What’s a Quest?

Hi Everybody!  So I used the excuse of the two-day Quest on Scouts for my rather “silent blog” weekend……..I got a bunch of email from you asking WHAT is a Quest and so I thought I’d tell you and show you some of the photos from our Quest – just for fun!

This actually was the FIRST Quest we’ve had in Scouts – we did a “Practice Quest” a while back and it was lots of fun – we had to search the whole site – all the pages (and there are tons) for where our Denmaster had hidden/buried on the page some animal tracks – then identify them – whoever found them and identified them correctly got points.   We also had to search the site for bird houses that were hidden so we could identify the type of bird who lived in the birdhouse…..that was fun.   Anyway, that was the first Quest and this one was THE REAL THING.  It was also super hard (I thought).

We had lots of challenges to complete and the schedule for the two days was rigorous with some free time built in (so our typists could go to the bathroom or eat some FOOD instead of being chained to the computer!!!).   We had a stargazing challenge (identifying constellations), a morse code challenge (yes we had to learn morse code) as well as a semaphore flag challenge (those little flags waving all over the place that spell out words!).   There were a couple of other challenges too and a SUPER FUN activity last night which was a SNIPE HUNT for the little Kit Scouts (Kits are one year old or younger and we DO have some Scouts that young).   It was tons of fun.

So here are a few photos of my Patrol (we have 14 in the Patrol but only 9 signed up to participate in the Quest):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Cat Scouts has grown tremendously since I joined – so big that they are moving to another server soon because when all of us are there for an event, it gets “stuck” or sometimes we get thrown off the site and can’t get back on – typical stuff for a big site with a lot of participating people.   But it is a GREAT organization and we have a whole lot of fun.   Visit at CatScouts.com and join up.  If you DO, make sure and join MY Troop (or start your own Troop!!).    I started the Worldwide Wildcats Troop and it’s now the largest Troop in Scouts.  We have four Patrols within the Troop……..each Patrol has their very own “Den” where we hang out and eat (hahaha).    If you do join, look me up first thing – I’ll help you get started having fun with us.  On the other hand if you want to “have a life” stay out of Scouts because it’s habit-forming!!!!

Happy Monday and don’t forget – tomorrow is TUESDAY TEASER at 6AM EST !!!

Hugs, Sammy 🙂



  1. 1

    Sounds like you had a super time Sammy!
    The Pigs xx


  2. 3
    Sparkle Says:

    Wow, that was quite an event, Sammy! My human said I can’t join Cat Scouts because then she would never get the cat rescue book published! MOL!


    • 4

      Your human is right Sparkle……it’s tough to “untangle” yourself from what’s going on there – so many cats and friends and things to do……earning badges is fun though. Anyway, your book is ULTRA important as it’s a cause near and dear to everyone who loves cats hearts. YAY!

      Hugs, Sam


  3. 5
    mollieandalfie Says:

    Yikes Sammy, youz sure been super busy 🙂 Can’t wait for tomorrow xxoxxx

    Mollie and Alfie


    • 6

      Hi Gang….yep I’m busy alright – oh – Mom is too by the way (haha). IT’s all go around here between Cat Scouts, blogging and moving……..never a dull moment!!

      Hugs, sam


  4. 7
    Sushi Says:

    I missed the quest. I hope other scouts will be patient to teach me stuff. I miss all of you!


    • 8

      Sushi you have been REALLY missed and you’ll be great on the next Quest but hopefully Denmaster will have the new server by then because it was VERY hard to keep up during the Quest!!! Anyway, everyone is excited that you will be coming back slowly when you’re ready!!

      Hugs, Sam


  5. That quest sounds like an exciting activity! Plus you get to snuggle and cuddle while your mom does all the work! That’s my kind of quest! You are a good, smart scout, S.

    Live and licks,


  6. 11

    WOW, that quite an outing your Scouts had! Our mom went on a snipe hunt when she was very young. They didn’t catch anything, but she thinks that’s OK because what would they do with it anyway.


  7. 12
    fozziemum Says:

    Boy oh boy what a busy life you and mum have looks so much fun though…no wonder dad is playing with his plane…he may take off soon ..better watch him 😉 see you Tuesday for the teaser Sammy hugs Fozziemum xxx


  8. 13

    At this rate your Mom will be glad to get back to the packing 😉


  9. 14
    Basil Says:

    Sounds like brilliant fun!!!


  10. 15
    June Says:

    Sound like an exciting activity, Sammy. Glad you and Mom took the weekend off. Or was she busy packing?


  11. 16
    Dianna Says:

    Wow, Sammy. I knew you were busy with Scouts this weekend; that DOES sound involved! Hopefully you can have a quiet Monday with lots of lap nap time with your Mom.


  12. 17
    Judy & C.A.T.S Says:

    Hi, Sammy. It’s great that you are writing about Cat Scouts on your blog. Maybe more cats will see how much fun it is and join. I joined because of you, Mau and Wally; you guys were always talking about Cat Scouts being so much fun. Wasn’t the Quest crazy? The Wolverines were absolutely dizzy trying to decode the flags. My mom got a bad headache after that. MOL. I think poor Gracie is still trying to figure it out. I look forward to seeing you at the campfire tonight. *Salute* Andy

    P.S. My sisfurs send hugs.


  13. 19

    That quest sounds like quite an exciting time. How fun to have the Cat Scouts! Hoping to crack the teaser tomorrow 😉


  14. Yep you sound busy Sammy! Also sounds like a fun thing to do.. 🙂
    Enjoy your Monday Sam!! Looking forward to the Teaser tomorrow, hope I wake up earlier!


  15. 21

    I’m glad your typists had a minute to use the bathroom LOL in worst case you had to lend them your litterboxes :o) But I think such a great adventure was worth every effort, to sleep in a tent and to sit with your friends around a campfire is the best ( have you told campfire- stories too?)


  16. The Quest was fun but was super challenging too!! We love Scouts and , yes, it is super habit forming!!!!

    The Florida Furkids


  17. 23

    Me sure had a great time Sammy and met so many wunnerful kitty’s and cats. Great comradery, great noms and great fun. ifin your a kitty or cat you shuld check it out. See ya’ der Sammy.
    Wif Much Luv, 😀


  18. 24
    Brian Says:

    I think I need a new compass cause once I logged in the whole site died.


  19. That Quest really was hard, Sammy! But we all made it through and had a great time! We enjoyed looking at the pawesome pictures of you and your patrol! See you at the Campfire tonight for your ceremony 🙂


  20. 26
    catfromhell Says:

    Wowwzers! That sure sounds exciting!!! Kozmo is giving Mommy the back of shame as he joined at the very beginning and then Mommy gotstoo busy tohelps him.


  21. 27
    tonkstail Says:

    Mowzers – that sounds like a big, challenging EVENT for sure!


  22. 28

    WOW! That sounds like lots of fun but it sounds kind of hard, too. Did you find EVERYTHIN’ you needed to find? That’s a major accomplishment, for sure.



  23. 29

    Hey Sammy, thanks so much fur the suppurrt you gave to little Einstein during the Quest. He sure was nervous and needed a lot of encouragement. He loved the snipe hunt most of all and is still asking me if we are fooling about there not being any Snipes. I think he may be looking fur them for a few months yet MOL
    See you tonight at the Awards Ceremony


  24. 30

    Love the photos of the Quest


  25. 31
    da tabbies o trout towne Says:

    BURD HOUZEZ ???? seer ee iz lee dood…BURD HOUZEZ ????!!!!


  26. 32

    Hey, Sammy. All I can say is I hope I never see that little guy waving flags again! Ugh!



  27. 34
    Misaki Says:

    that looks like so much fun!


  28. 35
    katsrus Says:

    I agree with The Island Cats about that flag guy. Did not get that one. Good thing we had Charles in our den. Think he was the only one that got it. Was fun. A shame the site has issues. Have a great day Sammy.
    Tubby(& Sue B)


    • 36

      Denmaster is switching SOON to the new server and hopefully that will be the LAST time we have problems. My Cougar Ceremony was a pain in the neck last night – had to finally switch to Cat Scouts on Facebook to “see” things!!

      Hugs, Sam


  29. 37
    Molly Says:

    That quest sounds fun – for you he-man types. What kind of quests would we Maltese babes go on?
    Love Molly


  30. That doesn’t sound like fun, Sammy. That sounds like work and cats shouldn’t have to work. Just meowin’. And you have to wear human bodies. That might be the deal breaker.


  31. 41

    Sammy that looks like a blast!!!! I would love to join but mom would kill me! She says when she stops taking 15 days of call a month at work as well as working 5, she promises me I can join. I will keep my paws crossed. You guys look like you have such a great time.


    • 42

      We do have fun Marty……….fortunately these Quests don’t happen too often because they are a LOT of work but just day to day fun is great……..cats with other cats……sounds pretty good huh???

      Hugs, Sam


  32. 43

    Wow, you and your mom are a force. That scouting thing sounds busy busy. Hope you’re getting a good sleep, see you bright and early 😀


    • 44

      It’s amazingly busy but just now really – because of the two day “Quest”……normally it’s just a fun place for a cat to hang out and visit with his/her fellow Scouts!!!!

      Hugs, Sammy


  33. 45

    Sammy, we all loved seeing the photos of the Rumblers on the Quest. Sure looks like you had oodles of fun. Mom agrees…IF YOU WANT A LIFE DON’T JOIN SCOUTS! But it is fun. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


  34. 47

    Mousiez Sammy dat iz sum Quest ya went on!!! Ya shure haz lotz of energee to bee doin all diz stuff!! me will just sitz back n enjoy da pix!!! Me admire ya so much…
    Lub Nylablue ❤ ❤ ❤


    • 48

      Well Nylablue, the Cat Scouts site was so loaded up that we couldn’t participate as much as I wanted to BUT when I was able to help out it was tons of fun!!!!

      Hugs, Sam


  35. 49

    Yah we read dat da site waz top heavy wif so many kittehz pawticipatin 😉
    Glad ya had such a guud time!
    Lub Nylablue ❤ ❤


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