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Teaser Tell All


Hello Teaser Fans!!   I know you’re absolutely dying to hear the scoop on yesterday’s CHILLY Teaser right?  RIGHT?  Well, I can’t blame you……….if you are a “comment follower” you saw a LOT of guesses – some really super good ones too I might add.   There was VERY LITTLE to go on with that photo and I know that……….plus it was a night shot which made it even HARDER to see enough detail to make a good guess…….so I guess it really was amazing that in spite of that, one blog buddy guessed right………….he didn’t guess the city location but sure as heck guessed the right country!

First things first………here’s the photo again:


Where is this and who guessed it?   Well it’s a HUGE resort called Are, and it’s located in Jamtland, Sweden !!!   Are is northern Europe’s largest and most advanced sport resort (no matter WHAT time of the year you’re there!!).  In 2007 Are hosted the Alpine World Championships.   They really are mostly known for winter sports but the area is gorgeous and hikers, bikers, and all sort of sports-minded people visit the place.

One of my good buddies, Travis, from Lone Star Cats took what he said was a wild guess and guessed SWEDEN – which was absolutely on the money – he just didn’t say “Are Resort” or that it was in “Jamtland”……but Sweden was sure right!   Let’s hear it for Travis!


Thanks to everyone who guessed though – the rest of you who didn’t come close will STILL get the “clueless” badge so that’s something at least – right?


Oh come on……there’s always NEXT Tuesday gang!!!   Here’s a little slideshow to cheer you all up……

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See??   I knew that would work!!!    Now you can carry on with your Wednesday with a big old smile on your face…………at least I hope you do!!

Teaser Hugs, 



P.S.   Some of you alert blog buddies have noticed that it’s only ELEVEN days until my blogaversary – for your information,

OF COURSE I’m going to have a pawty. 

OF COURSE everyone is invited. 

OF COURSE there will be food, fun and more food……………………

I’ll give you more info as we get closer – after all ELEVEN days can feel like a lifetime!!!  


Tuesday Teaser



I kind of led you to believe that today’s Teaser was going to be C-O-L-D and remind you of the icky days of Winter that MOST of us have finally said goodbye to……..well, mostly.   Anyway, the reason I said that is because of this!


Yep – that’s today’s Teaser photo and after you put your sweater on to inspect it, then get busy guessing because whoever guesses the right City, State or Country (all of those!) will get this little beauty:


If you guess part of the answer right or also guess the TOTAL answer right but aren’t first – then you get this OTHER little beauty:


If you are one of the CLUELESS – well – I feel for you – that’s why I have something for you even if you had no idea on the Teaser OR guessed and were TOTALLY, POSITIVELY, WRONG!


Now if I may interrupt your Teaser programming to ask that you send some purrs to a friend from the Tabby Cat Club who is “missing in action”.    That’s right – Clementine snuck out the door of her house a few days ago and hasn’t been seen since.  Her humans are looking for her and everyone has an eye out for her but she’s nowhere to be found.   If you can say a little prayer or send some purrs to her family, they will (and I will) appreciate it!   If you click on  her photo, it goes to her blog………….






Sammy The Tease Man

My version of a human martini.....a martuna!  Enjoy your day!

My version of a human martini…..a martuna! Enjoy your day!

Pre-Tease Monday


Yep – it’s Monday again – about the time that everyone gets their engines revved up for Tuesday Teaser………………well it will take me a while to “rev” because I had such a nice, relaxing weekend.   Hard to put yourself in “drive” when you’ve had yourself in “park” all weekend.   This was me MOST of the time – at least when I wasn’t out in the yard or on the front porch!


Oh Mom!  Did you have to do the flashy thing???

Oh Mom! Did you have to do the flashy thing???

At least it's not right in my face!!

At least it’s not right in my face!!

About tomorrow’s Teaser – I just selected it a little while ago and I think it might be a tough one.  I say MIGHT.   Most of us are so happy to be RID of the winter but this photo will bring it all back to you – trust me.  You can almost feel the chill.   But that’s your only hint.  Yep – that’s it!   Wonder who’s gonna get it FIRST tomorrow?   Me too……..but whoever does will get this little goodie:


And whoever guesses right but isn’t first will get this ALSO little goodie:


And you folks who really don’t know or couldn’t stand to look at the cold long enough to guess, get this little goodie:


See?  Goodies for EVERYONE!!!   Now get a good night’s sleep because when the Teaser goes “live” at 6AM Eastern Standard Time tomorrow you wanna be ready – don’t ya??  Hmmm?????







Bacontastic Caturday


My newest word – do you like it?  “Bacontastic” ????   Obviously bacon + fantastic = ME ME ME on a Caturday when Mom’s making breakfast for us…….

My Saturday Motto!

My Saturday Motto!



Don’t forget to take this badge if you’re a bacon lover like me! 

Proudly display your LOVE of the crispy brown stuff!!  WOO HOO!!

Yesterday my Mom finally got her “Spring On”…….and went to Home Depot and bought some plants for the yard and our deck boxes.  She’s been whining about not having planted anything yet so I told her “get thee to the Depot woman!!” and by gosh she did.  She and Dad ran a bunch of errands and one of them was Mom getting some plants…….yes it’s still early but we’re taking a chance that we won’t have any more freezes or hail or snow or any of that ugly stuff…….besides, she didn’t buy any tender stuff like impatiens.   I used to love love love it when she planted those – all those pretty colors – but the deer simply will NOT leave those alone no matter what kind of deer proofing we do (other than putting a fence around the entire thing and we can’t do that).

Yep - the good old days before the deer discovered how delicious our flowers tasted!!

Yep – the good old days before the deer discovered how delicious our flowers tasted!!

I’ll be sure and share some photos when I can get Mom to take some pictures but guess what – ten minutes after she planted everything she bought, it started raining!  Perfect – she didn’t have to use OUR water to water the new stuff – Mom Nature watered it all for us!   THANK YOU MOM NATURE!


Not sure what I’ll get up to this fine Saturday but probably not a whole lot………….I know Dad’s going to work on the Blazer a bit – Mom will probably do boring old laundry – so I may just have to do what I do best………………….sleep!

Happy BACONTASTIC Caturday Everyone!