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Bacon Makes Me Smile


Well friends, I’ve been depressed lately……………….why you might ask?   Sadly, it’s mostly because all the fun I’ve had with my fellow Cat Scouts has ground to a painful STOP because of major site problems.  All the language I’ve heard about what’s wrong and what needs to be done and who will be doing it and why goes right over the top of my ginger head – I am NOT NOT NOT a “techie” so whatever the problems are (and there are a lot of them), I don’t know what it takes to fix them.  All I know is that it’s been over a week now and I’m not the only Cat Scout who is suffering severe withdrawal.


Gosh….this photo gives me the creeps Mom….but I guess it DOES make me look like a very pitiful Cat Scout!!!

So, what’s a guy to do when he’s feeling LOW??????   The answer is to enjoy something near and dear to our hearts………yep……….and for me – you know that means BACON!!!!!!!


A mile-high bacon sammich!

A mile-high bacon sammich!

I told Mom to make sure and keep a good supply of the crispy, crunchy stuff on hand because who knows how long the Cat Scouts site will be dysfunctional????  A while probably……………so until I can get back there and have more fun with my buddies, I guess I’ll just be munching away.   Oh and probably pouting…….I’m very good at pouting – just ask my Mom!!!   This does remind me though – remember I made a badge for all of you who want to declare your love of the wonderfulness of Bacon?  Here it is again if you forgot to copy it when I first shared it – help yourself……………bacon is the best medicine for depression in Cat Scouts (and ALL cats and other animals in general!!!!).


So there you have it…………………I’m drowning my sorrows in bacon today.   However I want to make it clear that should Cat Scouts ever be back up and operating again, I will cut back on my bacon usage to the normal state of things – Saturday is Bacon Day…… the meantime I’m having it as often as I can get it to keep my spirits up!

Have A Bacon-Filled Caturday!  


P.S.   Today is Henry’s 7th Birthday at My Three Moggies – make sure you stop by and wish him a HAPPY one!



I Just Had To Do It!


Hi peeps……………….yep – it’s another rainy day here in paradise………… since things aren’t changing in the weather department in spite of my incessant whining, I decided to do something in self defense – I had no choice – I couldn’t continue waiting by the window for it to stop – I just couldn’t…………………so, instead…………………I did THIS!     NOTE:  THIS SLIDESHOW REQUIRES NO EXPLANATION……….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Can you blame me?  What self-respecting cat would have done differently I ask you…………if you can’t lie in a sun puddle, and you can’t go outside and get some fresh air, and you can’t make faces at visiting cats out the window because THEY aren’t visiting in the rain then what else can you do but sleep?

I rest my case Your Honor……………….convict be of being a snoozer……………just promise to put me in kitty jail somewhere there is no rain and lots of sun puddles (oh and a very comfy and quiet bed with lots of gourmet food available!).  Is that asking too much??????

Rainy Day Hugs,

Soggy Sam

Yep - this is how I see myself catching some rays!

Yep – this is how I see myself catching some rays!

Unpacking Baggage: Thursday Purrsday


Teaser Tell All



So I was right – right? 

I said the Teaser might be a toughie…..and it WAS!

Indeed it was…………..I had some really REALLY good guesses but nobody knew this one and no wonder – talk about an “exotic” location… most definitely was.  Here are the photos again then I’ll give you the SCOOP!

Who was our GUEST TEASER this week???   It was my friend Charlie Rascal (Kjelle Bus) and he asked his Mom to send me a bit of information about this location since SHE’s the one who took the photos!  Here’s what she said:

Some information about The Prince Islands:

The Prince Islands are a chain of nine islands off the coast of IstanbulTurkey, in the Sea of Marmara.

During the summer months the Princes’ Islands are popular destinations for day trips from Istanbul. As there is no traffic on the Islands, the only transport being horse and cart, they are incredibly peaceful compared with the city of Istanbul. 

Most ferries call in turn at the four largest of the nine islands: Kınalıada,BurgazadaHeybeliada and finally Büyükada.

Thank you to Charlie’s Mom Camilla for sending me such amazing (and very tricky!) photos to use for my Tuesday Teaser.   We certainly DID fool everybody this time around and that, my friends, is why I’m getting THIS today!!


Everybody else – you get this one this week – remember though, there’s always NEXT week! blew it!

Uhoh…you blew it!

I must say that the most INTERESTING and “creative” guess on the Teaser photo yesterday was from our friend Annie at Animal Couriers………………in case you missed it, she guessed “Loch Ness Monster” and know what?  That one photo with the three bumps in the water – well – it DOES look like the Loch Ness Monster!   Miss Annie – you’re the winner of this because I LOVED your guess so much (tee hee):
SAY – is that the Loch Ness Monster him/herself on the right side of that badge?????  HMM???????


– Keep Smilin’ –

I sure am…………Hugs, Sammy

Tuesday Teaser


Actually, the title of today’s blog SHOULD be:

Tough Tuesday Teaser!

Yep – I know I’ve said it before and you’ve found it EASY instead but I’m thinking maybe – just maybe – this is a tough one.   For that reason I’m showing you THREE photos – they look a lot alike but they show different views and maybe it will help you figure it out!

Remember, if you guess right FIRST in comments, you get the award EVERYBODY wants – and we all know this to be true right?   The world goes wacky when they’re the FIRST at something – that’s why I just know you’ll want to send in your guess quickly – and you need the right location – where is this and what is this?????  I need to know where on the globe the photographer snapped these photos – what country?  Do you know?  Hmmmmm???    Ready???   OF COURSE YOU ARE!    Oh – and before I forget – this is a GUEST TEASER – you’ll find out WHO tomorrow along with WHERE!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See?   Not so easy huh?   Well, you search your little hearts out and see if you can find where this is then zip off your guess to me and if you’re right you get this:


First Right Guesser!!

First Right Guesser!!

If you’re RIGHT but not first you get this:


Right but not FIRST!

Right but not FIRST!

And of course if you’re WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY out of sight wrong (or even just a little bit wrong 🙂 ), then you STILL get to display this on your blog: blew it!

Uhoh…you blew it!

Not a bad deal I’d say wouldn’t you????

Thanks to everyone who had fun with us over our long Memorial Day Weekend – not only was the Indy 500 race a BIG success at the Tabby Cat Club, but my Memorial Day cookout was wonderful as well.  Even though many people are knee-deep in their own family activities on Memorial Day, many of you still came by to visit the cookout, stay a while, maybe take a nap in a hammock and in general make some NEW memories with friends.

I’ll see you tomorrow and remember if you guessed right first, I just might whip off an email to tell you so……….but then you’re not allowed to say word – you have to CELEBRATE in silence until Wednesday rolls around and you can tell the universe that you were the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!

One last thing before we go………………..our little friend Dezi who lives with her Mom Miss Audra and her sister Lexi mentioned on her blog that TODAY is her Mom’s birthday……….we’d like to wish Dezi’s Mom a VERY Happy Birthday today – please stop by to tell her yourself – she would appreciate it I’m sure.