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Pooped Friday


Alright – not THAT kind of pooped!!!!  Pooped as in tired……………….Mom’s doing all the work but I’m exhausted just watching her.   They aren’t even moving until probably mid-June but yet the activity is on an increase around here and I’m not too crazy about it……………

No it's not my Mom and Dad....these people have happy faces and my parents don't !!!  HAHAHAHA

No it’s not my Mom and Dad….these people have happy faces and my parents don’t !!! HAHAHAHA

There’s lots of information out there about how to move when you have a cat – as in how to make it EASY for the cat……I’m wondering if someone wrote a book about that subject for humans because I’m gonna get it for my Mom!!  HAHAHA    She’s like the energizer rabbit and in between packing and cleaning and fixing things up for the house to be shown to potential buyers, she’s on the computer FOR ME!!!   Trust me, if I could do my own computerizing I would – AND I EVEN HAVE THUMBS but that doesn’t mean I can do it all myself.  I need her……SO my mission is to slow her down.  What’s the hurry Mom?  Make sure you check those boxes before you tape them up!!!! 



Oh – and by the way – where’s DAD???  Shouldn’t HE be helping????   Oh I know – he’s busy isn’t he!!!!

Dad putting the plane away in the hangar after flying

Uh huh……..well he’s just being smart – staying out of the way I suppose!  

I can't wait to relax again...meanwhile I'm staying here - out of the way!

I can’t wait to relax again…meanwhile I’m staying here – out of the way!

Anyway, you might as well get used to the fact that over the next few months I will be letting off some steam about moving………..among other things………..think you can stand it?  Gosh I hope so…..I know all of YOU understand even if my Mom doesn’t quite GET IT!!!!


Sammy the Traumatized Cat

Spring Fling Thing!


Me again!  Yep – two bloggies in one day.  This is a special blog though – it’s for Madi’s Spring Fling which is where we all share tales of our “firsts” – like a first date for instance WHICH (coincidentally) is what my blog is all about this morning.


You see, my first date EVER was with the beautiful calico Sundae.   Sundae lives in Southern Virginia and I live in Northern Virginia so we’ve never actually MET in purrrrrson……we’ve conducted a long distance relationship.  Sundae lives with one of my Mom’s bestest friends, Miss Dianna and while Miss Dianna and her husband have met and had lunch and fun with MY Mom and Dad, Sundae and I have never spent time together.

sundae bag3

Where did we go on our very first date?   Why it was LAST year’s Valentine’s Dance that Mollie and Ranger hosted.   I was so nervous because even though I was 13 years old, I’d never taken a beautiful girl kitty out on the town or to a dance or even the MOVIES!  EVER.   Sundae is a lot younger than I am too – I didn’t know if I’d be too boring for her.


I rented a fancy car…………


We flew to the party in a fancy jet………..

A nice relaxing drinkie, a bag of snacks, and my girlcatfriend Sundae - what more could a guy ask for?!

A nice relaxing drinkie, a bag of snacks, and my girlcatfriend Sundae – what more could a guy ask for?!

We dressed up pretty……….


We danced the night away and had fun……………

And we’ve been boycatfriend and girlcatfriend ever since!   Just because you don’t see the object of your affection every single day doesn’t mean you can’t feel the same way about them as those who do.   We talk back and forth every day and when we do get together we have fun.  Isn’t that swell????????   We’ve had several adventures since then including the recent trip to the Moon, but I will always remember our first Valentine’s Dance…….SIGH………

Make sure and visit Madi’s to join in the blog hop for Spring Fling or to follow the links and read more “FIRST” stories for Spring!!



Keep Kalm Thursday


Hi All!   What’s with the keeping calm thing?  Well there’s just a lot of excitement around here right now………….for one thing the first BIG QUEST is happening this weekend on Cat Scouts.  That’s right – a big challenge for all the Patrols in Scouts and we won’t know WHAT the challenges are until we get there.  We had a practice Quest and had to identify animal tracks and birds……but something tells me the “REAL” Quest might be a bit more……well…..HARD!   So I’m prepping for that.

Sammy Kimmell, Wildcats Troop Leader

Sammy Kimmell, Wildcats Troop Leader

But the really BIG thing to try and keep calm about is that my Mom and Dad are buying another house.  That means yours truly – who has only lived in this house for his whole entire 14 years – will have to move to unfamiliar surroundings.  For a scaredy-cat that’s gonna be tough…….for an OLD scaredy-cat it’s gonna be traumatic……..!  I’m trying to be brave…….I don’t even think my parents know that I know about this big change – when the realtor came to sign papers and stuff I ran for the basement like I do whenever the doorbell rings.  My parents think I was hiding down there as usual but I was actually sitting on the top step with the door open LISTENING.  Being a good private investigator……..just call me Sherlock Sam……or Charlie Chan Sam……..but I heard EVERYTHING!

No more house on the hill?????

No more house on the hill?????

The toughest thing will be when people come to see MY house – of course ideally the first person to come see it will want to buy it and they’ll give my Mom and Dad an offer they can’t refuse!  EASY PEASY – all the drama and trauma will be over with QUICKLY.   Otherwise we may have to let strangers into my house over and over until someone succumbs to the charms of my home.

Sam Standing at Front Door

Oh no! More strangers???


It “ain’t gonna be pretty”…………..I’m gonna be a nervous wreck.   I’ll try to just enjoy all the boxes I’ll get to play in and hide in and let my parents do their thing while I “spy” from a quiet corner or the top of the stairs.  Then one day probably in June if things go well, some men will come with a GREAT BIG TRUCK, pack all my stuff up and take it to the new house (which is only about 2 miles from THIS house!!)………and THAT will be THAT.

I’ll probably LOVE the new house once I get used to the smells and find the hidey spots…………but folks – this old cat is truly gonna be upset.  I foresee a lot of horking in my immediate future.   Mom’s gonna talk to the Vet about that soon…….just to see what HE has to say………..Mom thinks maybe a scarf for me to wear that has some of that Feliway on it?  Keep this old man CALM………….cool man…………..

Now this guy knows how to be CALM!

Now this guy knows how to be CALM!

I’ll miss my yard…………..we have a yard in the new place but it’s a lot smaller – my Mom and Dad are tired of maintaining this huge amount of yard and gardens…….and who knows – maybe there will be a cat or two in the neighborhood and I can make friends?  I’m TRYING to look on the bright side…………but first I have to FIND it (the bright side).

little happy facePracticing my best fake smile……

Hugs and Happy Keep Kalm Thursday!


Teaser Tell All and Undies


Howdy Teaser Fans!!!   What a great Teaser that was right?   RIGHT???  It really could have been a photo snapped in so many places and I had some great guesses…..Montana, Colorado, Canada – it’s a beautiful photo of a beautiful place.  Here’s the photo one more time:


Where is this little bit of heaven on earth?  It’s in the beautiful Siberia Valley which is part of Mt. Aspiring National Park in (ready for it?) NEW ZEALAND!!!!!   It’s a rather remote spot and many people visiting the Valley arrive by helicopter OR it’s a several day hike on foot.

Now I have a confession………………..when Mom found the photo she found it after googling “SIBERIA” – wanting it to be Siberia, Russia.  Yep – she thought that would be a hoot………..well when this photo popped up did she investigate if it was indeed Siberia Russia???  NO SHE DID NOT……..she ASSumed – and you know what that means.  DANGER……..and we actually told one of my best buddies, Raz from Florida Furkids that he was RIGHT because he guessed Siberia Russia……..(probably after googling the same thing my Mom did…hahaha).   I felt just AWFUL because I sent him a message saying he would be getting the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER award today.  Mom and I were VERY red-faced when, after telling Raz that we needed to confirm that he was in fact right – we found out it was the Siberia Valley in New Zealand.  That’s why I’m giving my pal Raz my apology AND this Honorable Mention!


So who WAS the actual First Right Guesser?  NOBODY………….no one guessed New Zealand………….so I’m afraid we all get this badge this week – including me!!


Thanks everybody for taking a guess…….I knew it was a tough teaser and it truly was.  It was also a lot of fun – AND while many of you say you learn a lot about the world from my Teasers, this time I ALSO learned something about the world – there is definitely more than one SIBERIA!!!!!

* * * * * * * * * 

The other thing that’s going on today is – well – somewhat embarrassing but I’m pawticipating because once in a while I can be a wild and crazy guy……..what am I talking about?  Why it’s Easy and Mollie’s blog hop today for “Show Us Your Undies”……….yes world – are you ready to see me in mine?  Are you?  Really?  Sure about that?   OK – here I am…….I bet you could have predicted BACON would be involved…….right?


Make sure and visit Mollie AND Easy to see all the other bloggers pawticipating in this “naughty but nice” blog hop today!  WOO HOO!  Undies are always fun (unless they have big holes in them of course).

Your Wacky Friend Sammy !!

Tuesday Teaser


Happy Tuesday Everybody!  Hope you all had a happy Saint Patrick’s Day……….I went to parties all day long but from what I remember (tee hee) I had a very good time!

However, now we must get down to serious business – the business of determining WHERE IN THE WORLD this photo was snapped.  Yep – tell me where you think this is and if you’re the FIRST to guess it right – you’ll get one of my new awards WHICH you’ll see posted after this photo!   Ready?   Got your glasses, and computer screens cleaned off and ready to pop?  Here you are………….


You have all day to agonize over the photo and send in your guesses but at the end of the day, there’s still ALWAYS only one “First Right Guesser” and that person gets this!


Those of you who ALSO guess right but aren’t first, get this new gem!


And of course all my buddies and pals and friends who haven’t got a clue where this is OR guess incorrectly – get this one!


Everyone’s a WEEEEEEEENER!   HAHAHA    Tomorrow I’ll have the Teaser Tell All and give you the scoop on the photo and you’ll find out who wins what in the “Sammy’s Fabulous New Teaser Badge” department…..then you can display it on your blog if you wanna or “delete” it if you wanna but it’s YOURS anyway………….

Believe it or not (I’d rather NOT have to believe it but I do) we had about ten MORE inches of snow night before last.  That’s right – TEN MORE INCHES…….we’d had some days in the sixties – had all the old snow GONE GONE GONE then whammo another storm.  Everyone here is hoping it’s the LAST one.  INCLUDING ME!

Hope you have a great day and hope you didn’t wake up this morning with a terrific hangover from too much green beer yesterday – it might make your eyes blurry and you need your eyeballs for the Teaser today……! 😉




From Sammy O’Kimmell



I know I don’t have to tell you what TODAY is………….but just in case you’ve been living under a rock and need to know – here’s me in my outfit of the day to remind you!


There are parties everywhere – The Tabby Cat Club is having one, Cat Scouts is having one and I know many of the blogs you and I follow will have them too.   That’s why I’m NOT having one – so you won’t pig out here and not be able to eat there………….with ONE EXCEPTION.   No Saint Pat’s day could possibly float on by without this!!   Irish lamb stew… yourself and be sure you wear something GREEN today or else you just might be pinched!!!!  OUCH!!


Now that you’ve had your fill and are ready to continue on your way, please take this with you from me!


May the road you travel today be full of smiles

May you feel the love I have for each of you as my friends

May there be a big pot of gold (or catnip) at the end of your rainbow

May you not forget that tomorrow is Tuesday Teaser!!!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day !  

Sammy O’Kimmell

 One Spoiled Leprechaun!

Bacon Day


Howdy!   I realized as I started doing my blog for today that I used my pigtastic artwork for the wrong day – should have been TODAY right?  Pig?  Bacon?  Yum?   Well, that’s alright……I have lots of other pictures of my most favorite nommylicious food in the entire universe that could be gracing my blog today……… these for instance!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So are you up to your eyebrows in bacon?  Well that’s too far because you don’t want so much bacon that it bypasses your MOUTH where it belongs!!!!    HAHAHA

I also want to thank my buddies at The Island Cats !  Why?  Because they very graciously passed on a way cool award to me yesterday – the “KEEP CALM AND BLOG AWARD”…….well, I try to keep calm but sometimes (like on Saturday when bacon’s cooking in my house) I tend to get a little UN-CALM, but I’ll try real hard so I can deserve this award!    THANK YOU ISLAND CATS!!


Rules are I need to post the award (done), link to the sender (done) and pass it on to ONE friend.   I’m passing it on to my friend Easy.   He’s offered the use of his guest room for me to stay while I attend Gauguin’s Art School which is not far from where he lives.  He sees potential in my fabulous artwork.  What a guy (although he may need glasses if he sees potential…hahaha).

The other thing I have to remind you about is that today is Ranger and Stuart’s joint BARKDAY and they’re celebrating it with the DOGTONA CAR RACE and you know who (me) has entered!  You’ve got to stop by Ranger’s blog and get the scoop – today’s the day – you want to cheer me on right?   …………..VROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!   Because I’m an old guy, I’m in the second race of the day at 11:00AM Eastern Standard Time…..and I hope you’ll come see me race…..!!   Here’s Stuart’s blog !




I Think Spring Got Lost…..


Yep – I sure do…….I think Spring got lost on its’ way to our house – and actually to a LOT of people’s houses.   I’m tired of it too – my Mom practically got blown down into the woods this morning while she was filling up the bird/deer/squirrel/whatever feeders in our backyard.  She was filling them up when a BIG gust of wind came along, ripped the bag of sunflower seeds right out of her hands and she lost her footing for a minute.  She could have rolled all the way down the hill (well maybe not quite but it sounds dramatic doesn’t it??).   Point is, the wind is ridiculous.  And Cold.  And ridiculous (oh I already said that).

Sam up on our bed - staking claim to his favorite corner - must be nap time!

Dad I think I just heard Mom yell “HELP” out by the bird feeders!!! 

We want Spring.  Seriously.  Weird week though – brought temps in the 70s, plunging into the 30s and 20s, tomorrow in the high 50s, next couple of days in the 60s then SNOW SHOWERS AGAIN????  HUH?????  Are you kidding me????

I wanna see THIS - not piles of snow or dead leaves or BROWN grass!!!!

I wanna see THIS – not piles of snow or dead leaves or BROWN grass!!!!

***sound of cat hyperventilating*** Oh forgive me……I’m just so ready for the weather to get nice and stay nice.  Mom and Dad are too.  I know lots of you have it a whole lot worse – I read on some blogs that some of you have TWENTY INCHES of snow on the ground and some of you even more than that……so at least I can say we don’t currently have any snow left.  That’s ONE thing I can say “woo hoo” about right?   OK – thanks for letting me vent……..I feel tons better now.   🙂 🙂

Sam Saying HI To The Camera

Yes Mom, I’m talking to you….who else can I whine to about stuff??????

Did you know Monday is St. Patrick’s Day?   I did…..I have two St. Pat’s pawties to go to – the TCC and Cat Scouts.   Not only that but tomorrow I’m in the DOGTONA Speedway car race at Ranger and Stuart’s big barkday party.  That should be a hoot.  And if that wasn’t enough fun – Mollie is having a “naughty underwear” blog hop on the 19th.   So even though the weather stinks, there’s plenty of fun to be had in blogville.  YAY!

I even got all "greened" up at Scouts for St. Pat's Day!

I even got all “greened” up at Scouts for St. Pat’s Day!

So will you be attending any Saint Patrick’s Day parties?  Will you wear something GREEN on “the day”…..Mom says if you don’t, you can get pinched.  I sure don’t want to be pinched so I might let Mom put a green ribbon on me – I said MIGHT!!!!  No promises!!!!



Pigtastic Artwork


Hello!!!    First of all thanks tons for all the nice comments about the brand spanking new Teaser Awards Mom and I designed and which we handed out with abandon yesterday.  Yep – that was one wild ride Teaser this week wasn’t it?  Woo Hoo!

I suppose you’re wondering by the title of today’s blog what’s up.  You probably think it’s got to do with my favorite thing in the universe (other than my Mom) which is bacon – right?  You’d be right.  Mom and I worked on that site and take a gander at this little gem!!!


Thankfully all my porcine friends are not THAT kind of piggy – they’re not the eatable kind……thank heavens!    I’d noticed that they had a couple of pig shapes in the lineup of “shapes” you could use for the word pictures and what NATURALLY came to my mind?  Of course – bacon!

I’m getting to be quite the little ginger artist aren’t I?  Think I could sell my works?  Maybe I should move to Paris and study art – live in a fabulous studio apartment with skylights and take classes at the Sorbonne or something like that…you know…become an international star in the art world.


Or maybe I should just go find Mom’s lap and take a nap.  I’m getting all worked up aren’t I?  Sorry about that!