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Talk About Wet!


Gosh – it’s monsoon season (not Spring but monsoon!) here on top of my hill in Warrenton.   I’m thinking about past postings about so much rain…………remember these?

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We’ve had driving, pouring, heavy rain for two days so things are soggy (moldy?) here yet again……….but maybe this is a sign that Spring is truly coming because it’s not snow – it’s rain…..and this week is supposed to be a nice week with temperatures – higher than normal….that means maybe the sixties!   There’s hope!

We had a weekend full of paperwork, realtors, phone calls, a stranger or two, and making boxes…….Dad got boxes from the store and they have to be taped up like Fort Knox to make them safe for transporting STUFF – and believe me – my parents have had 18 years in this house and some years BEFORE that, to gather lots of STUFF.

The highlight of my week will be tomorrow though with the good old reliable Tuesday Teaser.  Will you be ready?  Will you?   You’d better make up your mind because it will be here in less than 24 hours!!

Try to have a rain-free or at least pain-free Monday………..that’s my plan…………..

Sammy the Almost Catfish (haha)


Baconize Me!!



Oh boy……it’s MY day………and I’m totally ready for it……totally.    In fact, I’m so excited that I think I’ll do one of my “parades of bacon” for your viewing entertainment – yes I know you’ve seen it before but hey – this is MY blog and if I want to turn it into a celebration of bacon – well – I can right?

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I also have some news……….we have an offer on our house……cool?  Yes…….are we gonna take it?  Probably……will I get to move and have this whole horrible experience behind me SOONER rather than LATER?  Yep.  So there.  I have extra happy reasons for a bacon-filled Saturday. 

I’m a happy guy…………….VERY………know what I mean??????

Enjoy your Caturday

Sammy, Bacon Boy


Bring It On Friday


Hi All!   Happy Friday………….I was going to say “Happy FRYday” because I thought maybe if I wrote that in my blog today, Mom would see it and it would remind her that BACON would be a nice thing to start today with.  BUT, she says good things are worth waiting for – and tomorrow is my regular treat day.  But in the meantime, my friend Miss Layla from CatWisdom 101 kindly sent me this picture of a MAJOR bacon sandwich – she’d seen the picture of this 50-piece bacon sandwich and said she thought of me.  Well, I guess it’s official – I’m the CAT BACON KING!



Our house is officially on the market – we aren’t going to be showing it until starting with Monday.  YES we let someone show it yesterday as a special favor but this will be our last QUIET weekend so we thought we’d start scheduling stuff with Monday.  Mom is the official “scheduler”……….that means she’s carrying the phone and a calendar and pen around with her everywhere.  I think she should just sit in her recliner and not move – keep all her scheduling gear handy but SIT there so I can nap on her legs!   Makes sense to me – don’t you think that’s a great suggestion on my part?

My Favorite Nap Spot!

On mom’s legs…she couldn’t possibly disturb me….right?

Guess what happened yesterday – the SUN came out and it was out all day – it made it up to 52 so MOST of that nasty snow is gone – GONE!   YAY… if it will just stay away until winter when it’s supposed to be snowy I’ll be a happy boy.

January Snow Flurries

Almost gone! WOO HOO!

Anybody doing anything exciting on the weekend?  Not me……………just being my old self.  It’s raining today and will be raining tomorrow but Sunday should be SPECTACULAR which means I’ll get to go outside and have a good old munch.  It’s been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long!

Sam outside in front yard

Oh boy… stuff!!









Howdy……….well we survived our first “house showing” yesterday.  I enjoyed watching people slip-sliding up and down our driveway thanks to all that snow and ice we had two days ago.  I say, if you’re nuts enough to want to go OUT in that stuff then you have to suffer the consequences right?   Six inches of snow is NO FUN.

Well I didn’t suffer – I was in the basement with my Mom and Dad when strangers came…………that’s what we do……….HIDE!   I did a whole lot of you know what……

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That’s what I do best…………….hide………….oh and sleep…………and I’m thinking if I just keep doing that maybe this whole thing will be over ASAP.   You know how when you take a snooze everything just goes away for a little bit?  That’s the plan…..snooze my way through until everything settles down again.  

Hopefully that will be the last of the snow for the year so when people come to the house maybe Mom, Dad and I can go out in the yard and “wait it out”…………that would be a nice change too.   C’mon SPRING!

Happy Fursday

Sammy the Snoozer 



Teaser Tell All



Good Morning Teaser Fans!

This is your buddy – the old Teaser himself – SAMMY coming to you from snowy Warrenton, Virginia (yes it actually DARED to snow again yesterday!).    I spent the day watching the snow fall and you all agonized over my Teaser photo from yesterday.  Lots of super good guesses though………AND we had several right guessers.

Before we hear about winners (and losers!!) let’s refresh our memories with the photo – shall we????????


Taken by my Mom from high atop a Manhattan hotel in the room she and my Dad stayed in on their first trip to NYC together (via train from Washington, DC) in 1989.   They went up for a 3-day excursion – managed to see the sights including a carriage ride in Central Park, go to the theater to see “42nd Street”, do a bus tour of the city with a stop in Chinatown – and even had a chance to slip into a genuine NY deli for a big fat corned beef on rye!!!    They had a fabulous time and have tons of photos but this is one of their favorites.  What a sky!   I’m sure Manhattan has changed a LOT in all these years – and while they have been back once, they sure didn’t capture a sunset sky over the city like this one again.

Who was the “FIRST RIGHT GUESSER” ???   Well it was Mollie from Mollie and Alfie !!!!    NYC it is…………so you get this fabulous award Madame Mollie:


AND, there were several more who recognized this old photo of New York City and all of you get this one:


Those who had no clue or guessed many other spots like Chicago, Richmond, Las Vegas, etc. get a big fat HUG anyway for trying and taking a flying leap of faith by guessing………..!


By the way, nobody mentioned it but just for your info, I have used this same photo before!   In an old blog post in 2012.   In fact my Mom had to make sure we removed all record of it here on WordPress because you might have found some clues embedded in the photo and tried to follow the link to the old post (not that you’d be sneaky or anything….of course…….AHEM!).

So, now that you’re aware of what’s what in the teasing department, I hope that any further teasing you involve yourself in today is with YOU doing the teasing of someone/thing else and not YOU being the victim of the tease!





Tuesday Teaser



Woo hoo – it’s finally here – Tuesday Teaser! 

Guess what – I’m going to make it an EASY one too………why?  Because you deserve it………….it’s been tough around here lately with the Teasers don’t you think?   So consider this a gift from me to you – take a peek, try to be FIRST to guess where this photo was taken by my Mom!


Here’s what you get if you are FIRST RIGHT GUESSER:


Not first but guessed the right place?  You get this:


Not a clue – never had a clue – didn’t get a bolt of lightning from the sky with the answer – or guessed wrong?  You still get something – this:


See?  We’re an equal opportunity Teaser community here……………….what a deal!!!

Good Luck!!

   Sammy the Tease



What’s a Quest?


Hi Everybody!  So I used the excuse of the two-day Quest on Scouts for my rather “silent blog” weekend……..I got a bunch of email from you asking WHAT is a Quest and so I thought I’d tell you and show you some of the photos from our Quest – just for fun!

This actually was the FIRST Quest we’ve had in Scouts – we did a “Practice Quest” a while back and it was lots of fun – we had to search the whole site – all the pages (and there are tons) for where our Denmaster had hidden/buried on the page some animal tracks – then identify them – whoever found them and identified them correctly got points.   We also had to search the site for bird houses that were hidden so we could identify the type of bird who lived in the birdhouse…..that was fun.   Anyway, that was the first Quest and this one was THE REAL THING.  It was also super hard (I thought).

We had lots of challenges to complete and the schedule for the two days was rigorous with some free time built in (so our typists could go to the bathroom or eat some FOOD instead of being chained to the computer!!!).   We had a stargazing challenge (identifying constellations), a morse code challenge (yes we had to learn morse code) as well as a semaphore flag challenge (those little flags waving all over the place that spell out words!).   There were a couple of other challenges too and a SUPER FUN activity last night which was a SNIPE HUNT for the little Kit Scouts (Kits are one year old or younger and we DO have some Scouts that young).   It was tons of fun.

So here are a few photos of my Patrol (we have 14 in the Patrol but only 9 signed up to participate in the Quest):

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Cat Scouts has grown tremendously since I joined – so big that they are moving to another server soon because when all of us are there for an event, it gets “stuck” or sometimes we get thrown off the site and can’t get back on – typical stuff for a big site with a lot of participating people.   But it is a GREAT organization and we have a whole lot of fun.   Visit at and join up.  If you DO, make sure and join MY Troop (or start your own Troop!!).    I started the Worldwide Wildcats Troop and it’s now the largest Troop in Scouts.  We have four Patrols within the Troop……..each Patrol has their very own “Den” where we hang out and eat (hahaha).    If you do join, look me up first thing – I’ll help you get started having fun with us.  On the other hand if you want to “have a life” stay out of Scouts because it’s habit-forming!!!!

Happy Monday and don’t forget – tomorrow is TUESDAY TEASER at 6AM EST !!!

Hugs, Sammy 🙂


Silence is Golden


Silence?  Me?  Well, SORT OF……………….what’s that all about?????

HA!  Silence is golden – the color of Saturday bacon…………..goldish brown and crispy!   Silence because today and tomorrow I’m involved in a Cat Scouts “Quest” – all kinds of challenges and work to do at camp so I’ll pretty much be out of the loop around here……….SO, if comment responses are slow – please forgive me……I just know you will……..and most of all WISH ME LUCK.  I’m years older than the average Cat Scout so I need all the help I can get!!!


Meanwhile here’s what will keep me going on the Quest……………..

A mile-high bacon sammich!

A mile-high bacon sammich!

I’ll see you again tomorrow for more SILENCE………..Day Two of Scouts Quest AND the fact that it’s always my “SILENT SUNDAY” blog post!!

‘Til Then………

Scout Sammy Salutes You!