SPOILED CAT is flooding your inbox today – with TWO blogs for the price of one!    I took pity on my poor Mom and allowed her to use my blog for her OWN purposes in posting a “Blog Hop” which she is participating thanks to her friend Miss Dianna (my girlcatfriend Sundae’s Mom!).   Anyway, please forgive us just this once for dumping more mail in your inbox OK???    Purrrrrrrlease????


Now, onward………….of course today I am here to remind you that tomorrow is Tuesday Teaser and guess what…………..go on………guess………what?   Not in the mood to guess?  Oh alright – I’ll tell you……..I have a GUEST Teaser again.  Just two photos of the same spot but maybe if one doesn’t inspire you the other will.    Not sure if it will be a tough Teaser or an easy Teaser – you’ll have to decide………AND on top of that, remember it will be posted at a SURPRISE TIME……you won’t know when it will hit your inbox……….so stay tuned!   Remember Leo was first right guesser last week but this week – who knows?!?!


The other thing I must tell you is that I am so excited about July 4th this year…………………Mom and Dad are going next door for a cookout but after dinner everyone is coming here to MY yard and Mom and Dad are going to have fireworks!!!   Why am I excited about that noise???  Because they don’t get the noisy, ear-splitting, EEEEEKY fireworks – they get the PRETTY stuff……the kind of stuff I can stand at the front door windows and SEE without running to hide.  Mom seems to think that’s what I’ll be doing………I probably will!    Mom and Dad used to do fireworks in their front yard every year but it’s been about four years since they did……………the two little boys next door are going to be at home this year instead of visiting relatives so that’s the REAL motivator!!

My Mom loves colorful fountains (quiet ones!)

My Mom loves colorful fountains (quiet ones!)

We’re also having a big all day picnic on Cat Scouts………….we know how to have fun on Cat Scouts you know……………..we’re going to have BBQ and fried fish and other food that people will bring because it’s a pot luck……..and volleyball, and even a cake walk (remember those???).  Should be a blast……….If any of you kitties are interested in knowing more about Scouts – just ask me!  I’m a fountain of knowledge (well…….I’m a Troop Leader anyway if not a “fount” !!).

The field where Cat Scouts will be celebrating the 4th!

The field where Cat Scouts will be celebrating the 4th!

Hear ye....hear ye.....Cat Scouts are partying again!

Hear ye….hear ye…..Cat Scouts are partying again!

That’s about it so until tomorrow when I tease your socks off (haha), have a GREAT Monday and don’t forget to read that boring blog of my Mom’s……….well, alright……..maybe it’s not totally boring but I know MY blog is WAY MORE interesting anyway………..right?

Monday Hugs,




Bacon Bonanza


Oh boy!  Saturday………..and not just ANY Saturday either, it’s the Saturday following THE GREAT DESERTION of my Mom two days ago when she visited my Aunt in W. Virginia,  so I had a feeling there would be plenty of the good stuff on hand and sure enough – there is!


We also found these wild photos online…………maybe you’ve seen them – if you’re bacon-obsessed you look bacon stuff up all the time (OK….maybe not ALL the time!) online………check these fantastic pictures out!  I could LIVE here!


WILD HUH???????  Everything’s made of bacon and lunchmeat……mmmmm….prosciutto!!!!

You know NEXT Friday is Independence Day here in the US of A……………..I heard the word “fireworks” spoken this morning for the first time in about 4 years.  My parents haven’t done their own fireworks in the front yard in several years but this year they’re making a comeback.  Now I’ve been a lot more brave these past weeks (for some unknown reason!) but I think I’m gonna draw the line at fireworks participation.  They’ll be on the front lawn of the house and you can count on me being somewhere QUIET… under the bed with headphones on listening to music – PEACEFUL music……..Mozart maybe!

Gimme some QUIET!

Gimme some QUIET!

Happy Saturday (whether it be baconized or just plain QUIET!).

Hugs, Sammy

Freak Out Friday


MOMMMMMYYYY!!!!!!!   Come home!!!!!!   No it’s not that Daddy’s been torturing me………it’s not that he hasn’t fed me or petted me or followed me around while I whine……’s not that he didn’t TRY to let he go outside and munch on grass……it’s none of those things……..his lap just isn’t as comfy as yours is!

Sam Sleeping on Mom's Lap

Mom will be home from Auntie Carol’s later this afternoon and I’m excited……………………CAN YOU TELL????????????????????    I hope she had fun.   I hope she brings home some birthday cake……….Dad forgets to put warm water in my wet food to make it soupy like Mom does…….gosh I’m just full of complaints this morning aren’t I.

Sam on Mom's Recliner

Mom’s chair but where’s Mom???!!!

Well if you want to know the truth of what I’ve been doing while she’s gone………….I think you could guess pretty easily because most of you know me pretty well by now………………….

An afghan below and an afghan on top!

An afghan below and an afghan on top!

Yep – that’s right…………………..I’ve been up in Mom’s studio under my tent snoozing.  What a life.

Drive home carefully Mom – I’ll be waiting for you!!! 

Love, Sammy